Ranger Spotlight: The Hasbro Era and My Hopes For The Future

The Game Has Changed (Anyone else notice the unadapted Rangers in the background?).

So, for anyone who isn’t a Power Rangers fan, a string of announcements were made back in February regarding the future of Power Rangers. News that got fans both excited and concerned.

The first piece was, that Saban Brands deal with Nickelodeon to air Power Rangers was renewed, but unlike the last deals we’ve had, where the contract was extended for two years, it was extended for three. This made people wonder weather or not we were going to get one full season rather than having the season split into a regular season and a “Super”  season.

Next, a video was leaked on Vimeo, showing a brand new Power Rangers logo, which is kinda like a combination of the 2017 movie logo, and the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers lightning bolt, the video was quickly removed, and was officially revealed later that week.

The next piece of news we got was the announcement that Saban’s contract with Bandai America would come to an end by Spring 2019, this left people wondering who would make toys for the next season. The very next day we learned that Saban had formed a new partnership with Hasbro, with an additional option that I’ll get to in a moment.

And finally, the big news, on that Saturday afternoon, when the next season of Power Rangers was officially announced, coincidentally right after the new episode of Ninja Steel. The new season would be called Beast Morphers,  and would be an adaptation of Go-Busters. Now here’s where things get even more interesting. When Saban and Hasbro announced their partnership in 2019, it was also revealed that the contract also gives Hasbro an option to buy the Power Rangers franchise from Saban.

As of May 1st, Hasbro has officially bought the rights to Power Rangers, and various other Saban properties for $5 billion dollars. It was also announced the Haim Saban would oversee the franchise as a consultant. With this new era may (or may not) call for changes to the franchise, and these are some of the changes I hope to see when the Hasbro Era officially begins.

First, no more hiatus’. It goes without saying that waiting six to seven months for a new episode of Power Rangers is very tiring. I’m thinking maybe airing 10 episodes taking at least three weeks off, and then going back then showing the next 10, and so on. On a related note, no more “Super” seasons, it’s the same story, same characters, slapping the word “Super” on it doesn’t make it special.

Second, better looking toys, since 2007, Bandai has been gotten a bit cheap with their toy manufacturing, especially with the Megazords. The same can also be said about Hasbro and their Transformer toys as of 2014, I’m hoping that this new go back to either importing the original Japanese toys as Bandai America did until to 2007, or maybe acquire the master mold of the original toys. Also, no more Zord Builders, and please, please PLEASE! Paint the damn toys, and paint them right. I’m pretty sure adult collectors are tired of doing the work of professional toy manufacturers.

Third, this one’s probably going to be pretty controversial, but I think it might be time to leave New Zealand. While I think New Zealand is a beautiful place to film, and we had some of the best Seasons from the Disney Era and the first half of Dino Charge, but maybe it’s time to finally move on, maybe film in Toronto, or maybe even try to film in Los Angeles again.

Fourth, make the sequel to Power Rangers. Hasbro CEO, Brian Goldner said that he sees great potential in Power Rangers, most people saw that with the Power Rangers movie, and while it bombed in theaters, we’re still hopeful for a sequel. Since Hasbro as a partnership with Paramount Pictures so surely this can work, so long as Michael Bay stays as FAR AWAY from it.

Finally, since the first season of the Hasbro Era is an adaptation of one the best seasons of Super Sentai, my greatest hope for the franchise go on is that they don’t ruin Go-Busters. Look at Gokaiger, Gokaiger was one of the biggest most enticing seasons of Super Sentai, then Jonathan Tzachor up and screwed it up by not focusing on the characters, and attempted to try and make it like Super Sentai. I already shared an idea on how Go-Busters could be adapted, but I came up with a much better idea, I’ll talk about it someday.

One more thing, after Beast Morphers, no more “It’s Morphin’ Time”. Come up with a brand new morphing call. I say wait until after Beast Morphers since, It’s Morphin’ Time was used on the show, and Go-Busters was the only other show outside of Mighty Morphin-Zeo that could pull off saying that.

So, that’s my thoughts on the future of Power Rangers in the coming years. Next we go back to Andi Mack.


Easter Eggs in Power Rangers

Had to include this shot of the Zords.
Best scene of the whole movie!


Jason and Kimberly’s kiss was a reference to the budding relationship that was planned for the two before the Green With Evil saga.

A very small and barely noticeable one during the morphing sequence at the end, Trini wears a shirt with the year 1973. 1973 is the year Thuy Thrang was born


The “I’m black” joke was of course referring to the accidental racist casting with Walter Jones being cast as the Black Ranger and Thuy Trang being cast as the Yellow Ranger (and to a later and lesser extent Jason David Frank as the Red Zeo Ranger).

Kim’s line of “We’re talking to a wall” is similar to Zack’s line “We’re talking to giant floating head” in Day of the Dumpster

The Superhero landing as mentioned in the Trailer 2 review before reminded me of Gatchaman.

The Dino Megazord itself (or at least the toy) bares a resemblance to the super robot Mazinger Z


The song in the background has the sing saying “ay yi yi yi yi” repeatedly, which is Alpha’s catchphrase. Alpha says this twice in the movie.

The shot of the Dinozords charging through the desert/quary (as seen above) was an homage to the exact same scene on the show.


The movie’s opening in the Cenozoic Era is both a reference to Abaranger and Dino Charge.

Jason, Billy, and Kimberly meeting each other in detention, is similar to how Connor, Ethan, and Kira met in Dino Thunder.

Zordon and the original Yellow Ranger bore strong similarities to the Aquitians from the Alien Rangers from the Alien Rangers arc/series. Zordon also looks like his depiction in MMPR The Movie

As usual, the Rangers wear the respective colors in civilian attire.

Squat, Finster, and Putty Patroller action figures appear in Billy and Trini’s rooms respectively.

Power Rangers has the distinction of being the first superhero movie to feature heroes that are on the Autism Spectrum (Billy) and LGBTQ (Trini)

The three rules of being a Ranger (1. never use your powers for personal gain, 2. never escalate a fight unless forced to, 3. keep your identity secret) is stated word for word here.

When the Rangers morph for the first time it is reminiscent of the Rangers’ first morph in Turbo A Power Rangers Movie.

Rita refers to the Rangers by color similar to Dr. K in Power Rangers RPM.

Rita says “Make My Monster Grow” as Goldar takes form.

The 1995 version of Go Go Power Rangers plays briefly during the Zord sequence.

The Dinozords run past a store called Dex’s Door and Window, a possible reference to Masked Rider.

The Dino Megazord coming out of the fiery pit, is similar to the Tyrannosaurus and Pterodactyl Dinozords coming out a volcano

Amy Jo Johnson and Jason David Frank (Kimberly and Tommy respectively) cameo as bystanders at the end of the movie.

In some behind the scenes photos there are street signs for Ocean Bluff and Reefside. These are the name of cities in Jungle Fury and Dino Thunder respectively. Mariner Bay (the city Lightspeed Rescue takes place in) was also mentioned during the climax.

After the Dino Megazord bang-zooms Rita to the space, you see the moon right behind her, a reference to her castle from the show.

Rita mentions that there are others that’ll go after the Zeo Crystal, this may be a reference to Lord Zedd, King Mondo and his House of Gadgetry, and yes, even Divatox.

Tommy Oliver is mentioned in the mid-credits scene

Lord Zedd (despite being mentioned in promotional material) does not appear or is even mentioned (outright) in the movie


In Russia, Power Rangers is rated 18+ (the equivalent of an R rating here in the US), due to their negativity on LGBTQ.

Bryan Cranston. Outside of being (or not being in some cases) the inspiration of Billy’s last name, he worked on Power Rangers before, doing voice work for two monsters of the week (Snizzard and Twin Man) .

In the movie and trailers Billy mentions Spider-Man, Elizabeth Banks was in the Sam Rami Spider-Man trilogy as Betty Brant.

Rita’s new look harkens back to Divatox, Trakeena, and one of Rita’s commanders on the show, Scorpina.

RJ Cyler’s casting as Billy Cranston is actually a bts reference to Walter Jones originally auditioning for Billy instead of Zack.

Becky G’s casting as Trini is a reference to the original Day of the Dumpster pilot, where Trini was played by fellow latina actress Audri DuBois.

The Angel Grove High blog had Andre Meadows (Black Nerd Comedy) serve as a writer for a brief time. If you watch his videos you know he loves Power Rangers just as much as I do.

The Power Morpher bares a striking resemblance to the Typhoon Belt from Kamen Rider

The Power Coins seem to be a combination of the Power Coins from Mighty Morphin and the Dino Gems from Dino Thunder.

Since her reveal, there have been rumors (which have since been confirmed) that Rita might be the Green Ranger, and that her staff has the Green Power Coin inside it, here’s a fan replica of what the coin might look like.

There’s a promotional service on Facebook that allows you to chat with Alpha, during the chat Alpha mentions Zeo Crystal. The Zeo Crystal is a major plot device for the movie.

In a copy of his autobiography A Life In Parts, Bryan Cranston autographed to Andrew Gray (Troy Burrows/(Super) Megaforce Red): To a Power Ranger, from a Power Ranger. This helps confirm the rumor that the Movie Zordon is a former Red Ranger.

There are also references to Super Sentai itself


Despite no Super Sentai footage, the franchise is given equal credit in the movie alongside Power Rangers.

Alpha’s manerisms are similar to Peebo, and Billy’s death harkens back to Choudenshi Bioman. Incidently, Haim Saban attempted to adapt Bioman long before Zyuranger was made.

“Teenagers With Attitude” was a concept that existed all the way in 1989 with the show that should’ve been adapted to Power Rangers Turbo, Kousoku Sentai Turboranger

Zack’s personality is almost on par with Gai Yuki/Black Condor from Coujin Sentai Jetman.

Zordon’s appearance actually resembles Empress Meadow, the primary villain from Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman.

There’s a subtle reference to Zyuranger where Trini’s brothers think the Yellow Ranger is a guy.

Rita being a Ranger that turned evil for personal gain, and killing (most of) her former teammates is similar Ryo’s (Ryu Ranger) father from Gosei Sentai Dairanger and Brajira from Tensou Sentai Goseiger.

The opening taking place in the Cenozoic Era is a reference to Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger

The Zeo Crystal being inside the Earth’s core is a reference to the current season of Sentai Uchu Sentai Kyuranger.

And there you have it, if there’s any other easter eggs I missed I’ll update this page accordingly. Next we explore the world of Virtual Reality with the V.R. Troopers.

Power Rangers Review

Go Go Power Rangers


A group of warriors from prehistoric Earth, the Power Rangers, were given the mission to protect the lifeforms on Earth and look after the Zeo Crystal. However, the Green Ranger, Rita Repulsa, eventually betrays them. The Red Ranger, Zordon, takes the Rangers’ source of power, the Power Coins, and hides them while ordering his assistant Alpha 5 to perform a meteor strike, killing Zordon and sending Rita to the bottom of the sea and destroying the dinosaurs.

In modern Angel Grove, football star Jason Scott is thrown off the team and placed under house arrest after a failed prank. He is sent to detention, encountering Billy Cranston and Kimberly Hart. Jason and Billy head to an abandoned gold mine to explore. Billy detonates explosives to destroy some rock, attracting the attention of Kimberly and fellow students Trini Kwan and Zack Taylor. The five discover the Power Coins just as the police arrive to investigate. While escaping, their car is hit by a train. The five find themselves at home the next day, and discover they have been granted superhuman abilities. Elsewhere, Rita’s body is found. Rita rises, and goes on a rampage, taking every piece of gold that she can find in order to raise her minion Goldar to find the Zeo Crystal.

The five teenagers return to the mine, discover an ancient spaceship, and meet Alpha 5 and Zordon’s consciousness. They inform the teenagers about the original Rangers and about Rita, warning them that they have 11 days until Rita has her full power and finds the Zeo Crystal and uses it to destroy all life on Earth. The five teens leave the ship with no intention of returning until Zordon pleads with Jason to convince the team to prepare for Rita’s oncoming attack.

The new Rangers return to train the next day, but they cannot morph. They spend the next week training against simulated Putties and unsuccessfully trying to morph. In an attempt to inspire the Rangers and get them to morph, Alpha reveals the Dinozords. Zack takes his Zord out for a joyride, and almost kills the other Rangers when he crashes it into the cave where they train. This angers Jason and they get into a fist fight. In trying to separate the two, Billy spontaneously morphs into his battle armor. However, when Zack touches him, it disappears. Angered at their lack of progress, Zordon dismisses the group. Jason returns to the ship to confront Zordon and discovers that once the Rangers morph, it will open up the Morphing Grid and allow Zordon to restore himself in a physical body. Feeling betrayed, Jason accuses Zordon of using the team for his own benefit. That night, the team camp out at the mine above the ship and bond with each other.

Later that night, Rita attacks Trini in her home and tells her to bring the Rangers to the docks. The team head to the docks to finally kill Rita, but are quickly defeated. Rita forces Billy to reveal he found the Zeo Crystal underneath a Krispy Kreme, kills him, and releases the others. The Rangers take Billy’s body to the ship and ask Zordon to resurrect him, but he tells them that he cannot. The Rangers admit that they would give their lives for each other and resolve to defeat Rita. In doing so, they unlock the Morphing Grid, and rather than use it to restore himself, Zordon revives Billy instead. With the team restored, the Rangers morph into their armor.

Rita creates Goldar, raises an army of Putties, and attacks Angel Grove to find the Zeo Crystal. The newly morphed Rangers battle the Putties, then set off to Angel Grove in their Zords. After the Rangers destroy all the Putties, Goldar pushes the Rangers and their Zords into a fiery pit. In the pit, the Zords combine, forming the Megazord. Rita merges with Goldar and attacks, and the Rangers battle and destroy Goldar. After refusing Jason’s offer to surrender, a defiant Rita tells the Rangers that more will come for the crystal and leaps at the Megazord only to be slapped into space. The Rangers are praised as local heroes.


Like I said in the non-spoiler review, this was a great movie, I really enjoyed it. I have not felt satisfied with a hotly anticipated movie since The Avengers came out.

The acting was outstanding on all sides, Bryan Cranston was great as Zordon, a real step up from playing Snizzard, you can tell Elizabeth Banks enjoyed chew the scenery as Rita Repulsa, but by far the real star of this show was RJ Cyler who basically stole the show as Billy. I know everyone was worried this going to go the route of every dark and gritty reboot, like that fan film from a while back, speaking of I really have to review at some point, but it’s not dark and gritty nor is it goofy and campy, it’s a nice mix of both. Kinda like Digimon Tamers  The effects were very impressive, especially for the Rangers’ armor and the Dinozords. Only real downsides I can think of is that we had to wait an entire movie to see the Rangers, and that Goldar doesn’t speak or grunt at all, despite having a voice actor credited: Fred Tatasciore.

True story, when Go Go Power Rangers started playing, I almost teared up. I know, I know it’s silly, but, it was the first time I heard it on the big screen, and it just felt awesome. Now, I understand why Blockbuster Buster teared up when he saw Serenity in theaters.

Overall, this was well worth the wait, I’m very happy with what I saw, can’t wait to see what’s next. Speaking of, mid-credits scene, stay during the credits, and while your at it keep watching he credits just to listen to Brian Tyler’s score, or at least up to his rendition of Go Go Power Rangers. I also recommend check out the sequel comic Power Rangers Aftershock it’s a pretty good read.

RANK: 5 out of 5

Next I’m working on an easter egg post talking about all the references and mythology gags in the movie, till then, may the power protect you.

Year of Star Trek: Top 10 Characters of Star Trek

The ship's only as good as her captain.
The ship’s only as good as her captain.

Originally scheduled for September

So, we’ve looked at favorite characters, favorite, movies, and favorite starships in the Star Trek Franchise, but now it’s time to give it up to the real reason Star Trek has held up for 50 years, it’s character.

10. Vic Fontaine (DS9) – He may not be a captain, engineer, or even a doctor, but this hologram knew how to help the crew and patrons of DS9. Vic’s a hologram of a lounge singer, that usually talks the crew whenever they have problems or just need a breather from battling the Dominion. He even had one of the most pivotal role in “It’s Only a Paper Moon”, which I already talked about in the top 10 DS9 episodes. He may not be Doc, but he’s still a neat person.

9. Maximilian Forrest (Enterprise) – The only entry from the Mirror Universe, Forrest is captain of the Imperial NX-01, rather than Archer (who’s his Starscream-like first officer), but unlike other people in the Mirror Universe, he actually shows that he does are about his crew, especially when the NX-01 was destroyed and ordered everyone aboard to evacuate. Showing that he does share some admirable qualities from his Prime Universe counterpart.

8. Nog (DS9) – Starting out as a trouble-making Ferengi, to a seasoned war veteran. When I first watched DS9 as a kid, I never really cared for the character, but now as an adult, I’d like to think he had some of the best stories for a supporting character (two of which I mentioned in the Top 10 DS9 Episodes). He may have started out annoying, but he became a very relateable character

7. Borg Queen (First Contact, Voyager) – She’s the brains behind the Borg Collective. She commands the legions of drones under her rule, guiding them on their mission of assimilation and galactic conquest. The Queen’s first appearance in the Trek franchise comes in First Contact as the Borg attempt to assimilate humanity by manipulating time. She captures Data in an attempt to obtain the encryption codes to the Enterprise and make him more human, though he ultimately betrays her. Borg Queen’s grand entrance, as she descends from the rafters of her lair and fuses her head, shoulders, and spinal column with the rest of her body, is one of the most stunning scenes in all of Star Trek. And the character’s design, as well as Alice Krige’s chilling portrayal makes her one of the prominent female villains in all of science fiction. She later appeared in Voyager, again played by Alice Krige, though at one point she was played by Susanna Thompson (better known as Moira Queen from Arrow)

6. Christopher Pike (Kelvin Timeline) – Before the 2009 movie, we didn’t really know that much about him other than his only televised adventure as captain of the Enterprise and his later appearance in “The Menagerie”. Here he’s exactly as I imagined he would be, an experienced Starfleet officer willing to give young officers what they need to get them where they needed to be, weather it’s a kick in the butt or a “Dare to be Badass” speech to coax a certain captain into enlisting in Starfleet. We sadly don’t get to see Pike suffer the same fate as his prime counterpart, but he does end up loosing his life at the hands of Khan. He stands apart from his Prime counterpart, as he and Kirk had a father/son relationship since he didn’t even get to meet his father.

5. Tolian Soran (Generations) – The first Star Trek movie villain I ever saw. At first I didn’t think much of him, but then I saw do the one thing I never thought was possible: he killed James T. Kirk, not to mention he’s played by Malcolm McDowell. I like everyone whose seen this movie, was in disbelieve when I saw that. I would’ve loved it if the writers kept the character alive, had him fight the other crews of the franchise, that would’ve been pretty cool to see him face of against Sisko or Janeway.

4. Q (TNG, DS9, Voy) – Q is essentially a child with the power of a God, the mixture being more of the former and less of the latter, hence the annoying factor. The worst thing he may have done was put the Enterprise in the Borg’s path, earlier than the two species were supposed to meet, if at all. Actually, that is the worst thing he ever did. But without his push, we never would have had “The Best of Both Worlds”, or First Contact so it’s kind of a win-win. But in between granting Riker Q powers and transporting the Enterprise crew to play Robin Hood, something happened to Q. He still put the Enterprise-D’s crew up to a test to make sure humanity was worth saving, as played out in the TNG finale “All Good Things…”, but it wasn’t so much for him to wipe them out but rather to kinda sorta help them to save themselves. A redemptive act like that makes up for all the headaches he caused. Well, most of them. He also provided one of the best moments in TNG.

3. William T. Riker (TNG, Voy, Generations-Nemesis) – He’s a badass. Though initially portrayed as a go-getting, by-the-book officer, Riker began to show a bit of a bold streak early on in the series. And by “bold streak,” we mean to say that he is quite possibly the most arrogant character in the history of the Star Trek universe. But that’s why we love him. His over confidence and willingness to occasionally disregard the chain of command are what makes Riker so endearing. Ladies’ man, kick-ass first officer, and a can play a mean trombone, Riker is one hell of an endearing character.

2. Data (TNG-Nemesis) – “The Next Generation’s” Spock equivalent, the Federation’s first android citizen and officer, Data could have been one-note; he almost was. The best thing to happen to Data, aside from a few kick-ass, fanboy moments in First Contact, was befriending Geordi La Forge. The two characters found their relationship at the heart of some of Trek’s better episodes, with the exception of that whole emotion chip fiasco in Generations. (Damn you, Data, and your ridiculous Mr. Tricorder puppet!) Being front and center for many debates surrounding the notion of what it means to be human, Data managed to become a father by literally building a lifeform, only to lose her and gain the knowledge that death is nothing without life. He also evolved to be more than the sum of his programming, and into one of Trek’s legendary mainstays.

1. The Doctor (Voyager) – So if my Top 10 Voyager episodes didn’t give it away, I love this character. He had some of the best moments on Voyager, from trying to adjust to his new position as a one-man medical staff, to trying to help Seven regain her humanity and learning more about his own existence. I would’ve loved to have seen a canon explanation for what happened to him after Voyager came back to Earth, but I guess all we can do is imagine. Or play Star Trek Online.

Honorable Mentions

Pavel Chekov (Kelvin Timeline)

Charles Tucker III (ENT)

Janice Rand (TOS-VI)

Seven of Nine (Voyager)

Zefram Cochrane (TOS, First Contact)

Jean-Luc Picard (TNG-Nemesis)

Miles O’Brien (TNG-DS9)

Next, we’ll look at October’s entry of the Year of Star Trek (though legally it isn’t Star Trek anymore).

Year of Star Trek: Starship Farragut

Damn the torpedoes, Warp speed ahead (L-R: Tacket, Carter, Smithfield)
Damn the torpedoes, Warp speed ahead! (L-R: Tacket, Carter, Smithfield)

In 2007, a Star Trek fan from Georgia, named John Broughton came up with an idea to fill the void of Star Trek, since Enterprise’s premature and polarizing ending in 2005. And with the no new official Star Trek releases for two years, Broughton along with his friends Michael and Holly Bednar, Paul Siebert, and other friends and family members, he created the series Starship Farragut.


The series begins with “The Captaincy” During the 22 century John Carter, takes command of the USS Farragut from its previous captain, and on his first assignment, he, and his friends, Science/Executive Officer Robert Tacket, chief engineer Michelle Smithfield, and by-the-books security officer Henry Prescott, head to the planet Diotama III to investigate the disappearance of a Federation Commodore, and a possible secret Klingon weapons facility.

In “For Want of a Nail” The Starship Farragut has been dispatched on a diplomatic mission to Solon Prime to make first contact with a race of ancient scholars. Unfortunately for Carter, Prescott, medical officer Doc Holley, and some Redshirts are whisked back in time to the American Revolution.

In “The Price of Anything”, Captain Carter is reunitned with his estranged father for an important mission to secretly transport a plant that holds the vaccine for a disease that hit hard in the Federation. While enroute to Cerronos IV, their shuttle craft collides with a Romulan scout vessel and crash lands on a deserted planet. While Captain Carter and his father are working to survive on the planet, the Farragut gets attacked by another Romulan vessel.

In “Conspiracy of Innocence”, While on a mission to a strange new world, Captain Carter and crew face the ultimate challenge as a close friend gives their life to save the others. Trapped in a world below the surface of a dying planet, the inhabitants share a secret which could change the galaxy forever. While Captain Carter and the crew grieve, a threat emerges which could mean the end of the Farragut.

And finally the most recent installment, “The Crossing”, the Mirror Universe enters the Prime Universe, as the Mirror counterpart of Carter’s former Commanding officer, ask for help in returning to the Mirror Universe. Meanwhile, the crew gets ready to say goodbye to one of their own.

There is one more episode planned called “Homecoming” which is meant to serve as the series finale for Starship Farragut, but after the recent announcement of new rules and restrictions regarding Star Trek-based fan films (more on those shortly), they have yet to make an official announcement on when “Homecoming” will officially premier.

In between the release of the full-length episodes, three vignettes (or Crew Logs) were made. The first called “Just Passing Through”, was just telling the story of how Tacket and Smithfield met, and also implied that they had something of a romantic history together. “A Rock and a Hard Place” had Carter working with an old flame from his academy days on a simple survey mission, but of course in the Star Trek Universe (all three of them), nothing is simple. The third short is called Night Shift I haven’t seen yet.

Since it took place in the TOS-era, the show did make a few references to Kirk and the Enterprise, with a few cameos thown in during the series. In the first episode, James Crawley, Jeffrey Quinn, and John Kelly from “Star Trek New Voyages” made cameo appearances as Kirk, Spock, and McCoy respectively. James Doohan’s son, Chris guest stared in one of the animated shorts as who else? Scotty, and in “The Price of Anything”, Kirk made another appearance, this time played by Vic Mignogna. Weather this was meant to serve as a tie-in to “Star Trek Continues” (which is also made Farragut Films) is unclear. Also, Todd Haberkorn appeared in this episode, he would later appear in Star Trek Continues as Spock.

Aside from the episodes, animated shorts, and vignettes, a spin-off is also being developed, called Trek Isolation. Isolation will follow the crew of the USS Babylon, one of their vignettes featured a cameo from the king of cameos Stan Lee. There’s also plans for a sequel series taking during the Wrath of Khan-Undiscovered Country period, called “Farragut Forward”, but due to the new rules and restrictions issued by Paramount and CBS, it’s currently unclear when the finale or Farragut Forward will begin. I’ll get into more detail about the rules and restrictions when in the Renegades review.


Up to the Mega Man movie was released, I never thought much about fan films, but now I actually like these things and would do what I can to try and support whatever new fan film project interests me. I hope Broughton and everyone at Farragut Films keep the show going, despite the restrictions from Paramount.

To see more from Starship Farragut check out their

official website: http://www.starshipfarragut.com/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/starshipfarragut/

And Trek/Dark Isolation’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/darkisolation/

And Farragut’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/starshipfarragut

Next month, we conclude the Year of Star Trek with the very first episode of Star Trek, and maybe the other posts next month.

Marvel Month 4.0 Intro

Hey everyone! It’s that special time of year again, as look at Marvel’s merry heroes. So, let’s address the elephants in the room, I apologize for not having September’s Star Trek post up in time, or the Ranger Spotlight done, but again school’s getting a little more hectic (it’s both a blessing and a curse). I’m oping to have those out in November, the same goes for the post that would’ve been posted this month, funny story, whilst coming up with the Year of Star Trek, I never completely forgot about MM, a stupid mistake on my part, but before I started MM, I decided to post Oct’s list alongside Nov’s.

But enough about that, this year’s Marvel Month is gonna be great because we finally get to look at Marvel’s early foray in theatrical features. And we get to start, with the worst Marvel has to offer, you know the one.

So, come back soon!


Cutting Room Interviews: Oliver Harper

Center: Oliver Harper L-R various characters from Blade, Mystery Men, Aliens,, ect.
Center: Oliver Harper L-R various characters from Blade, Mystery Men, Aliens,, ect.

Hey everyone, I know I promised a new Ranger Spotlight, but this took more precedence, I’ve finally have managed to get my first interview, and it’s with one of my favorite YouTubers, Oliver Harper.

Dave Cameron: How long have you been making your web series?

Oliver Harper: I started back in late 2011 with a review to Superman IV and have continued producing reviews ever since.

DC: What were your influences in making the Retrospective and Review series?

OH: I love watching documentaries and being from the UK us Brits are spoilt by a wealth of content produced by the BBC over the years. With my passion for film, I binge watched the documentaries on the ALIEN films produced by the very talented ‘Charles De Lauzirika’ and, during late 2011, I was pouring over the Resident Evil and Star Wars retrospectives produced by GameTrailers. I was aware of other YouTubers covering movies, such as The Nostalgia Critic, but he pushed a more comedic approach and wasn’t really about the facts and production of the movie. So when I came time to decide to review superman 4, which is a film that isn’t very good but had good intentions that I wanted to highlight, I decided to take the retrospective approach. With my video being a review of the film as well I just labelled it retrospective / review and went from there. At the time I don’t think anyone else was calling their videos a ‘Retrospective / Review’ and its funny, now I see it being used a lot so maybe I’ve had some influence on how others approach their reviews.

DC: What is Oliver Harper’s Retrospective and Reviews?

OH: It’s a channel dedicated to reviewing older movies presented in a documentary style that provides facts and trivia. I discuss the soundtrack, visual effects, video game tie-ins and mix it with a critique. But the channel has evolved over time to offer more to the viewer, for example reviews on new releases, audio commentaries and coverage on the latest video games and trailers.

DC: How did you come up with the Retrospective and Review series?

OH: See Question 2

DC: Aside from the Retrospective/Review series, what else do you do on your channel?

OH: I also produce audio commentaries, which the viewer can run in sync with their own copy of the film, these commentaries feature actor Duncan Casey, movie buff Richard Jackson and on special occasions filmmaker Tim Partridge. I do cover recent movies as well but not on a weekly basis, I look ahead to determine what films my audience would like to hear about. I review new video game releases but I’m very picky on what I cover, so I only do them if a game really encourages me to express my thoughts on it. I have started producing videos on film & comic conventions. I just shot some new footage for a small comic convention in Bedford and I will be attending the MCM con in October.

DC: I’ve noticed in one of your other videos you have an extensive laserdisc collection. How did you get a hold of them and why do you collect them?

OH: I got into Laserdiscs in the late 90s when DVD came out. I couldn’t get a DVD player at the time because it was new technology and the players cost in the region were £500 ($663.33). I looked at other options and noticed LaserDisc was coming down in price because many home cinema enthusiasts were jumping on to DVD. I was aware of the LD format as a kid, seeing them in HMV, and was shocked at the price of them, some titles cost £50 ($66.33) each so it struck me as a format for rich people really, not for young kids with limited pocket money. I had just started studying film at college around 1998 and noticed LaserDisc had loads of my favourite films in widescreen so I scanned the small ads and came across a player for £100 ($132.67) with a bunch of LDs, so that’s how my library started. Most titles were selling for £5-10 ($6.63-13.27) in hi fi and second hand shops so I built up a collection quickly. Over the years I’ve upgraded my players and my collection has decreased and increased over time depending what mood I’m in. I sometimes lose interest in the format and sell off some of my collection then I suddenly I get this urge to buy more. The beauty of laserdiscs is their sleeve, large LP size covers, which are a great show piece and the sound can sometimes be on par with Blu-ray. But you have to remember DVD/Blu-ray is better than LD in the picture department and you will have to invest in a decent player and video upscaler to make it match DVD in quality.

DC: How do you handle criticism (Rude/disgusting comments, and/or constantly being asked “when’s the next video”)?

OH: Being the butt of criticism comes with the territory when being a content creator on YouTube so you do have to have a thick skin. The more popular you get, the more haters you gain. If people are outright rude to my friends or me then I ban them instantly, there is no point in communicating with those individuals. My audience is mostly adults so they tend not to take part in silly juvenile stuff because they’re mature and sensible. However, you will always encounter someone who is very self-entitled and demands a lot from you and wants to dictate how you should run your channel. Often they’re polite about it and you can believe they support what you do but then suddenly they take a turn and hate you generally because you’ve said no to a review they want to see.

With regards to requests, I get so many on a daily basis and had to stop taking requests because it became too much to manage. There are some subscribers that constantly make requests and its easy to think they don’t really understand how long it takes to produce a video and often don’t appreciate the effort you put in, they just think you’re their personal jukebox which they can operate to select the next review. But all in all, those people make up a very small percentage of my viewer base and 95% are extremely supportive and appreciative of what I do.

DC: Do you have other ideas for Retrospectives/Reviews?

OH: I hope to cover more TV shows in the future, shows with a small number of series is a plus for me because I don’t have to watch too many episodes. Don’t expect a retrospective on ‘Smallville’ or ‘X-Files’ any time soon! I do need to cover the Rocky films and continue with some more 007 reviews. There is always something I’ve got planned so I’m never scratching my head thinking what to review next.

DC: Other than your web series/commentaries do you have any other interests?

OH: My YouTube channel takes up a lot of my time so when I relax I either play video games or try to catch up with my friends. I end up working more than 50 hours a week so it becomes a nightmare to balance your work life with your social life, so I try to keep that a healthy balance but most of the time I fail at that and work too much.

DC: You’ve done retrospectives/reviews of some of my favourite movies (EX. Ghostbusters II, Star Trek, Galaxy Quest, Star Wars), and some of your retrospectives introduced me to some new favourite movies (EX. The Phantom) do you have a favourite and least favourite retrospective/review?

OH: Well the videos I feel less happy with are my older retrospectives that were far shorter and lacking in presentation especially with my voice over in comparison to my current stuff, you’re your own worst critic. I think my early reviews of Ninja Turtles, Big Trouble in Little China, Timecop and Supergirl are below par for me. I do plan to revisit many of these earlier reviews to update them such as Superman III and Dragon The Bruce Lee Story. Those R/R’s I am most happy with is probably my ALIEN reviews, Galaxy Quest, Bladerunner and Superboy Part 1 & 2.

DC: Recently you’ve been doing remakes/re-masters of some of you’re older videos (most of which are exclusive Patreon supporters), are you planning on doing that for all of the older videos, or just a few at a time?

OH: Yes I have been cleaning up some of my older reviews (improved picture & sound) as an exclusive perk to my Patreon members and will continue to update a few more. I’m planning to revisit a number of my older reviews to expand them and cover the films again such as Superman III, Masters of the Universe, Dragon The Bruce Lee Story and Ninja Turtles 1990 which will be available for everyone.

DC: Are there any TV shows you watch?

OH: In the last 6 months I’ve ploughed through House of Cards, Daredevil and recently Stranger Things all on Netflix and the fantastic The Man in the High Castle on Amazon. TV shows have come on leaps and bounds in the last few years equaling feature films and often being far superior because of the advantage of having an episodic structure. I’m really looking forward to the new series of Red Dwarf. I really want to cover them in the future with a retrospective but the BBC are very strict on allowing people to use their products online even for a review.

DC: What do you think of the DC Extended Universe, do you think DC should keep going with their cinematic universe, or just stick to TV?

OH: If I had my way I would scrap the DC Universe on film and start again because the movies have clearly not been praised or received in the way Warner Brothers have hoped and for the most part they have been a huge disappointment for me. They want to capture the market that Marvel is dominating and in allowing Zack Snyder the freedom to push his bleak depressing vision for Superman and the rest of the DC characters its not going down well. There are fans of what Snyder is doing but I think the vast majority would prefer a more uplifting and colourful DC universe. WB’s TV shows are definitely going in the right direction, I never watched Arrow and only a few episodes of The Flash, which didn’t appeal to me, but I was very impressed with Supergirl, I think they nailed the tone and look. Melissa Benoist really captures the character of Supergirl and is some of the finest casting in years. I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with Superman in season 2 despite his costume looking a bit rubbish but at least its colourful.

DC: Steven Spielberg once said the superhero genre would go out of style some day, what are your thoughts on that?

OH: I think there is some truth in that; I’m starting to get burnt out with the number of super hero films. Warner Bros output has really left me disappointed and soured my interest in the super hero movie genre. Wonder Woman looks pretty good from the trailer I’ve seen but trailers are designed to get you excited. I’ve heard a few insiders saying the film is going to be another let down which doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. We will see next summer if Warner Bros can drag themselves out of this bleak depressing hole and take the DC Universe into a brighter more uplifting direction.

DC: Do you have any advice for people wanting to make their own web series?

OH: If you have a passion for a subject and want to produce a video expressing your views on it then go for it. However, be warned it’s becoming more and more difficult to get noticed on YouTube, it will take a long time to build up a following and to even generate any revenue (if you want to take advantage of that option) so treat it as a hobby. A lot of people don’t understand the effort that goes in to creating a successful YouTube channel and see it as a quick and easy way to make some money and be your own boss – it isn’t. You have to be truly passionate about what you are creating if you want a channel with longevity and a dedicated following – and you have to invest your time and money to maintain that. But if what you produce captures an audience and they tune in for every video, you will be rewarded for your hard work. Always think about presentation. If you’re going to be on camera, make sure the picture is good (don’t use your webcam) and of course be confident, if you’re very nervous or uncomfortable on screen then the viewer will instantly pick up on that so if being on camera is not your thing then provide a voice over to what you want to talk about. Make sure you have decent microphone so people can hear you clearly to get your view across. If you want to use clips of copyrighted material do some research on worldwide fair use laws because they have different restrictions on how you use the footage in different countries. Don’t go crazy and use long unedited clips because it will get flagged by YouTube’s automated system, which detects copyrighted material. Before sharing a video online show it to your friends first and get feedback so you feel more confident in putting your work out there for the world to see. Don’t copy other YouTubers, it’s great to be inspired by someone but you’ll have difficulty growing an audience that is already out there watching someone else.

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