Ranger Spotlight: Power Rangers Trailer 2 Review


This is pretty funny, a week after I post my review of the first trailer, the next trailer comes out.

So, the trailer starts with the logo in-joke from the previous trailer, and we get a new brighter establishing shot of Angel Grove. Jason and Kimberly talk about how they didn’t know each other, and felt like screw-ups. But Jason points out that they were all together when Billy found the power coins.

We then see the Rangers falling into a gorge and glowing their respective colors. With Zack pointing out that he’s black, much to Billy’s chagrin.

We then see that one shot of Jason showing his sink-breaking powers, along with new shots of Kimberly breaking her compact(?), and her and Zack jumping really high.

We then see the Rangers discovering the Command Center, and Zordon (Bryan Cranston) explaining to them that they’ll find their answers inside. We finally get our first look at Zordon, who tells the kids that they’re the Power Rangers. The kids are skeptical, Kimberly is especially disturbed by the talking wall, and we get our first look at Alpha 5 (voice of Bill Hader) who isn’t impressed by what he sees.

We then see Trini at home. Her mom asks where she went the night before, and Trini tells her and her brothers exactly what happened. Her brothers seemed intrigued, but her mom’s a little concerned, a she orders her to take a drug test.

We then see the Rangers training, while Zordon exposits how the Power Rangers are a legion of warriors, and that they have to become those warriors. Zack sees the holographic Putties, and sees them as a simple hologram, but they can pack quite the wallop, or as Billy puts it, “That’s a strong ass hologram!”

We then see the Rangers trying out their powers, Zordon telling them they were born for this, while Zack trains… on a train, Jason and Kimberly kissing, and Rita attacking Trini, then attacking the Rangers. She attacks the city, and summons an army of Putties, with Zordon telling the Rangers that she’s pure evil.

Trini asks Zordon how he expects them to stop her, his answer?

“It’s Morphin’ Time.”

We then see the Rangers finally morph, and we get this great shot of the Rangers in their suits, and we see them doing a superhero landing reminiscent of Gatchaman, and fighting off the some Putties.

We then see the Rangers charging through the city in their Dinozords, and our first on-screen look at Goldar, with Zack commenting “That’s a lot of gold”, as Rita watches the destruction.

We then see Jason save his dad(?) as Zordon tells them this is their destiny. We then see more of the Goldar battle, with Jason saying “Let’s go (go)!”

Zordon then delivers the last line of the trailer, saying that this is their time. And we see the Dino Megazord rising from the smoke, and punch Goldar in the face.


So, I think it’s pretty safe to say this trailer has me pumped! Seriously, when the trailer went live, I spent the entire day, watching the trailer. You know how many times I watched the trailer? I just recently watched the Logan trailer!

Bryan Cranston looks great as Zordon, though I’m sure you all heard all the jokes about how he looks like those things from the 90s. Alpha and Goldar I feel are most likely going to be an acquired taste for a lot of people, but I’m sure it’ll grow on people. It was very nice to finally see the suits, zords, and the rest in motion, and they look gorgeous. Overall, job well done! You wanted people to get excited for the movie and they did. All we can do is hope it lives up to hype, or if it doesn’t I’m sure it’ll still be a fun movie anyway.

Once again, when we return the (late) fifth anniversary review.



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