Girl Meets World Season 2 Review

So, what have we learned?

When Boy Meets World started it’s second season, the writers knew that the characters needed to grow up, and just like its predecessor, Season 2 of Girl Meets World sees the kids at the cusp of growing up. Starting with Season 2, the show started to take bigger risks with its storylines, while examining more serious subject matter. At the same time. Some storylines worked, others not so much, but Season 2 nevertheless broke new ground.

However, the season still has its issues. While the season was starting to cut back on the cheesy Disney Channel moments, there were plenty of that, mostly from Auggie’s subplots, and the crossover episode with Best Friends Whenever come to mind. The big issue I had this season was the love triangle between Riley, Maya and Lucas, which, I really, really didn’t want the show to go this route. They even introduced red herring Charlie Gardner as a way to help Riley get over Lucas. The Texas Trilogy could have easily settled the issue then and there, but dragged it out into a “will they, won’t they” this. Thankfully (as mentioned in the last recap) this will be resolved soon in Season 3. Really, the ones I felt bad for was Farkle and Zay, who had to witness this whole thing unfold. Hell, so far in Season 3, they’re motivation is trying to end this, as they and the writers know this is getting old.

Oh, and as I expected, Disney Channel is still airing episodes out of order. I know they’re never gonna read this, but Disney Channel, continuity is your friend, it helps people easily follow the story of the show.

Unnecessary plots aside, there were plenty of storylines that didn’t make Season 2 outright unwatchable. Farkle, for instance, really came into his own this year with episodes like “I Am Farkle” and “Money,” which progressed his character in realistic and relatable ways. And when Riley, Maya and Lucas weren’t obsessing over who liked who, they too had standout storylines in “Yearbook,” “The Forgiveness Project” and “The Secret Of Life,” respectively.

Season 2 also featured some great Boy Meets World tie-ins, like “Mr. Squirrels Goes to Washington”, “Hurricane”, “Semi-Formal”, and “Pluto”. There were fewer of these callbacks than last year, but ultimately I think that was for the best, as this season was about developing the five main kids for both the good and the bad.

Overall, aside from doing the most cliched of storylines in screenwriting, it was an excellent season, and is really coming into its own.

Now, a while back, I mentioned weather or not I was going to keep going with the recaps, I’m afraid I’m stopping for the time being, things have been a bit hectic lately, aside from school, I’m also looking for a new job. So, for the time being I’ll just be watching the show, I hope you’ll all understand.

In the meantime, come next time when Dead Television returns, with a very obscure Nicktoon.


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