Year of Star Trek: Top 5 Best and Worst Star Trek Enterprise Episodes

A subpar prequel that everyone chooses to forget.
A subpar prequel that everyone chooses to forget.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to finally talk about the black sheep of the Star Trek franchise… OK, the second black sheep in the franchise, Star Trek Enterprise, or just Enterprise as it was originally called. In this post we’re gonna try something different, instead of looking at 10 good episodes or 10 bad episodes were gonna look at 5 good episodes and 5 bad episodes.

Best Episodes

5. Daedalus (Season 4) – Archer reunites with Emory Erickson (inventor of the transporter and a friend of his father) and his daughter to run an experiment involving sub-space teleportation, but the experiment has some unforseen side-effects for the ship, while it wasn’t the best episode, it was still pretty good, and that mostly comes from the great acting from Scott Bakula, Leslie Silva, and Bill Cobbs.

4.  Shockwave Pt. I (Season 1) – The maiden voyage of the Enterprise is in danger of cancellation (Hey! Unintentional foreshadowing!), following the destruction of a mining colony that takes the lives of over 3,600 lives. This episode episode shows a potential future where the future United Federation of Planets never existed. The episode This was a pretty good first half, but it’s second half just falls flat.

3. First Flight (Season 2) – Archer finds out that an old friend from the NX Project passed away. So, while studying a dark matter cloud with T’Pol, Archer tells her about their days working to break the warp 2.5 barrier (and also how he met Trip Tucker). This was a excellent character piece for Archer, and used real science involving the dark matter subplot. Unfortunately, the episode was a victim of circumstance, as the episode was airing at the same time as the finale of Dawson’s Creek, so the ratings we’re a bit askew. Despite that, it’s a pretty decent show.

2. United (Season 4) – Archer tries to form an alliance with the Andorians and Tellerites, in hopes of working together to save Trip and Malcolm Reed. This was great because we finally get to see how the true origin of how the Federation begins to find its footing and become the governing body of the Alpha Quadrant we all know and love. It also features a great homage to Amok Time, with Archer and Shran fighting to the death.

1. In A Mirror, Darkly (Season 4) – In the Mirror Universe, Archer (Who’s first officer instead of a captain) is investigating a mysterious vessel hidden within Tholian space. The vessel in question is actually the Defiant, from the future Prime Universe. This was awesome, seeing a Constitution class starship with modern effects fight a bunch of starships was great. Though the scene with Mirror Archer and the “Gorn” was awful, that was really the only awful part of the episode, that and the clifhanger. The cliffhanger was resolved in some expanded universe novels, But it would’ve been great to see if the show was renewed for another season.

Worst Episodes

5. Carpenter Street (Season 3) – Archer and T’Pol travel to the year 2004 to stop the Xindi fro releasing a biological agent on Earth. This was boring, like really boring, how do you make time travel boring? To be fair the entire Xindi storyline was hit and miss, but this wasn’t helping matters, esspecially when the show was on edge of cancellation long before its last renewal. So, if you marathon all the Star Trek time travel episodes avoid this one.

4. Acquisition (Season 1) – A group of Ferengi’s board the Enterprise the one gripe I have with the episode is pretty much the same as everyone’s gripe it messes with the cannon of the series, Starfleet was not supposed to know about the Ferengi until the 24th Century, did the Federation Starfleet just keep it under wraps for centuries or something. I also hate how the episode ends, with Archer telling the Ferengi not to see come near a federation vessel again, and indeed we never see them again on the show. Also, I might be wrong, but was there a contest being held by UPN for fans to pick an alien race for the Enterprise to come in contact with, which is why the Ferengi appeared? I think there was, but I’m not sure.

3. Bound (Season 4) – A trio of Orion slave girls board the Enterprise, but their hypnotic power over men (save for Trip) is putting the ship in danger. While it was cool to see the Orions again after 19 years, but it felt a little too stupid, not to mention I highly doubt Starfleet would condone the use of slaves, a fact T’Pol even points out. Plus, keep in mind this episode takes place in December, so I guess this could also count as terrible Christmas episode too.

2. Affliction and Divergence (Season 4) – The Enterprise returns to Earth see the launch of its sister ship the Columbia, and see Trip off as he joins the crew as chief engineer. While this is happening, the Klingons kidnap Dr. Phlox and force him to help them with a virus that killing them. This leads to the answer to the questinon we’ve been waiting for for years, about the Klingon ridges. I mentioned this before, the virus which was caused by trying genetic super soldiers, causing Klingons to have more human appearances. While not a horrible explanation, it just wasn’t a very good explanation. Also keep a lookout for a cameo by Seth MacFarlane (yes, THAT Seth MacFarlane).

1. These Are The Voyages (Season 4) – Where to begin… Well, let’s see, first I hate how the writers had to tie the episode in with The Pegasus, it really wasn’t necessary, and ruined the episode’s chance of standing on it’s own, plus it was a godawful idea having Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sertis especially when making it take place in the middle of an episode from 11 years ago. Second, if it’s the future we could’ve seen that awesome NX-Class refit, Doug Drexler designed for Season Five, this was without a doubt the worst thing to come out of Star Trek since Threshold, and the worst way to end the last Star Trek series. So much for being a “love letter to the fans”.

Honorable Mentions

Regeneration (Season 2)

Horizon (Season 2)

Broken Bow (Season 1)

Terra Prime (Season 4)

Dishonorable Mentions

The Communicator (Season 2)

The Augments (Season 4)

Dear Doctor (Season 1)

Shockwave Pt. 2 (Season 2)

So next time, back to finishing Girl Meets World.


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