Where The Hell Have I Been

So, as many of you know, I spent most of Marvel Month away, and finally posted the last three posts in early November. As much as I try to keep my personal issues away from the blog, I don’t think I can this time.

I spent t better part of October trying to find a job, in hopes of upgrading to a new computer. Unfortunately, literally everyone in my hometown, didn’t want to hire me, or even give me a chance to work for them. This lead to me having something of a nervous breakdown, and an eventual suicide attempt, luckily my family managed to talk me out of it, and I’ve been getting seeing a therapist since then.

I apologize, I usually never let things like these bother me, but just felt different. I’m hoping this never happens again. Or at least I hope I can still keep going. If you live in the United State, you probably know that the FCC voted against Net Neutrality, and unless congress votes against the repeal, my days on here may be numbered.

I’m hoping it doesn’t lead to that, but in case it does I’m sorry if I let any of you down, and thank you for following me all these years. Hopefully, I’ll see you on new years, and beyond that.


Girl Meets World Season 3 and Series Review

Until we meet again... ?
“No matter how old you get you never stop meeting the world.” – Ben Savage

Before we begin, I wish to apologize for lack of recaps for Season, between school, the year-long Star Trek event, along with some personal issues, I just didn’t have the time to tackle recapping the season. So with that said…


So, this season sees the kids and Cory heading to high school, continuing to learn, grow, and expand on the kids friendships. But as the season progresses the kids’ lives change in some significant way. Riley for instance learns that sometimes her welcoming, happy-go-lucky behavior won’t work on everyone, that despite being a good person, you won’t always get your way with certain things. Maya finally has a family now that Shawn finally married Katy, and that her brief period impersonating Riley had more of an effect on her than she and Riley realized, and goes on a trip to rediscover herself, which also lead to Shawn rediscover himself  and realize that he’s in love with Katy. Farkle also get’s some development, during an episode about discovering their heritage and learning that he had a relative who survived the Holocaust, and was more than likely the only one of his family to survive. The only form of development for Lucas was the (godforsaken) love triangle which finally came to an end when Lucas chose Riley, and Maya and Josh decided to “play the Long Game” meaning their gonna wait for each other, and where did all of this happen, at the Ski Lodge, the very same Ski Lodge that nearly destroyed Cory and Topanga (“America’s Sweethearts!”), and who works at the Ski Lodge? a young man named Evan, who just happens to be Lauren’s son. Who’s his father? Unknown. Something surprising for me this season was that Ava got to have a storyline, and it was a great subplot, involving the split of her parents, and Auggie and Topanga (and at one point Maya and Cory) helping her cope with everything. While I enjoyed this, I kinda wished Ava and Maya would’ve interacted a little more, since Maya knows what she’s going through. Aside from helping Ava, Topanga didn’t have much of a subplot until the final episodes where she’s offered a high paying job in London.

The series didn’t see as many returning characters here, the biggest being just Shawn and a one episode appearance by Mr. Feeny, though it’s made up for it in the finale/penultimate episode (more on that shortly) where everyone form Boy Meets World, even the original actor for Josh came back. Though we don’t see all of them interact with one another (there was going to be a scene with Harley and Stuart that got cut). And I’d be completely remissed if I didn’t mention the new opening titles, which was a shot for shot recreation of the BMW (seasons 5-7) opening. As, per usual, the episodes are aired out of order again, this made evident, in the behind the scenes episode, which if you follow the production codes, is the actual series finale. Speaking of the finale, I thought it was very enjoyable, but it felt a little to similar to BMW’s finale, at least till the ending. Though I will admit, I did laugh my ass off at the Morgan scene.


This series was great, I remember when I first heard rumors circulating about a sequel series, I was excited, even if it wasn’t true, the idea of a continuation to Boy Meets World, and the idea of Cory and Topanga passing on what they learned to the next generation, however I was kinda iffy about Disney Channel airing it, as they’re not the best network to handle the things that Boy Meets World was able to tackle in its seven year run, not to mention back when they aired the series they skipped two episodes (an episode about underage drinking and sex and being friends with benefits. Yet they aired the parental abuse episode with no problem, go figure).To put it simply, they love to play it safe. But, I don’t know how they did it, but they manage to tackle parental abandonment, religion, autism, and politics in a way that didn’t involve talking down to audiences. I really hoped that GMW was going to be the show on the Disney Channel to go the distance, to break the “four season limit”, and go on for at least five or six years. But, the higher ups didn’t see it that way. There are varying reasons for why the series was cancelled ranging from lack of merchandising to the show outgrowing and alienating it’s target audience, personally, I think that’s crap. Was I upset when I found out, yes. Was I happy with the ending we got, yeah, but I still think Disney Channel should’ve stopped the whole random episode airing nonsense, and aired World Meets Girl as the actual final episode.

Oh, and if I didn’t mention it someone else will, there are campaigns to keep the series going on Freeform, or streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu of the like. While they showed interests, and the millions of subscribers kept requesting it, the Netflix campaign failed, why? because Disney doesn’t want to give up the rights. Michael Jacobs said he has said he’s working on saving the series, but only time will tell if that’ll work out or not. Personally, I hope it does work out, because the writers aren’t done telling stories about these kids, they haven’t moved on to the next stages of their lives, and we really want to see where they go. So let’s hope we’ll see them again.


Overall, this was an excellent season, and I’ve said before, I’m gonna keep saying it again, this was an outstanding series. Disney were complete fools for letting this show go. I mean, so what if it didn’t have much in merchandising, or that it was starting to outgrow it’s target demographic, THAT WAS THE POINT OF THE SHOWS! Girl Meets World and Boy Meets World, told the story of the trials and tribulations growing up and the things you learn as you grow. It’s like the header said, no matter how old you are, you’ll never stop meeting the world.

Lastly, to Michael Jacobs, April Kelly, Rowan Blanchard, Sabrina Carpenter, Peyton Meyer, Corey Fogelmanis, August Maturo, Ava Kolker, Ceci Balagot, Amir Mitchell-Townes, Cheryl Texiera, Uriah Shelton, Danielle Fishel, Ben Savage, Rider Strong, Danny McNaulty, Lee Norris, Will Friedle, Anthony Tyler Quinn, Betsy Randle, William Russ, Lilly Nicksay, Lindsay Ridgeway, Trina McGee, Matthew Lawrence, and of course, Mr. William Daniels.

Oh, can’t forget about Darby Walker and Sarah Carpenter.

Thank you all for three great years, let’s hope you’ll all come back again someday. And let’s hope it doesn’t take another 20 years to make it happen. Until that day…

Thunder. Lightning.


RANK: 5 out of 5

I am going to start recapping a new series soon, and I think you might be surprised what it is. In the meantime, come back when we pay tribute to one of the best shows on Cartoon Network.

Last Post of 2016

2016 is over, and good freaking riddance! The world’s dumbest rich guy became our president. We’ve lost so many people, and apparently, even during the holidays, we still have to keep loosing people. But, there were some positives to this year, I did a year-long celebration of Star Trek, and despite a minor hiccup in September and October, I still consider that a success, I held a marathon of Robotech, tried Ecto Cooler and Crystal Pepsi for the first time ever, and only one of those drinks made me throw up, and I created an Instagram account to show off my artwork.

As mentioned, in the Big Hero 6 review, Marvel Month is tackling the first franchise in outside of animation. The 200th post is coming up soon, and I haven’t made an official decision on what I’m going to cover yet. I was planning on holding a poll on Twitter to see what people want me to cover.

I have plans on doing retrospective series on Digimon, but that’s currently being put on hold until, the final three Adventure Tri movies are released, and the new series, Appli Monsters has ended. As for movie reviews, I plan on reviewing Rogue One following this post in honor of Carrie Fisher’s passing. Next up, is Ranger Spotlight, I’ve been meaning to give my thoughts of the trailer for the new movie. And of course go over some of my favorite team-ups from the both Power Rangers and Super Sentai. Since my first interview was a success, I’m working on scoring another one soon.

So, with that said, Happy New Year folks, let’s hope and pray that 2017 will be better than 2016.

Keep a look out for the Rogue One review.


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Intro to the Year of Star Trek

It’s a never-ending odyssey.

What can you say about Star Trek? Well, I’d say how while it has a massive fan base, it has it’s fair share of problems, but Nostalgia Critic lampshaded this when he tackled the odd-numbered Star Trek movies back in 2012, Linkara also does this sometimes when he reviews Star Trek comics from time to time. Me personally, I don’t really care about that, I just come for the story and stay for the awesome effects. And, before anyone in the comments tells me, “Hey, how can you talk about Star Wars and Star Trek, you have to like one of them not both.” Don’t bother. Look, both Star Trek and Star Wars tell very enjoyable and compelling stories, have likable characters, and they both have their fair share of problems. Plus, I was raised on both franchises, you solely like Star Wars or Star Trek, great, but I like both franchises, and I respect both of them equally.

With all that said, in honor of Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary, we’re gonna look at Star Trek, with Top 10 lists, and a review thrown in here and there.

So, here’s the schedule for the Year of Star Trek (no, there is no definitive date, just what month I’ll post something):

Jan: Top 10 Best TOS Episodes

Feb: Top 10 Best TNG Episodes

Mar: Top 10 Best DS9 Episodes

Apr: Top 10 Best Voyager Episodes

May: Top 5 Best and Worst Enterprise Episodes

Jun: Top 10 Star Trek Movies

Jul: Star Trek Beyond Review

Aug: Top 10 Ships In Star Trek

Sept: Top 10 Favorite Characters In Star Trek

Oct: Star Trek Renegades Review

Nov: Starship Farragut Review

Dec: The Cage Review (and a Bonus Post)

So, come back later this month to see some of my favorite episodes of The Original Series.

Happy New Year, and Live long and prosper.

Marvel Month III Intro

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time once again to explore the majestic world of the Marvel Universe! So we’ve seen cartoons from the 90’s and cartoons from the 2000’s, so it only makes sense that we switch gears and look at the movies from Marvel. Now, I mentioned in the Last Post of 2014/Update, we’re not getting to the well known movies just yet, and that we’d be looking at the direct-to-video movies, but something I didn’t mention, I took a page from Kevin Feige, and planned every Marvel Month up to 2018.

And before anyone mentions it, yes I know I didn’t post the Top 10 Steven Universe Episodes list, but I’ve been held up at school, so for now, the list will be delayed till November.

Until then, stay tuned for our first Marvel Movie review, Ultimate Avengers.

Robotech The Untold Story To Get An Official Release (April Fools)


Before we begin, I just like to say, yes I do know about Sony obtaining the rights to Robotech from Warner Bros., and announced their plans to make a franchise out of it. I meant to mention it earlier, but I really didn’t have a lot to say about it, since the film’s been in development since 2007. I may talk about it in the future, but for now, I’m just gonna wait and see what happens. Another thing I forgot to mention, was what became of Harmony Gold. Yes they’re still around but they’ve been keeping quiet lately. Oh, and I if I don’t mention it, someone else will, H.G. attempted to try and release Dragon Ball to a US audience. After dubbing only five episodes, and the first and third movies, they lost the licence. Last year, they attempted a Kickstarter campaign, to launch a new Robotech series: Robotech Academy. The funding fell through, they do have plans to release the show though new media networks, I assume they’re referring to either Netflix or Hulu, but it’s really unclear as of now. But now on to the matter at hand…

Yes, I guess hell finally froze over, and someone at Harmony Gold read and watched everyone’s thoughts and opinions on Robotech The Untold Story, and has decided give the movie a new chance of life. Earlier today, Frank and Ahmed Agrama, have announced that they have re-obtained the rights to all three parts of MegaZone 23. With plans to re-dub and release them all as straight-to-DVD/Blu-Ray features. Each film will be released and re-titled as Robotech The Lost Generation Trilogy, and no they are not connected to the series of novels by Jack McKinney. All three films will be headed by Shadow Chronicles’ co-director, Tommy Yune.

The first film, will be released as Robotech: The Untold Story, It’ll follow Carl Macek’s original plan with the story tying in with the first season. With Mark Landry trying to uncover a mystery involving the Earth Government hiding the secret of the SDF-1’s disappearance. This time, H.G., got permission from Tatsunoko Productions, to use references to the Macross Saga. The film will be a complete dub, and the bonus ending won’t be used either, though they may add this to the bonus feature.

The next film, Robotech: Tell Me The Secret, takes place six months after, The Masters season, and follows a new protagonist, Johnny Winters. Johnny is wanted for the murder of Kelley Stevens and is being hunted down by military and police under the control of Andrews. Johnny fights back by joining a biker gang named The Thrashers, who regularly have skirmishes against the police. Meanwhile a war between, a sub-faction of the Zentradi, called the Delzag has also continued, but despite their best efforts and new more powerful weapons, the war seems to be going badly for the military. To add to their woes, the EVE program wasn’t wiped completely from the M.O.D.A.T.-5 and has regained some of its power back. It continues to interrupt radio and TV broadcasts asking for Mark to make contact with her. The Thrasher gang discover a modified M.O.D.A.T.-5 is sitting in a warehouse, and Johnny decides to steal it. However it is in fact a trap set by Andrews to capture Johnny.

And the final installment, Robotech: Birth of The Shadows, will tie-in to both Shadow Chronicles and Shadow Rising, with Mark returning as the main character. Back on Earth, the underground city has been rebuilt and evolved into New Eden City. Although this city is perceived as a paradise, its citizens are forbidden to leave by the city’s central computer, because of some incidents of the past. But a group of Hackers want to free humanity earlier against the will of the system. Mark changes professions from mechanic to game engineer, who got a job at a software corporation which also controls the System, but he has also become an illegal hacker. In truth, he took the job at the Corporation to get closer to their systems. Some people actually believe that there is a real Eve hidden somewhere in the city, but Mark Dismisses these stories. During some gaming sessions, Mark encounters some strange malfunctions and voices. Later, the corporation discovers his illegal hacking activities and uses their knowledge to force Mark to help them finding the boss of the hacker group, a famous cyberterrorist, but later, he learns that this “Cyberterrorist” isn’t as evil as thought and there is a real enemy.

All three of films will be released, between late 2015 and early 2016. This is a very exciting moment for all Robotech fans. Let’s hope this was all worth the wait.

Last Post of 2014

What can we say about 2014, we’ve had some amazing movies, we lost a lot of celebrities, a major film studio was hacked over a movie that really wasn’t that bad. And not to make this about myself, but I ruined my webseries. But it’s time to look forward to the new year, as we enter the second year of the Cutting Room. Having said that there are some things regarding most of the plans I made for 2014, I said I do a DC Month, for this month but I couldn’t find a the time due to the holidays. Next is Dare To Compare, I’ve decided to cancel the idea, as I thought it would be to similar to “Old VS New” on Nostalgia Critic. Lastly, I didn’t do anything to celebrate the blog’s one year anniversary, I’m hoping to rectify that next year.

Now on to my plans for 2015, I will definitely do something for The Cutting Room’s  second anniversary, and since the first post I ever did was a review of the Sonic The Hedgehog fan film, expect it to be something Sonic-related.

Back in “Year Zero”, I talked about the fan film MMPR, and I encouraged to support the film. As Jan. 15, I am going to rescind my support of the film. It’s uncertain at this time weather or not they’ve canceled the film willingly or if Saban Brands requested that they stop filming, they haven’t posted anything on their Facebook page since September. If you want a Power Rangers fan film that actually informs their donors on the goings on of their project, check out Zordon of Eltar. a project that is currently making great progress, though (at the time of this posting) there isn’t an official release date. It’s director keeps it’s followers and donors in the loop on the film, and he already filmed and released a companion film called Teenagers With Attitude, which I’ll review alongside Zordon of Eltar when it’s released.

Now on to the plans for 2015, let’s start with the highlight of the site, Marvel Month, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve planned both next years and 2016’s Marvel Month. First, we’re going to look at the direct-to-video Marvel Animated Movies, then in 2016, we’re looking at the early theatrical Marvel movies (sadly, that includes Howard The Duck), trust me we’re going to get to the M.C.U. movies eventually, just not anytime soon. Speaking of posts, were about to reach a big milestone this year, the 100th post, I already know what I’m reviewing, I won’t tell you what it is, but starting on my 90th post, I’ll start dropping hints about the post. Another thing I’m really excited for, is coming after the 100th post is Ranger Spotlight, a series of posts dedicated to the Power Rangers franchise. Next, Transformers Revisited, it’s coming along, but, I took an (extended) break between watching and note taking for seasons 2 and 3. I’m hoping to have Generation 1 covered by at least late spring/early summer.

And with that said, Happy New Year everyone, I’ll see you in January, with a very interesting Dead Television. Later.

James Bond Will Return…