Year of Star Trek: Top 10 Ships In Star Trek

The Greatest Crossover Never Told.
The Greatest Crossover Never Told.

Sorry for the delay everyone, I just started school this week, and I’m expecting a very important email.

Star Trek has such an interesting concept, as Gene Roddenberry called the show, “A Wagon Train to the stars”, and the starships of this series serves as our a trains to these uncharted territories, like the exploratory of the Voyager, the millitaristic minimalism of the Defiant, to the various concepts given to us by every incarnation of the Enterprise. And today were going to look at the 10 best ships Starfleet has to offer.

10. USS Enterprise-E (First Contact-Nemesis) – The latest and most advanced ship in the fleet, The Enterprise-E has faced off with the Borg, assisted in potential peace with the Romulans, and there was that one instance where they helped a planet of confused Amish-like aliens, but we prefer not to talk about that.

9. NX-01 (Enterprise)- Say what you will about Enterprise, but you’ve got to admit the NX-01 is pretty cool, and exactly what you would expect for a precursor of the Constitution class. While it’s depicted as the most advanced ship in Starfleet, but it has kind of a used look to it. As mentioned in the Best and Worst Enterprise Episodes, had the series gone on longer, it would’ve been given a better, more traditional looking refit, but all we can do is wonder what if.

8. USS Enterprise-C (TNG) – Briefly seen in TNG as the Enterprise-C this ship served as the bridge between the Excelsior and Galaxy Class, and it shows. It carries elements from the both ship, it would’ve been great to have seen the Ambassador Class have much better action scenes than it did, but still it was great to see what came between Star Trek VI and TNG.

7. USS Enterprise-D (TNG, Generations) – Like anyone who got into Star Trek through the TV shows, this was the first ship you immediately think off when you think of Star Trek. The Enterprise-D has a very unique design to it, though there is a reason for it, it has the ability to separate its saucer section from its stardrive section, for more manuverability and combat. Sadly, much like the original Enterprise, witnessing the Enterprise-D getting destroyed (in a pretty spectacular effect sequence) was very sad to see, but we at least got a cool team-up to help us cope.

6. USS Excelsior (III, VI, Voyager) – Referred to as “The Great Experiment”, the Excelsior was meant to serve as a replacement for the Enterprise as the new Federation Flagship, but after some sabotaging from Scotty, that never came to pass. The ship is very asthetically pleasing and it’s no wonder the Enterprise-B would be an Excelsior Class ship.

5. Intrepid (Enterprise) – Yeah, how many of you have heard of this class vessel. First seen briefly in an episode of Enterprise, this ship looked very interesting, and must’ve been an earlier prototype warp ship, before the NX-01. Had the series continued we could’ve seen the Intrepid a few more times, and maybe even see it in the Earth-Romulan War. Once again all we can do is wonder what could’ve been.

4. USS Prometheus (Voyager) – Aside from creating the best and funniest character in the Star Trek franchise, with The Doctor, it also gave us one of the coolest designed ships, with the Prometheus. While we have seen ships do separation sequences, the Prometheus takes the concept to the extreme by having it separate into three starships for more effective combat.

3. USS Defiant (DS9) – She may be the smallest class of vessels in the fleet, but her class is more than capable of outgunning anything it comes across. Benjamin Sisko oversaw its construction, the ship was originally built to fend off against the Borg after the Battle of Wolf 359, but served in the frontlines of the Dominion War.

2.  USS Enterprise (TOS, TMP-III) – The classic that started it all. As much as I hate to say it, when I first saw the original TV series version I didn’t really think much of it, but then when I saw Star Trek The Motion Picture and saw the updated version of the Enterpprise it really impressed me. So you could imagine how disappointed I was to see it blow up in Star Trek III, but they got a new ship of the same class.

1. USS Enterprise-DX (All Good Things) – You never forget your first love. This was the ship that geared me toward liking the show, the “Galaxy Class X” ship is a heavily modified ship used in an alternate timeline by Admiral Riker to save Picard, Crusher, and the others from Crusher’s ship. I’d tell you more, but it’s bordering on spoiler territory, you’ll have to see the episode for yourself, seeing the Enterprise-DX in action is an added bonus to an outstanding episode.

Honorable Mentions

USS Bozeman (TNG)

USS Enterprise (Kelvin Timeline)

Runabout Shuttle (TNG/DS9)

USS Reliant (II)

USS Vengence (Into Darkness)

Enterprise-J (Enterprise)

Next time, Ranger Spotlight returns as I look back on Power Rangers Samurai, or at least just one episode, well two episodes, you’ll see.

In Memory of Barry Jenner (1941-2016)


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