Top 10 Favorite Christmas Episodes

Hello everyone! It’s Christmas time again, it’s cold outside (but luckily, there’s still an atmosphere), everyone’s shopping, eggnog’s available, it’s snowing, but most of all the Christmas specials, episodes, and moives start running daily, and I’m going to share my top 10 favorite Christmas episodes and specials. I may look into the Christmas movies next year, but until then…

10. The Worst Noel (Married… With Children)- We kick off our list with everyone’s favorite dysfunctional family: The Bundy’s! On Christmas Eve, Al’s trying to find something to watch, while Bud and Kelly are trying to sneak his and Peggy’s Christmas gift, a jukebox in the house (through various cartoon methods). I’m shocked this episode isn’t talked about as much, I’ll admit the cartoon antics with Bud and Kelly weren’t really that funny, but the bits with Al, Peggy, and The D’arcy’s were funny. So it makes since that I put it so low on the list.

9. Christmas Who (SpongeBob SquarePants)- In SpongeBob’s first Christmas special, SpongeBob and everyone in Bikini Bottom learn what Christmas is (even though there was an episode where Christmas is mentioned), and everyone gets excited for Santa’s arrival, everyone except Squidward, who thinks it’s all a wast of time. It’s Christmas day, and Santa’s a no show, which causes everyone to leave, and Squidward to make fun of SpongBob, until he decides to save the day after getting a gift from him. The episode had some very good ideas, the live action scenes with Patchy were funny.

8. You’re A Rotten Dirty Bastard (Nostalgia Critic)- I’m technically cheating since this isn’t an actual TV show, but I watch it every year, along with the Critic’s other Christmas-themed episodes. So in this parody of It’s A Wonderful Life, our favorite egomaniac decides to quit reviewing, leaving his punching bag Ma-Ti in charge. While N.C. tries to find a new job, his guardian angel Roger comes in and shows him what his friend’s lives would be like if he never existed. Unlike It’s A Wonderful Life, where everyone’s lives were terrible, The Critic’s friend’s lives and Roger’s are better. The idea of twisting the story of It’s a wonderful life is an interesting idea, the fight near the end was creative (especially given the lack of space for filming). And of course the funniest part is it’s ending, where N.C. learns nothing, and thanks his friends for allowing him to be above them.

7. Deck The Malls (Family Matters)- In the show’s final Christmas episode, Steve, Myra, and The Winslow’s decide to take work at the mall. Meanwhile Richie gets ready for his mother, Rachel to visit. This is an interesting episode because many people consider this episode to be the series’ true finale, and it’s not hard to see why. After this episode, Richie, Rachel, and Mother Winslow would never be seen again, and Jo Marie Payton would leave the show, leaving Harriet to be re-cast, leaving the show to jump the shark by series end. Despite that I still love this episode.

6. Holly Jolly Secrets (Adventure Time)- In this adventure (no pun intended), Finn and Jake find some old VHS tapes of Ice King. At first they’re silly, embarrassing videos of him goofing around, holding princesses hostage, etc. But eventually, the duo come across a video revealing something more shocking than him butchering the french fry song: Ice King’s origins! The Ice King’s origin was pretty chilling, the reference to Rudolph was funny, and seeing Finn and Jake (Re)invent Christmas was an interesting idea.

5. Pretty Pretty Dresses (King Of The Hill)- This is probably the darkest Christmas episode on my list, dark but so funny. The first 20 seconds of the episode sets the mood, the guys are doing what they always do: standing and drinking beer, then Bill starts crying as Christmas music plays in the background. Bill was always a depressing comic relief character, but here it’s taken to an extreme level. The Hills get sick of him, he tries to kill himself, he looses his pet named after his ex-wife (who left him during Christmas) during a dinner date with The Hills and Peggy’s friend, he flips his lid. The saddest part was the fact that he bought Christmas presents for his ex, leading Hank to finally snap him back to reality. But instead Bill decides to become Lenore. I as I already mentioned, I loved the opening to the episode, Bill dressing in drag, and the ending with Dale dressing in drag to help Hank (also in drag) stop Bill.

4.  Arnold’s Christmas (Hey Arnold)- In the only Christmas special from one of my favorite Nicktoons. The boarders pick their secret Santa’s for Christmas, Arnold picks Mr. Hyunh. As the episode progresses Arnold learns that Mr. Hyunh has a daughter, Mai, whom he was separated from during the Vietnam War. Arnold and his friend Gerald sets out to find Mai, no matter the cost (the cost being a pair of snow boots). I loved how Arnold and Gerald tried to go through Hell trying to find some stupid snow boots for the case worker, just because he didn’t buy them earlier. The ending was just beautiful, so beautiful in fact that won’t even spoil it. The only problem I have, is that after this episode we never see Mai again, she mentioned a few times but that’s it. But despite that, still an enjoyable episode.

3. Toy Story That Time Forgot- I know this is new, and there’s probably a lot of people that still haven’t seen it yet, so I’ll try not to give too much away, Bonnie (Andy’s successor) takes Woody, Buzz, Rex, Trixie, and (new character) Angel Kitty to her friend Mason’s house. While there they come across Mason’s Christmas gift(s), a set of new toys called Battlesaurs. The thing that sold me on the specials were the Battlesaurs, I love these guys, they’re like a cross between Thundecats and Dino Riders, I hope these guys get a spin-off someday, we already had a Buzz Lightyear spin-off, come on Pixar get on it!

2. Road To The North Pole (Family Guy)- In this intalment of the show’s “Road To” episodes, Stewie decides to go to the North Pole to kill Santa, after a Mall Santa stiffs him. Brian tries to stop him even telling him that Santa doesn’t exist, but that still didn’t stop him. When they get there they not only learn that Santa’s real, but that he’s dying. Next to the Star Wars episodes, This was a good episode, the message was cliche but I can overlook that. The songs were enjoyable to listen to (specifically “Christmastime Is Killing Us”), and seeing Santa slowly die was actually kind of shocking.

1. Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas (Community)- This has to be the most weirdest and bizarre Christmas special of them all. In this episode, Abed has a pyschotic episode where he sees everything as a stop motion special. During the episode, Abed envisions everyone as stop motion archetypes, and the rest you just have to see for yourselves, I can’t spoil this. This is without a doubt the best Christmas special of any TV show I’ve seen. I’m not a big fan of stop motion animation, but here it works. The story was charming and touching and The animation was very well done and the short songs were a great addition. All in all the episode had me smiling the entire way through. Also this is the episode that sold me on Community, I didn’t like the show at first, but thanks to this episode,I can’t wait to see the next season on Yahoo Screen, and hopefully that movie we were promised.

Honorable Mentions

A Very Topanga Christmas (Boy Meets World)

The Worst Christmas Special Ever! A.K.A. The Christmas Tree review (Nostalgia Critic)

Night Of The Meek (The Twilight Zone)

Miracle On Third Or Fourth Street (Frasier)

Phineas and Ferb’s Christmas Vacation (Phineas and Ferb)

A Season To Remember (Power Rangers Zeo)

And so many others I can’t even think of!

Next post is the recap for Girl Meets Home For The Holidays and my last post of year. Happy Holidays and as a bonus, here’s my favorite Christmas songs performed by one of my favorite singing groups.



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