Marvel Month 4.0 Intro

Hey everyone! It’s that special time of year again, as look at Marvel’s merry heroes. So, let’s address the elephants in the room, I apologize for not having September’s Star Trek post up in time, or the Ranger Spotlight done, but again school’s getting a little more hectic (it’s both a blessing and a curse). I’m oping to have those out in November, the same goes for the post that would’ve been posted this month, funny story, whilst coming up with the Year of Star Trek, I never completely forgot about MM, a stupid mistake on my part, but before I started MM, I decided to post Oct’s list alongside Nov’s.

But enough about that, this year’s Marvel Month is gonna be great because we finally get to look at Marvel’s early foray in theatrical features. And we get to start, with the worst Marvel has to offer, you know the one.

So, come back soon!



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