Girl Meets World Recaps: S2 E28: Girl Meets Commonism

LOOK OUT! It's the one-armed man!
LOOK OUT! It’s the one-armed man!


Some time before Yearbook (thanks Disney Channel!), Cory is explaining communism to the class. Riley loves the idea of everyone sharing, ignoring Cory when he says that it means no one is more or less successful than anyone else. Riley and Maya declare themselves communists.

After the intro, Auggie is bored, so Topanga suggests piano lessons. Auggie isn’t into the idea of working hard, but Topanga says he’s going to have to work to discover himself.

While Topanga is relieved that Riley is a communist and not a mime, but she’s not too thrilled about the fact that Riley thinks John Lennon is the president of communism. Riley realizes that she’s going to need a pretty powerful lawyer to help with the Maya/Farkle situation, Topanga might just be that lawyer.

The next day, the JQA Honor Board, assembe in the classroom, Riley calls Topanga in to the hearing. She has Riley, Maya and Farkle act out the cheating incident, revealing that Riley was an accomplice as well. Riley is uncomfortable when she realizes that Maya is adopting Farkle’s mannerisms, giving her the first hint that communism might not be right for her.

Auggie shows up to school with a suit and his new lawyer swagger. He offers representation to Frankie, who is about to be in trouble for pushing Dominic off a swing. Auggie accidentally rats him out to their teacher. Ava and her friend dress Auggie like Topanga to hide him from Frankie.

The next day, The rest of the kids have built a wall around Riley, Maya and Farkle to contain the communism. Cory gives out some test scores, Lucas and Zay got 100 percent, as did the communists, but he divided them by three so each get a C. Maya defects from communism first, she wants to do well because she does well. Riley puts her hand over her heart and stares at the flag. Cory says he’s proud of her.

Back  at the apartment, while Cory and Topanga talk about the kids, Auggie returns to the apartment (still in drag), saying that he’ll give piano lessons a try. Cory and Topanga agree to deal with it tomorrow.


This episode was fine, but it felt more like a Season 1 episode. I like that the episode dealt with democracy and communism and did an  good job teaching the lesson. The Auggie B-plot was… the usual not very good, but I will admit I did laugh when he dressed as Topanga (following in his father and uncle Eric’s footsteps). Overall, despite being okay, it was a decent episode, and Danielle Fishel did a great job directing, let’s hop she get’s to do it again.

Next time we learn how Riley and Maya became friends.

On a more serious note let’s keep the family and friends of Christina Grimmie in our thoughts, and if you can donate to the Grimmie family’s Go Fund Me page please click here to do so.

In memory of Christina Grimmie (1994-2016)


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