Ranger Spotlight: Power Rangers Trailer Review

Alone they are strong, but together they are more.
Alone they are strong, but together they are more.

The trailer begins with a cute in-joke with the  Lionsgate and Saban logos decked out in Power Ranger colors.

We get our first look at Jason (Dacre Montgomery) being dropped off by the police. He’s standing next to a smashed pick-up truck. His dad drops him off at Angel Grove High (on a Saturday), telling him how he’ll have to go to school every Saturday just to ensure he’ll still graduate.

We see Jason in detention, and cut to Zack (Ludi Lin) sitting on a train. Then we see Billy (R.J. Cyler) who’s also in detention, and we see that he may have OCD as he’s seen organizing his colored pencils, and a bully shoves him and was about to break the pencils, until Jason stepped in.

Then we see Trini (Becky G.) standing at her locker which is covered in obscenities, and finally we see Kimberly (Naomi Scott) being berated by her former cheerleading friends Kimberly then cuts her hair short, and joins Jason and Billy in detention.

We then see the five together at a construction site, Trini reminds them their in a restricted area, but then Billy notices something  and strange, and whips together a bomb and the kids uncover the Power Coins. The police arrive, and the kids decided it’s time to run.

We then see that the coins have enhanced the kids, Jason has the power to destroy sinks, Billy has invulnerable, as demonstrated by the bully from earlier attempting to headbutt him and getting knocked unconscious. Then as Jason, Billy, and Kimberly discuss their changes, they place their coins on the serving trays in the cafeteria, which ends up melting.

Later they all decide to pay homage to Chronicle, by jumping over a cliff. Jason and Kimberly perform the feat with no problem, though Billy needed more convincing until finally jumping.

We then see the kids fall underwater. Discovering what I can only assume is the Command Center, we then see them training, running through a construction site (presumably the same one from earlier), a thrilling car chase, then we see Kimberly and Jason kissing, and one last shot of the Rangers together while Jason holds his coin.

Then it cuts to Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) hovering over Trini stating that she’s “killed Rangers before” before slamming her against the wall and a smash-cut to the film’s logo.

Then we see the Rangers standing in the Command Center most likely gaining their powers, as we see Jason morph into the Red Ranger.


This was a pretty solid trailer, it got me excited for what’s to come in March. The cast and crew seems pretty cool, and are just as excited for the movie to come out as everyone else. Overall, this was a good trailer, and I am pretty excited for what’s to come. Now if only we could get a new trailer, since the movie’s coming very soon.

Next time, it’s our fourth anniversary! And we have quite the doozy this time…


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