Year of Star Trek: Top 10 Characters of Star Trek

The ship's only as good as her captain.
The ship’s only as good as her captain.

Originally scheduled for September

So, we’ve looked at favorite characters, favorite, movies, and favorite starships in the Star Trek Franchise, but now it’s time to give it up to the real reason Star Trek has held up for 50 years, it’s character.

10. Vic Fontaine (DS9) – He may not be a captain, engineer, or even a doctor, but this hologram knew how to help the crew and patrons of DS9. Vic’s a hologram of a lounge singer, that usually talks the crew whenever they have problems or just need a breather from battling the Dominion. He even had one of the most pivotal role in “It’s Only a Paper Moon”, which I already talked about in the top 10 DS9 episodes. He may not be Doc, but he’s still a neat person.

9. Maximilian Forrest (Enterprise) – The only entry from the Mirror Universe, Forrest is captain of the Imperial NX-01, rather than Archer (who’s his Starscream-like first officer), but unlike other people in the Mirror Universe, he actually shows that he does are about his crew, especially when the NX-01 was destroyed and ordered everyone aboard to evacuate. Showing that he does share some admirable qualities from his Prime Universe counterpart.

8. Nog (DS9) – Starting out as a trouble-making Ferengi, to a seasoned war veteran. When I first watched DS9 as a kid, I never really cared for the character, but now as an adult, I’d like to think he had some of the best stories for a supporting character (two of which I mentioned in the Top 10 DS9 Episodes). He may have started out annoying, but he became a very relateable character

7. Borg Queen (First Contact, Voyager) – She’s the brains behind the Borg Collective. She commands the legions of drones under her rule, guiding them on their mission of assimilation and galactic conquest. The Queen’s first appearance in the Trek franchise comes in First Contact as the Borg attempt to assimilate humanity by manipulating time. She captures Data in an attempt to obtain the encryption codes to the Enterprise and make him more human, though he ultimately betrays her. Borg Queen’s grand entrance, as she descends from the rafters of her lair and fuses her head, shoulders, and spinal column with the rest of her body, is one of the most stunning scenes in all of Star Trek. And the character’s design, as well as Alice Krige’s chilling portrayal makes her one of the prominent female villains in all of science fiction. She later appeared in Voyager, again played by Alice Krige, though at one point she was played by Susanna Thompson (better known as Moira Queen from Arrow)

6. Christopher Pike (Kelvin Timeline) – Before the 2009 movie, we didn’t really know that much about him other than his only televised adventure as captain of the Enterprise and his later appearance in “The Menagerie”. Here he’s exactly as I imagined he would be, an experienced Starfleet officer willing to give young officers what they need to get them where they needed to be, weather it’s a kick in the butt or a “Dare to be Badass” speech to coax a certain captain into enlisting in Starfleet. We sadly don’t get to see Pike suffer the same fate as his prime counterpart, but he does end up loosing his life at the hands of Khan. He stands apart from his Prime counterpart, as he and Kirk had a father/son relationship since he didn’t even get to meet his father.

5. Tolian Soran (Generations) – The first Star Trek movie villain I ever saw. At first I didn’t think much of him, but then I saw do the one thing I never thought was possible: he killed James T. Kirk, not to mention he’s played by Malcolm McDowell. I like everyone whose seen this movie, was in disbelieve when I saw that. I would’ve loved it if the writers kept the character alive, had him fight the other crews of the franchise, that would’ve been pretty cool to see him face of against Sisko or Janeway.

4. Q (TNG, DS9, Voy) – Q is essentially a child with the power of a God, the mixture being more of the former and less of the latter, hence the annoying factor. The worst thing he may have done was put the Enterprise in the Borg’s path, earlier than the two species were supposed to meet, if at all. Actually, that is the worst thing he ever did. But without his push, we never would have had “The Best of Both Worlds”, or First Contact so it’s kind of a win-win. But in between granting Riker Q powers and transporting the Enterprise crew to play Robin Hood, something happened to Q. He still put the Enterprise-D’s crew up to a test to make sure humanity was worth saving, as played out in the TNG finale “All Good Things…”, but it wasn’t so much for him to wipe them out but rather to kinda sorta help them to save themselves. A redemptive act like that makes up for all the headaches he caused. Well, most of them. He also provided one of the best moments in TNG.

3. William T. Riker (TNG, Voy, Generations-Nemesis) – He’s a badass. Though initially portrayed as a go-getting, by-the-book officer, Riker began to show a bit of a bold streak early on in the series. And by “bold streak,” we mean to say that he is quite possibly the most arrogant character in the history of the Star Trek universe. But that’s why we love him. His over confidence and willingness to occasionally disregard the chain of command are what makes Riker so endearing. Ladies’ man, kick-ass first officer, and a can play a mean trombone, Riker is one hell of an endearing character.

2. Data (TNG-Nemesis) – “The Next Generation’s” Spock equivalent, the Federation’s first android citizen and officer, Data could have been one-note; he almost was. The best thing to happen to Data, aside from a few kick-ass, fanboy moments in First Contact, was befriending Geordi La Forge. The two characters found their relationship at the heart of some of Trek’s better episodes, with the exception of that whole emotion chip fiasco in Generations. (Damn you, Data, and your ridiculous Mr. Tricorder puppet!) Being front and center for many debates surrounding the notion of what it means to be human, Data managed to become a father by literally building a lifeform, only to lose her and gain the knowledge that death is nothing without life. He also evolved to be more than the sum of his programming, and into one of Trek’s legendary mainstays.

1. The Doctor (Voyager) – So if my Top 10 Voyager episodes didn’t give it away, I love this character. He had some of the best moments on Voyager, from trying to adjust to his new position as a one-man medical staff, to trying to help Seven regain her humanity and learning more about his own existence. I would’ve loved to have seen a canon explanation for what happened to him after Voyager came back to Earth, but I guess all we can do is imagine. Or play Star Trek Online.

Honorable Mentions

Pavel Chekov (Kelvin Timeline)

Charles Tucker III (ENT)

Janice Rand (TOS-VI)

Seven of Nine (Voyager)

Zefram Cochrane (TOS, First Contact)

Jean-Luc Picard (TNG-Nemesis)

Miles O’Brien (TNG-DS9)

Next, we’ll look at October’s entry of the Year of Star Trek (though legally it isn’t Star Trek anymore).


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