Girl Meets World Recaps: S2 E29: Girl Meets The Bay Window

This post is dedicated to the people who lost their lives in the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, FL.


At the bay window, Riley asks Maya’s permission to tear down the bay window. Maya is upset and can’t imagine life without her sanctuary. “‘Change fills my pockets with pennies of uncertainty,’” Maya quotes, using Riley’s own words to reason with her. Riley won’t be swayed; she wants to get ahead of the life changes they’ll face in high school by changing her room.

Farkle joins them for this first walk down flashback, where they recount how he saved Riley’s life. Young Riley nearly drowns bobbing for apples, as she thinks she has to stay underwater until she gets one. Young Maya wants her to lift her head on her own, but Young Farkle (who used to wear glasses, like Stuart) pulls her up. He pledges to love them both the same.

Lucas shows up to express his feelings. “I know this place has a lot of meaning to you both, and you both are special to me…in ways you’ll eventually tell me,” he explains. He laments not growing up with them, so Riley and Maya use a musical number to change the past. Present-day Lucas ends up surrounded by the young version of Riley and Maya, since that is the only way they’ve known him.

Later, The Matthews aren’t thrilled about Riley tearing apart her room, but they eventually agree with her decision. “When you get too comfortable, there’s no room to grow,” they explain. Another flashback shows Young Riley upset that the arrival of her brother, Auggie will change her family’s dynamic. Maya insists that it will be okay because they all love each other, leading her to explain that her father has left. This was the moment where Maya determined that change is bad. Maya (who’s crying at this point), getting even more upset that high school will change everything. The boys insist that they will always be there, while Riley says that she is Maya’s safe place, not the bay window.

In a another flashback, Young Riley is singing at the bay window when Young Maya hops in for the first time. She wants to get away from her parents’ yelling, while Young Riley just wants someone to sit with her. They instantly declare themselves best friends.

Riley and Maya meet Young Riley and Maya. “We wanted to visit you and spend times with you before things change,” they explain, both fighting tears. The four of them meet young adult versions of themselves. YA Maya is moving to SoHo, which freaks YA Riley out. They agree to take their memories with them. The episode ends with Riley and Maya putting the finishing touches on the updated bay window and reaffirming that they’ll always be together.


This was a bit of a mixed bag, while it was very touching and it was nice to see how the girls met (and how they met Farkle), the flashbacks would felt a little slow at times, and the story seemed a little exaggerated. However, the girls were outstanding, as were their younger and older counterparts. And the glimpse of the future was very well shot. Overall, while it wasn’t the best episode, it still had its moments.

Next time, we finally finish Season 2, but first we revisit some heroes in a half-shell.

Support the survivors and victims of the Orlando shooting by donating here.


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