Year of Star Trek: Starship Farragut

Damn the torpedoes, Warp speed ahead (L-R: Tacket, Carter, Smithfield)
Damn the torpedoes, Warp speed ahead! (L-R: Tacket, Carter, Smithfield)

In 2007, a Star Trek fan from Georgia, named John Broughton came up with an idea to fill the void of Star Trek, since Enterprise’s premature and polarizing ending in 2005. And with the no new official Star Trek releases for two years, Broughton along with his friends Michael and Holly Bednar, Paul Siebert, and other friends and family members, he created the series Starship Farragut.


The series begins with “The Captaincy” During the 22 century John Carter, takes command of the USS Farragut from its previous captain, and on his first assignment, he, and his friends, Science/Executive Officer Robert Tacket, chief engineer Michelle Smithfield, and by-the-books security officer Henry Prescott, head to the planet Diotama III to investigate the disappearance of a Federation Commodore, and a possible secret Klingon weapons facility.

In “For Want of a Nail” The Starship Farragut has been dispatched on a diplomatic mission to Solon Prime to make first contact with a race of ancient scholars. Unfortunately for Carter, Prescott, medical officer Doc Holley, and some Redshirts are whisked back in time to the American Revolution.

In “The Price of Anything”, Captain Carter is reunitned with his estranged father for an important mission to secretly transport a plant that holds the vaccine for a disease that hit hard in the Federation. While enroute to Cerronos IV, their shuttle craft collides with a Romulan scout vessel and crash lands on a deserted planet. While Captain Carter and his father are working to survive on the planet, the Farragut gets attacked by another Romulan vessel.

In “Conspiracy of Innocence”, While on a mission to a strange new world, Captain Carter and crew face the ultimate challenge as a close friend gives their life to save the others. Trapped in a world below the surface of a dying planet, the inhabitants share a secret which could change the galaxy forever. While Captain Carter and the crew grieve, a threat emerges which could mean the end of the Farragut.

And finally the most recent installment, “The Crossing”, the Mirror Universe enters the Prime Universe, as the Mirror counterpart of Carter’s former Commanding officer, ask for help in returning to the Mirror Universe. Meanwhile, the crew gets ready to say goodbye to one of their own.

There is one more episode planned called “Homecoming” which is meant to serve as the series finale for Starship Farragut, but after the recent announcement of new rules and restrictions regarding Star Trek-based fan films (more on those shortly), they have yet to make an official announcement on when “Homecoming” will officially premier.

In between the release of the full-length episodes, three vignettes (or Crew Logs) were made. The first called “Just Passing Through”, was just telling the story of how Tacket and Smithfield met, and also implied that they had something of a romantic history together. “A Rock and a Hard Place” had Carter working with an old flame from his academy days on a simple survey mission, but of course in the Star Trek Universe (all three of them), nothing is simple. The third short is called Night Shift I haven’t seen yet.

Since it took place in the TOS-era, the show did make a few references to Kirk and the Enterprise, with a few cameos thown in during the series. In the first episode, James Crawley, Jeffrey Quinn, and John Kelly from “Star Trek New Voyages” made cameo appearances as Kirk, Spock, and McCoy respectively. James Doohan’s son, Chris guest stared in one of the animated shorts as who else? Scotty, and in “The Price of Anything”, Kirk made another appearance, this time played by Vic Mignogna. Weather this was meant to serve as a tie-in to “Star Trek Continues” (which is also made Farragut Films) is unclear. Also, Todd Haberkorn appeared in this episode, he would later appear in Star Trek Continues as Spock.

Aside from the episodes, animated shorts, and vignettes, a spin-off is also being developed, called Trek Isolation. Isolation will follow the crew of the USS Babylon, one of their vignettes featured a cameo from the king of cameos Stan Lee. There’s also plans for a sequel series taking during the Wrath of Khan-Undiscovered Country period, called “Farragut Forward”, but due to the new rules and restrictions issued by Paramount and CBS, it’s currently unclear when the finale or Farragut Forward will begin. I’ll get into more detail about the rules and restrictions when in the Renegades review.


Up to the Mega Man movie was released, I never thought much about fan films, but now I actually like these things and would do what I can to try and support whatever new fan film project interests me. I hope Broughton and everyone at Farragut Films keep the show going, despite the restrictions from Paramount.

To see more from Starship Farragut check out their

official website:

Facebook Page:

And Trek/Dark Isolation’s Facebook page:

And Farragut’s YouTube Channel:

Next month, we conclude the Year of Star Trek with the very first episode of Star Trek, and maybe the other posts next month.


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