Year Of Star Trek: Top 10 Star Trek Movies

There Is No Comparison.
There Is No Comparison.

Well, the year is half-way over, and so far it’s pretty terrible, especially given more recent events. But the important thing to do, is try to keep our spirits up. Instead of looking at the TV shows, today we’ll be looking at the film series, seeing which 10 out of the 12 stand out the most, let’s take a look.

Oh, and spoilers!

10. Star Trek Nemesis – The Enterprise-E crew fight a mysterious Romulan (or Reman) praetor who just happens to be a clone of Picard. While not the best way to send off the cast of TNG, it did have some good moments here and there, like Riker and Troi’s wedding, Data singing at said wedding, Ron Pearlman, the Romulans’ Big Damn Hero moment during the climax. Personally I would’ve loved to have seen what the film would’ve been like if the original idea happened, with various characters from every series appeared, for now all we can do is dream.

9. Star Trek Into Darkness – The Enterprise crew of the Alternate Reality face off against Khan, and preventing an all out war with the Klingons. Like I said before, everyone pretty much has the same opinions about this movie, that it’s essentially a loose remake of Wrath of Khan. But it was still very good, Bennedict Cumberbatch was great as Khan, the action scenes were great, and while not as good as the original scene, the Kirk and Spock death scene was very well executed.

8. Star Trek III The Search For Spock – Continuing from Wrath of Khan, Kirk and the remaining crew hijack the Enterprise to (as the title suggests) find Spock on the Genesis Planet. While not as bad as the other odd numbered movies, it’s problem lies at the end of Wrath of Khan, while well handled, not everyone was happy to see Spock die. Spock was the most popular character in the franchise, so they had to fix this, thankfully there was that minor plot point during the climax of Khan, that they were able to make things right, which when you think about it kind of made Spock’s death kinda pointless. Not to mention the title pretty much spoils the ending.

7. Star Trek (The Future Begins) – The little reboot that could, tells the untold story of how the original crew of the Enterprise came together to stop a Romulan from the Prime Universe from destroying Earth. Everyone was worried this was going to suck, and most people immediately hated the movie just because the original cast was being replaced, but after seeing the new cast in action, and newly regained reassurance in the form of Leonard Nimoy reprising his role as Spock, the fans quickly grew to love this movie. This was also the first Star Trek movie I saw in theaters, and as I mentioned before, it introduced me to Michael Giacchino.

6. Star Trek Generations – Captains Kirk and Picard must work together to stop a scientist from taking control of the Nexus ribbon. I liked this movie, I though it was very enjoyable, despite some problems here and there. Shatner and Stewart really work well off each other, and Malcolm McDowell was an awesome villain, and despite what everyone says, I never really found Kirk’s death that upsetting. This was a good Star Trek movie and a great crossover.

5. Star Trek IV The Voyage Home – The crew of the destroyed Enterprise travel to 1986 to save the extinct Humpback Whale and the future. This was a very enjoyable movie, while the message about saving the whales was a bit on the nose, it was still great to see the cast walking around in the 80’s, and it was especially funny seeing Chekov asking for “Nuclear Wessels”.

4. Star Trek II The Wrath Of Khan – Considered to be the best film in the series, at least with the Original Series cast anyway, sees the crew battle Khan for control of the Genesis Project. When I was younger I never really cared for this movie, but now I’ve look at it as one of the best films along with everyone else, everything about this movie was perfect, the dialogue, the drama, the action, and pretty much everything else. Oh, and of course…

3. Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country – In order to insure peace between the Federation and The Klingon Empire, Kirk and the Enterprise-A crew, must uncover a mystery to figure out who’s trying to prevent peace between the two worlds. I did a review of Star Trek VI last year, and explained why I liked it in great detail, so just click here to check it out, I’d pretty much be repeating myself here.

2. Star Trek The Motion Picture – Four years after the historic five year mission, Kirk (now an Admiral) takes command of the newly refitted Enterprise (much to the chagrin of its new captain) to stop a mysterious cloud from attacking Earth. This was the very first movie in the film series I ever saw, while very slow at times, and trying to hard to be like 2001 A Space Odyssey, it was still pretty enjoyable.

1. Star Trek First Contact – After nearly a year of exploration, the crew of the Enterprise-E, must stop the Borg from traveling to the past to stop Earth’s first warp flight and subsequent first contact with the Vulcans. Everyone was worried what the next film in the series would be like, or if there another TNG movie, and this saved the film series, it has great action, great comedy, the best title drop you’ll ever hear anywhere, and cemented Jonathan Frakes as one of my favorite directors.

No Honorable Mentions here, mainly cause the only two movies let are the worst in the series, though I will say I do watch Star Trek V The Final Frontier, mainly because of how laughably bad it is.

Alright, next time the end of GMW Season 2.

In Memory Of Anton Yelchin (1989-2016)


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