Girl Meets World Recaps: S2 E30: Girl Meets Legacy

Cory's last lesson before Rip Hunter whisks the four away.
Cory’s last lesson before Rip Hunter whisks the four away.


Riley and Maya sit at the window and ask each other if they how much they like Lucas. Shortly after, Lucas joins Riley and Maya to deliver a prepared speech about their love triangle with the help of index cards. In the end, what does Lucas want? For nothing bad to happen between them. I want to say good luck to him, but also these kids are insanely mature when it comes to their emotions, so who knows what is going to happen.

Later, Cory and Topanga explain to Riley that life will always get harder, and that the love triangle is only getting worse because no one is talking about their feelings anymore. Maya and Riley both think that Cory hasn’t taught them enough. “Dad, you’re more than a teacher, you’re like a father to me,” Riley explains, delivering my favorite line of the episode. Lucas arrives to make his final decision: he’s going to stop the love triangle in its tracks and they’re all just going to be friends. In essence, he chooses himself.

Back in Cory’s classroom, we see the immediately effects of Lucas’s choice. Maya is lying across two desks and moping, Lucas is facing the back of the classroom, and Riley has her face smashed against a window. “We value our friendship too much to look at one another,” Lucas explains. Cory makes them go back to their usual seats, then gives them their last assignment: they have to figure out what they’re giving back to their school.

Later, Riley says that she’s not ready to leave middle school yet. “We were kings, Matthews,” she says to Cory, echoing him and Shawn. They’re joined by Maya, Farkle and Lucas for one last lesson. Cory runs through a few key lessons from the show thus far: “People change people”, “your biggest allies are the people around you”, and “you can tell your friends anything”. Cory instructs them to live their lives and face whatever is coming next.

The kids have two surprises for their graduation day. The first is a friendship bench that features art pieces from all four of them. As for their class prank, they’re stealing Cory, by getting him a different job way. Thanks to a phone call to Mr. Turner and a petition signed by all the parrents, Cory gets a promotion to be the kids’ high school teacher.

After the party, Riley, Maya and Lucas sitting at the window and contemplating the state of their love triangle. Riley and Maya both still have feelings for him, but Lucas doesn’t want anyone to get hurt.

And the adventure continues….


The episode was OK, while the gang’s goodbye to middle school, the bench dedication and Cory’s promotion was well acted, but the episode’s actual plot about leaving a legacy, and moving on to the next phase of life was completely overshadowed by the triangle. Thankfully, according to the writers during the Q/A, this subplot will be end soon. Overall, aside from the love triangle taking over the episode, this was at best an average finale, and actually felt like a finale, unlike Season 1.

Next, we look at the season overall.


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