Andi Mack Recaps: S1 E2: Tomorrow Starts Today Part 2: Outside The Box

Nothing like a nice little fake out to relax you on your first day on a sports team.


Things are still awkward at the Mack household. Andi’s finding it difficult to the fact the Bex is her mother, and and Celia is her grandmother. Celia doesn’t like the idea of being called a grandma, but Ham embraces it, and allows Andi to call him Pops instead of Dad.

Bex tries to be in Andi’s life, but at the same time struggles to get in on all the family activities such as memory games at dinner. At the same time he has to prove herself to Celia who seems unwilling to accept the new status quo.

Andi Stuggles to tell Buffy and Cyrus about her big revelation. She meets them at the frisbee field to tell them the secret. She decides to tell them the full story, along with the news that she’s frisbee partners with Jonah. After the game, Jonah notices Andi’s bracelet and likes it. Andi offers to make him one. Amber shows up moments later to scare her off.

Later in Andi Sack, Cyrus and Buffy are going through Andi’s stuff while Andi is making Jonah’s bracelet. Buffy warns Andi not to make he bracelet for Jonah since he has a girlfriend, but Andi tells her it’s just a bracelet, and nothing more. While trying to get Cyrus to back her up, Buffy sees Cyrus loking at a picture. He shows it to Buffy, Andi asks them to respect her privacy but they admit they already know. Buffy asks Andi when she found out about it, And tells them she found out on her birthday.

Buffy and Cyrus tell Andi that it must’ve been a huge shock for her finding out that her sister has a secret baby. Andi is relieved that they didn’t figure out that she is the secret baby. Bex urges Andi to tell Cyrus and Buffy the truth, but Andi isn’t ready. When asked about Andi’s father, Bex finds that she isn’t ready to tell her either. She even removed his picture from the memory box, so Andi can’t find him.

After practice, Andi ives Jonah the bracelet. He hugs her, but Amber sees them from a distance. Amber cries to Jonah, worried that she moght lose him to Andi. She notices the bracelet Andi made and pressures Jonah to give it to her.

At the kds’ hang out The Spoon, Buffy and Cyrus still have a ton of questions about the secret baby. Andi is too distracted to answer, because Amber just walked in, and she’s wearing the bracelet she made Jonah. While Andi’s making a big deal out of this. Cyrus and Buffy are more excited about the secret baby. Continuously asking, “Who’s the secret baby?”, “Is the secret baby a boy or a girl?”, “How old is the secret baby?”. Andi finally stops them from prying, by finally telling them she’s the secret baby.

This distracts Buffy and Cyrus from asking about the secret baby. They all turn their attention to Amber. Andi finds herself in an impromptu staring contest with Amber. While she wonders what she ever do to her, Buffy tells her Amber is insecure because she thinks Andi is trying to go after Jonah. Andi insists the bracelet meant nothing and the stare down continues.

Once Amber leaves, Cyrus and Buffy remember Andi just told them that she was the secret baby, and they both have a lot of questions.


This was an excellent continuation from part one, as I mentioned in the Plot, it deals the status quo begins to evolve for both the Mack family (most of them), and Andi’s friends. I loved the opening, where you assume Andi told Cyrus and Buffy about the shocking revelation, but it was actually her telling them about her joining the school’s frisbee team.  One problem I had, was the fact that Cyrus and Buffy disregarded Andi’s pleas to not look in Bex’s box. Overall, this was a good follow up to the first act of the story, and it only gets better as the story goes on.

Next, we’ll look at something I meant to look at three years ago…


Ranger Spotlight: The Hasbro Era and My Hopes For The Future

The Game Has Changed (Anyone else notice the unadapted Rangers in the background?).

So, for anyone who isn’t a Power Rangers fan, a string of announcements were made back in February regarding the future of Power Rangers. News that got fans both excited and concerned.

The first piece was, that Saban Brands deal with Nickelodeon to air Power Rangers was renewed, but unlike the last deals we’ve had, where the contract was extended for two years, it was extended for three. This made people wonder weather or not we were going to get one full season rather than having the season split into a regular season and a “Super”  season.

Next, a video was leaked on Vimeo, showing a brand new Power Rangers logo, which is kinda like a combination of the 2017 movie logo, and the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers lightning bolt, the video was quickly removed, and was officially revealed later that week.

The next piece of news we got was the announcement that Saban’s contract with Bandai America would come to an end by Spring 2019, this left people wondering who would make toys for the next season. The very next day we learned that Saban had formed a new partnership with Hasbro, with an additional option that I’ll get to in a moment.

And finally, the big news, on that Saturday afternoon, when the next season of Power Rangers was officially announced, coincidentally right after the new episode of Ninja Steel. The new season would be called Beast Morphers,  and would be an adaptation of Go-Busters. Now here’s where things get even more interesting. When Saban and Hasbro announced their partnership in 2019, it was also revealed that the contract also gives Hasbro an option to buy the Power Rangers franchise from Saban.

As of May 1st, Hasbro has officially bought the rights to Power Rangers, and various other Saban properties for $5 billion dollars. It was also announced the Haim Saban would oversee the franchise as a consultant. With this new era may (or may not) call for changes to the franchise, and these are some of the changes I hope to see when the Hasbro Era officially begins.

First, no more hiatus’. It goes without saying that waiting six to seven months for a new episode of Power Rangers is very tiring. I’m thinking maybe airing 10 episodes taking at least three weeks off, and then going back then showing the next 10, and so on. On a related note, no more “Super” seasons, it’s the same story, same characters, slapping the word “Super” on it doesn’t make it special.

Second, better looking toys, since 2007, Bandai has been gotten a bit cheap with their toy manufacturing, especially with the Megazords. The same can also be said about Hasbro and their Transformer toys as of 2014, I’m hoping that this new go back to either importing the original Japanese toys as Bandai America did until to 2007, or maybe acquire the master mold of the original toys. Also, no more Zord Builders, and please, please PLEASE! Paint the damn toys, and paint them right. I’m pretty sure adult collectors are tired of doing the work of professional toy manufacturers.

Third, this one’s probably going to be pretty controversial, but I think it might be time to leave New Zealand. While I think New Zealand is a beautiful place to film, and we had some of the best Seasons from the Disney Era and the first half of Dino Charge, but maybe it’s time to finally move on, maybe film in Toronto, or maybe even try to film in Los Angeles again.

Fourth, make the sequel to Power Rangers. Hasbro CEO, Brian Goldner said that he sees great potential in Power Rangers, most people saw that with the Power Rangers movie, and while it bombed in theaters, we’re still hopeful for a sequel. Since Hasbro as a partnership with Paramount Pictures so surely this can work, so long as Michael Bay stays as FAR AWAY from it.

Finally, since the first season of the Hasbro Era is an adaptation of one the best seasons of Super Sentai, my greatest hope for the franchise go on is that they don’t ruin Go-Busters. Look at Gokaiger, Gokaiger was one of the biggest most enticing seasons of Super Sentai, then Jonathan Tzachor up and screwed it up by not focusing on the characters, and attempted to try and make it like Super Sentai. I already shared an idea on how Go-Busters could be adapted, but I came up with a much better idea, I’ll talk about it someday.

One more thing, after Beast Morphers, no more “It’s Morphin’ Time”. Come up with a brand new morphing call. I say wait until after Beast Morphers since, It’s Morphin’ Time was used on the show, and Go-Busters was the only other show outside of Mighty Morphin-Zeo that could pull off saying that.

So, that’s my thoughts on the future of Power Rangers in the coming years. Next we go back to Andi Mack.

Andi Mack Recaps: S1 E1: Tomorrow Starts Today Part 1: 13

A birthday no one would ever forget.


Buffy Driscol (Sofia Wylie) and Cyrus Goodman (Joshua Rush) are walkin down the street when a motorbike stops right next to them. They freak out and yell at the driver for his or her reckless driving. The driver takes off the helmet, and it’s revealed that the driver is not just a young girl, but their friend, Andi Mack (Peyton Elizabeth Lee).

Andi explains that she got the motorcycle without asking her mother, because tomorrow was her 13th birthday, and once she becomes a teenager, she gets to rebel. When the trio arrives at Andi’s driveway, Andi chickens out, and asks Cyrus to hold on to the motorcycle so that her mother doesn’t find out.

Suddenly, another motorcycle pulls into the driveway, Andi recognizes the rider, it’s her sister, Rebecca, or Bex for short (Lilan Bowden). Bex has been traveling all over the world. She rarely comes to visit. But she decided to come home to celebrate Andi’s birthday. Andi reintroduces her to Cyrus and Buffy, who she still remembers. When Bex asks about Andi’s motorbike, Cyrus says that it’s his, and takes it with him. As Cyrus and Buffy leave, Bex tells Andi that she came home as a surpirse and Andi is worried that their Mom won’t like it because she hates surprises.

Once they enter, their father Henry (his full name is Henry Andrew Mack) or Ham (Stoney Westmoreland) is thrilled to see Bex and happy that the family is together, but their mother Celia (Lauren Tom) isn’t as excited. Bex tells them that she wants to come home and settle down, but Celia isn’t impressed.

In Andi’s room, Andi and Bex catch up for lost time. Andi shows Bex (and the audience) that she’s very artistic as evident by some bracelets she’s made and how she can turn anything into a bracelet. She also shows Bex all the scarfs Bex used to send her from differnt places and how she’s turned them into amaing art. Anndi mentions a music festival where everyone got naked, and asks Bex if she ever got naked, Bex answers that she knows her better than that. Except, Andi feels that she doesn’t know Bex. This prompts Bex to show Andi her memory box, where she keeps all her old photos, but Celia doesn’t want Andi to know about the box, because it contains family secrets, the kind Andi migt not be ready to handle. Bex tells her she understands, but shows it to Andi anyway. They look through Bex’s photos, but while they do that, Bex notices a picture of a boy on Andi’s computer. Andi tells her that his name is Jonah Beck (Asher Angel) and she has a cruch on him. Bex leaves the room, while Andi looks at her picture of Jonah.

Andi’s brithday arrives, and Bex takes to the park and says she’s got a surprise for her. They spot Jonah running towards them. Bex says that er birtday gift is a frisbee lesson from Jonah. Andi doesn’t like the idea, but Bex insists that it’s a good idea to get to know her crush. Jonah arrives and after an awwar introduction, their raining begins. Jonah and Andi have a lot of fun playing frisbee together, while Bex takes some pictures. Jonah is impressed with how quick Andi caught on to frisbee, and asks her to join the schools, frisbee team.

Things seem to be going pretty good, until they hear a girl’s voice shouting “Amber Alert” twice. This is Jonah’s girlfriend Amber (Emily Skinner). Andi doesn’t recognize her, this is because, she’s a high schooler, while Jonah and Andi are in Middle School. Andi leaves, but not before telling Amber how her catchphrase is in very bad taste.
Andi confronts Bex for making her play with Jonah and ponts out that he has a girlfriend. She runs to her room, Bex follows her and apologizes. Andi tells Bex that she’ll never be as cool as her, and will never be in her memory box. Bex admits that she’s made alot of mistakes since Andi was born. Andi’s a little frightened by this, especilly after she notices the tone is starting to turn serious. Bex tells Andi that she is in the memory box, but in a secret compartment. Bex shows Andi the secret picture, it’s Bex on a hospital bed holding an infant baby. And tells her something she never expected:

“Andi, I’m not your sister… I’m your mother.”

Andi freaks out by this and calls her parents in. They both confirm that Bex is telling the truth. However, Celia is mad at Bex for telling Andi the truth when she wasn’t ready. Andi gets frustraated that that they’ve been keeping this huge secret from her all this time, and heads to her workshop/clubhouse, Andi Shack. Bex follows her, and apologizes for messing things up but asks Andi to understand. Andi admits that she isn’t really mad, but will need time to adjust to the new status quo. She asks Bex who her father is, but Bex tells she isn’t ready to reveal that just yet, but she does tell her his picture is in the box.

The next day, Cyrus and Buffy are ready to meet Andi before school. Cyrus brings over Andi’s motorbike but Andi admits she isn’t ready for it yet. Buffy wonders why Andi hasn’t responded to her texts. Andi tells her something big has happened on her birthday, but she can’t tell them yet. Cyrus mistakes it for something very, very personal (of monthly variety), and tells her she doesn’t have to tell them yet. The bell rings, and Andi heads to class.

After school, Celia sees Andi pull in on her motorbike, and tries to confront her about it, and assures her despite the shocking revelation, nothing has changed. Andi responds sure, nothing’s changed, Grandma.


This was a very unexpected breath of fresh air. When I first watched the pilot I thought this was gonna be a standard Disney Channel Sitcom, on par with most of the sitcoms that are currently on now, but once they pulled out that massive twist, I was instantly hooked. The cast are outstanding the standouts being Peyton Elizabeth Lee and Lilan Bowden, especially in their big scene. It was also great to see Lauren Tom in a live-action role for a change, I think this is her first live-action role since her guest spot in  Friends (though I might be wrong).  Overall, I was very impressed with how series starts off, and the best is yet to come.

Next we look at part 2 of the pilot, but first there’s something I’ve been meaning to talk about for since February.

Andi Mack Recaps: An Introduction

Long overdue, don’t you think?

It’s been over a year since Girl Meets World left ended. But while it still lives on Netflix, and late-night reruns (for now), it’s abilities to tell stories that doesn’t talk down to children, has lived on in the show Andi Mack.

Brought to us by Terri Minski, creator of another popular Disney Channel sitcom, Lizzie McGuire, the story follows our title character (Peyton Elizabeth Lee) as she navigates her life as teenager. But learns a shocking secret that turns her world upside down.

After GMW ended, I didn’t think the old House of Ideas would be willing to do another sitcom like it again, and then they post the first half of the pilot on YouTube and the first thing I was instantly hooked, though I had my reservations. The show has alot going for it, overarching storytelling, great acting, well paced twists and turns, and a subject matter nobody saw coming.

So join me, as we dive into the world of Andi Mack with the  first half of the pilot.

Also, if you haven’t watched the show on TV or on the Disney Now app, do so soon, because theirs going to be spoilers abound.

Top 10 Characters That Should Appear In The Arrowverse

Defy Your World, Dare To Live In Ours.

Six years ago, The CW launches Arrow as a standalone series, independent from Green Arrow’s appearance on Smallville, but as time went on we we’re introduced to Metahumans, starting with the backdoor (pilot) appearance of Barry Allen, and later Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow, until two seasons later, The Flash began and created a new superhero universe that manages to outshine the DC Extended Universe in every way. Each season we were introduced to new heroes and new ways for for a TV show to go over-budget, but there are other heroes I’d still like to see down the road, and these are my top 10 choices.

10. Zatanna and/or Zatara – Since magic is now within the norm of the Arrowverse, it only makes sense to throw in the father/daughter magician duo of the DC Universe. Since establishing magic in the Arrowverse, I’ve been curious when we were going o see either of these two. I can see either or both of these two popping up in Arrow. In fact their was a good opportunity to introduce them into the Arrow near the end of Season four where Oliver and Felicity met a sorceress that was recommended by Constantine, but instead the writers used an original character. With Constantine getting a new animated spin-off series on CW Seed, this could be the perfect time for either Zatara or Zatanna to appear either this season or next season.

9. The Phantasm – Hear me out. I’m well aware he’s a character from Batman, but he was never seen in anything else outside of Mask of the Phantasm (and a cameo in Justice League Unlimited), and while I’m sure some reasons as to why that is, but I and I’m sure many others feel that it’s a waste to have such a cool character and not utilize him in other media. If he could be used in the Arrowverse, I’d keep his story the same, but be tied to Oliver Queen, rather than Bruce Wayne trying to suss out mobsters, and setting up Oliver. Hey, if Ra’s Al Ghul and the League of Shadows can be in Arrow, anything’s possible.

8. Power Girl – Now this is something that I really hope will happen soon. Lillian Luthor and Max Lord could team up to create another Supergirl clone, but instead of using her to kill Supergirl, they use this Supergirl clone which they code name her Galatea (a reference to the JLU version of Power Girl) to discredit Supergirl. Actually the funny thing about this entry is that the (now disgraced) Andrew Kreisberg once said Power Girl could show up on The Flash, but I would rather see her on Supergirl, mostly just to see Lillian and Max Lord team up.

7. Zeta – Anyone remember Zeta. For those not in the know, Zeta was infiltration android, designed to seek and kill specific people, but he decided not to out of his own will, but his superiors at the NSA, thought that it was due to tampering by terrorists. So now he’s on the run with his friends, Ro Rowan, with occasional help from Terry McGinnis (the second Batman). I can see the Legends meeting Zeta and Ro during their adventures in time, maybe have him join the Time Bureau.

6. Steel – You’re more than likely familiar with this character from the dreadful (but hilarious) Shaquille O’Neil movie, or his portrayal in the Superman cartoon from the 90’s. But, Here’s how I’d introduce him in the Arrowverse.  In the comics, John Henry Irons, became Steel, after Superman saved his life. In Supergirl, he could be reimagined as a DEO scientist, and instead of having either of the Cousins of El saving him, we’d have Jimmy save him as Guardian. So he designs his own prototype suit out of scraps (yeah, yeah. You know the joke). And overtime, we’d see him refine the suit, maybe even have Winn build it for him.

5. Nightshade – So far in The Flash, we’ve seen versions of the characters from the 1990’s Flash series. Tina McGee, Tony Bellows, Julio Mendez, Trickster, and recently Trickster’s partner, Prank, but one character, I’d really like to see is Central City first superhero, Dr. Desmond Powell, AKA Nightshade. The only downside to doing this is that they’d have to recast him as the original actor, Jason Bernard passed away in 1996.

4. Spectre – Little known fact, Spectre was going to originally have his own TV show, but that plan fell by the wayside. While the show never happened, Spectre, or rather his alter-ego Jim Corrigan was a main character in the original Constantine series. While we never got to see him don his green cloak on the show, we did get a hint at his destiny near the end of the series. Here’s hoping we see Jim finally become become Spectre in the new Constantine series.

3. Max Mercury – I’m not sure if Mercury Labs was meant to be a reference to Max, but of all the speedsters we’ve been seeing on The Flash, the one I’ve been looking forward to seeing the most is Max Mercury. Since Max made his debut around the same time as Jay Garrick, he could be either a predecessor to Jay on Earth 3, or maybe have him be an enemy speedster like Thawn, Zoom, or The Rival.

2. Blue Beetle – We’ve heard of ton of references to Kord Industries, hell Brandon Routh was supposed to play Ted Kord, until it turned out to be Ray Palmer, and ever since we’ve always wondered will we ever see Ted Kord. If not we could see Jaime Reyes. I envision Ted’s path of the hero, going about the same way as Ray’s. Jaime on the other hand, could’ve found the scarab from the wreckage from the Dominators battleship, and have either the Legends or Team Flash could train him, then he’d go off on his own, and show up should the need (and budget) allow it. I could also see the Legends meeting the first Blue Beetle, Dan Garrett, who could be a reserve member of the Justice Society.

1. Ryan Choi – Like certain superheroes, the Atom is a legacy hero, originally Al Pratt, then Ray Palmer, and finally Ryan Choi. Ryan took on the mantle of Atom after Ray, his mentor, disappeared after the events of Identity Crisis (See Linkara’s review for more info), Ryan took up the mantle. Actually, there’s an interesting thing I just realized recently, Legends of Tomorrow had a great opportunity to introduce this character back in Season 1. The Legends went to the future to stop Vandal Savage from training Per Degaton, as a boy. Ray learns that his Atom suit was mass-produced into a robotic police force, and that his twin brother Sydney (who doesn’t exist in the comics) stole the designs. Hopefully we’ll see Ryan next season in Legends.

Honorable Mentions:
Shining Knight
Johnny Thunder
Booster Gold
The Question
Detective Chimp
Vigilante (Greg Saunders)
“Buried Alien” (Marvel Universe’s Barry Allen)

Next up, we start a new series of recaps.

Archie Sonic The Hedgehog Review (5th Anniversary Part 3)

All-New, Not Very Different Sonic

For those of you that came in late, Robotnik and Snively ruled over Mobius, Sonic and Princess Sally lead a group of Freedom Fighters to stop Robotnik and free their planet. After 50 issues (51 if you count issue 0), Sonic was successful in defeating Robotnik, with some unexpected outside help from Snivley. And now…

When we last left off, Sonic had just defeated Robotnik once and for all. So where do the Freedom Fighters go from here. Well, after spending an issue celebrating there greatest victory. The next two years of Sonic Comics were spent showing the Freedom Fighters reclaiming Mobius. During that time Knuckles go his own solo comic series, after the success of his own miniseries. One thing I like about the comics, is that some the cover of some issues would form amazing poster showing of Knuckles, his family, their allies, and whoever they were fighting. There’s really not much to say about the comics, it mostly follows Knuckles’ duty to guard the sacred island, finding out about his parents. The comic also features the Chaotix, and a pink Echidna named Julie Su.

Around that time the comic just did its own stories with the characters for a while, but things, started to change once Issue 71 was released (The comic is told in reverse order). A laser hits Knothole causing time to run backwards, Sonic (while using a special emerald) Sonic runs around and goes through several transformations, until he undergoes a permanent transformation, taking on his Sonic Adventure appearance. Around this time Knuckles’ comic was cancelled, after 32 issues, all of his adventures and subplots being reincorporated into the main comic.

By Issue 74, the Freedom Fighters decide to go to space, and investigate the laser from Issue 71, fearing Robotnik might be alive. And in issue 75, the mastermind turned out to be Robo-Robotnik. After a short fight scene the Freedom Fighters escape RR’s space station, as it explodes. RR downloads his consciousness into a new robot body, the body he ends up choosing, Dr. Eggman (He also starts referring to himself as Dr. Eggman). Game storylines like Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 were adapted, introducing Shadow the Hedgehog as a recurring character. After issue 100, The series kinda got boring after awhile. They also started formatting the covers to look like tabloid magazine covers, which was weird to me. After a while, the higher-ups at Archie seemed to think the comics were getting boring too, so they fired the head writer, Ken Penders (more on him shortly), and replaced him with Ian Flynn. Ian Flynn really turned things around for the Sonic comics. There were also other comics, like Sonic Universe, which expands on the other characters in the comics aside from the main ones, a Sonic X adaptation, and Sonic Live, a comic Linkara reviewed for his 100th Episode.

In the 200th issue Sonic and Eggman have yet another final battle, but after destroying his latest mech, Eggman has a mental breakdown due to his failed attempts to control the planet, allowing Snively and the Iron Queen Regina Ferrum to take over his empire, leading to a lengthy war against the Freedom Fighters. Naugus comes to rule New Mobotropolis as king due to a deal Sally’s father made with him. Eggman returns to power, unleashing a weapon called the Genesis Wave, altering the world, but Sonic reverses it. Like all good things people love, there’s always something good, then there’s always something bad.

Let’s talk about Ken Penders. A writer and artist for Sonic, he was hired back when the comic was catching steam, and as the years marched on, he started getting more control, which lead to the comics having an ongoing storyline, and he created the Knuckles spin-off using ideas and concepts from from his own comics that never got published. After both issue 50, and the cancelation of the Knuckles comic, things just went downhill from then on, eventually the higher-ups at Archie fired Penders,and replaced by Ian Flynn. This lead to Penders suing Archie and Sega for the rights over the Sonic characters he created like Geoffrey St John, Sonic and Knuckles’ families, etc, and surprisingly won the case, leading to the ugliest thing anyone has ever seen.

Because of this, Archie had no choice but to create the Super Genesis Wave plotline. Dr. Eggman formed a plan called Operation Clean Sweep, a plan that would alter the fabric of space-time and counter Sonic’s “chaos factor”. This plan would create a brand new Mobius that would leave it ripe for roboticization. He succeeded, but his new reality was unstable, luckily Sonic reverses it. Eggman busts out a new superweapon, the World Roboticizer, Sally sacrifices herself to stop the superweapon, and ends up becoming a robot. The Freedom Fighters reform as Team Freedom, Team Fighters, and the Secret Freedom Fighters to combat Eggman and Naugus. Eggman activates a second Genesis Wave, transporting himself, Sonic, and other characters into the world of Mega Man, leading to the crossover Worlds Collide. A second crossover Worlds Unite happened in 2015, featuring characters from other Sega and Capcom titles.

The original multiverse ceased to exist when Dr. Eggman launched the Super Genesis Wave in conjunction with Dr. Wily, causing the Prime Zone (Sonic’s Universe) to be irreversibly rewritten and the multiverse surrounding it to collapse in on itself, destroying every prior known reality (with the exception of the Special Zone and the Sol Zone, Blaze’s World Dimension, the latter due to the Jeweled Scepter) and creating new ones in their place.

Sonic and Dr. Eggman maintain their memories of the original continuity, which are then shared with Tails, Sally, Rotor, Antoine, Bunnie, Amy Rose, and Naugus when they make contact with Nicole. However, this world is altered by the second Genesis Wave and Earth is split apart, awakening Dark Gaia, leading to the events of Sonic Unleashed. The comic also introduces Naugus’ sister Wendy, a witch who pledges allegiance to Eggman and plots to gain the Cacophonic Conch.

In the summer of 2017, after a lengthy hiatus, it was officially announced that Archie lost the license to Sonic, and the series was effectively cancelled. The reasons for the abrupt cancellation varry between the lawsuit mentioned above, or that Archie most likely couldn’t afford to keep the license after investing a lot of money on the TV show Riverdale.

A few weeks later it twas announced that IDW Comics has acquired the rights to Sonic The Hedgehog, and that head writer Ian Flynn serve as head writer for the new series. The series will start with the first four issues being relesed on April 4th, and the following issues being released sometime in May.


These comics were amazing, I just wish I could’ve seen how they would’ve ended everything, if they didn’t lose the license. The artwork, and storytelling was great, the storylines had some of the best writing (especially once Ian Flynn took over) I’ve ever read. Though I’ll admit the comics do have its flaws, mostly they came from the trades I bought over the years (post-lawsuit), where most of Penders’ characters were either removed or replaced which messes up the impact of some stories. The cover art (or lack thereof) of the post-“Rise of Eggman” arc almost ruined it for me, but thankfully the art and writing saved it for me. Overall, Archie Sonic was one of the best comics I’ve read during and after High School. I wish I could thank Ian Flynn, Evan Stanley, Tracy Yardley, Ben Bates, and yes even Ken Penders, for their hands making such an enjoyable comic book. I can’t wait to see what they (minus Penders) bring to the table at IDW.

RANK: 5 out of 5

Next we jump into a different comic universe, and talk about other characters that could possibly show up in it.

Happy Late Birthday, everyone.

Archie Sonic The Hedgehog (5th Anniversary Review Part 2)

The only comic book I’m aware of to have a court-mandated reboot.

As pointed out in the previous post, we weren’t done exploring Sonic’s life outside of the games just yet, this time around we’re going to look at the Sonic Comics published by Archie Comics (under their Archie Action imprint) from 1992,  to it’s official cancellation last year (with a huge hiatus after it’s last issue in 2016).

Initially it started off with Issue 0, but ten Archie decided to take a page out of Marvel, Just as Marvel did with its Transformers comic books, Sonic started off as a four issue miniseries. The sales for the comic were so outstanding, that Archie Comics decided to make the miniseries into a full series.

The main series started off, taking some cues from Adventures, but later the comics started to stick to the SatAM formula of Robotnik ruling Mobius alongside his nephew Snively, with Sonic. Tails, Princess Sally and the other Freedom Fighters trying to stop them. One of the more interesting events that occurred in the comics happened early on, where Sonic crosses-over to a parallel universe where he meets an evil version of himself, appropriately named Evil Sonic. Then in a later issue, he meets a Cyborg Sonic, who comes from a universe where Robotnik turned all of the Freedom Fighters into Cyborgs, and ended up making them even stronger. Robotnik does the same thing to himself, and attempts to destroy the entire multiverse. Sonic puts together a Council of Sonics, who work together to stop Robo-Robotnik, with help from Prime Robotnik. While the comics were  made, SatAM was still running, so when new episodes aired and introduced new characters and concepts, they would be added into the comic, of course once the show was canceled, the comics started doing there own stories and plotlines while still (albiet loosely) following the storyline of SatAM.

As the story progressed, things started to get more serious, from Sonic going on a trippy adventure through space-time after collecting his billionth ring, and actually had a philosophical moment, during his travels. He also came up with and idea to be willingly Robotisized and stop Robotnik from the inside, and he would still maintain his free will, though an inhibitor. Sally and the others, didn’t think that was a good idea, but it ended up happening anyway, minus the free will part. Sonic (now called Mecha Sonic), gets into a fight with Bunnie, she gets in a few hits, but it’s not enough to stop him. It takes a robotisized Knuckles to stop him. They managed to save him, and turn him back through the roboticizer, that turned Knuckles into a robot.

This culminated in Issue 47: The Endgame Storyline, The Freedom Fighters and their allies The Wolf pack are doing a sabotage mission, but King Accorn, who came back sometime after the Mecha Sonic arc, reveals that there’s a traitor in their ranks, and it’s Sonic. During an infiltration mission, Sally’s trying to scale on building, but Robotnik shoots her, Sonic seems to be coming to her aid, but he cuts her rope and leaves her. Just as Sonic confronts Robotnik, he flees, leaving him stuck in a trap. After the mission, it’s revealed that Sally died.

Geoffrey St. John arrests him, and he’s sentenced to life imprisonment. After he escapes, we see Sonic at his most serious, he soon passes out after a lengthy chase. Antoine and Bunnie are concern over King Acorn having secret meetings with Drago, and eavesdrop during a conversation between him and Hershey, revealing that he is to be made Duke of Robotropolis, he also revealing Sonic’s escape, and that he expects Geoffrey and Sonic to kill each other. Drago finds out about Bunnie and Antoine and has some SWATbot capture them.

Geofrey finds Sonic and the two of them engage in a heated battle. While that’s going on, King Acorn holds a meeting and announces that the Freedom Fighters be disbanded, and replaced with a warlord, his only candidate for the job: Dr. Robotnik. The fight between Sonic and Geofrey ends with Sonic jumping down a sewer line, while Geofrey has him at arrow point. During his fall, Sonic creates a makeshift track for him to run across. The chase still continues but Sonic is exhausted (physically and mentally). As everyone in Knothole suspected, King Acorn was in fact an imposter, a robot double built by Robotnik, who reveals he’s building a new super weapon, an Ultimate Annihilator satellite that will destroy all life on Mobius. Sonic calls on his friend Dulcey the Dragon to help him escape, much to Geoffrey’s chagrin.

We ten learn that Sonic wasn’t the one responsible for killing Sally, Drago convinced Hershey to wear a Sonic mask that has built-in image refactors that makes anyone she sees look like Snivley. That plot made no sense, but whatever. As Dulcey gets ready to land, Knuckles attacks them for entering his island without an invitation, they fight for awhile, but Geoffrey shows up to stop the fight, because he’s the only one that can fight him.

Finally, we reach issue 50, where we get an origin for Robotnik, he was a fugitive, from other humans, until he was found by Chuck and Sonic’s father, Jules. We also learn that there are humans on Mobius, they’re commonly referred to as Overlanders, and are at war with the animals. The Hedgehogs take him to King Acorn, who convinces him to help them win the war against the Overlanders, Robotnik accepts and takes the rank of Warlord. Despite Chuck having reservations about working with an Overlander, Robotnik lead the animals to victory. After that, Geoffrey’s about to take Sonic down, but Dulcy explains that Dragons can’t lie, and can tell if others are lying, she can tell Sonic is telling the truth about being framed. As nonsensical as that is, it clears up everything, and everyone heads to Knothole. They take out the SWATbots, Hershey beats the crap out of Drago, and confesses to Sonic about what happened and he forgives her. Sonic arrives to stop Robotnik, but was too late, as he activates the Ultimate Annihilator, and destroys Knothole. Sonic and Robotnik have their final battle. No jokes, no insults, just fighting. While this is happening the Ultimate Annihilator is malfunctioning and is destroying the War Room that they happen to be fighting in. The Machine goes off and the page goes from color, to sketchy drawing, to a blank white page. Sonic returns to the ruined War Room, but passes out.

Sonic wakes up in a hospital in Knothole, he wonders how Knothole can even still exist after Robotnik destroyed it. Rotor explains that Knothole still exists, but in a separate temporal plane, three hours in the future. It turns out Snivley reprogrammed the cannon to destroy only one organic pattern, Robotnik’s, and as for Sally, she’s alive, but in a coma, recuperating in a stasis tube. Sonic races to her and kisses her on the cheek and she immediately wakes up.

When we return, we’ll look at the adventures of the Freedom Fighters, post Endgame Saga.