Girl Meets World Recaps: S2 E23: Girl Meets The Forgiveness Project

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Cory chooses to teach the kids about forgiveness so they can all change their history for the better. He asks them to write a letter to someone they want to forgive. Riley decides to try to forgive Auggie for biting the face off her stuffed bear, but Maya doesn’t write anything. Lucas and Riley suggests this might be a good time to forgive her father softly, implying they have had offscreen conversations involving this matter, but she does not respond. Riley also points out that Maya and her mother are in a good place and maybe it is time to forgive her father. Maya then tells Riley to butt out.

At home, Riley tells Auggie that she forgives him for biting the face off her bear. Auggie doesn’t really care, which makes Riley upset. She feels that Auggie is supposed to be thankful for her forgiveness, but Auggie just states that he’s not sorry he bit the face off her bear to begin with.

Topanga decides to help Katy out at Topanga’s as a waitress. Katy doesn’t think the job is a good fit for Topanga, but Topanga insists on trying. After she handles one customer badly, she points out another one she will try to serve just as he’s walking through the door. Katy pauses and says that she will handle that particular costumer. When she goes up to that customer, she pushes a piece of cake in his face and starts throwing baked goods at him. Topanga asks Katy who the man is, and Maya walks up to him and says “hi dad”.

It turns out Maya has written to her dad, Kermit, as part of the forgiveness project. She asks him why she and Katy weren’t good enough for him. Katy wants the answer to that question too. Kermit only says that that’s not the reason he left. Maya reminisces about being scared as a kid, and how it was Katy who was there to make her feel better, not Kermit. She soon realizes she’s not ready to forgive her father for leaving them, and she walks out.

In class, Cory asks how the forgiveness project is going, and everyone complains that it’s not going well. Cory asks Maya why she didn’t get the explanation she was looking for from her dad, and Maya says she didn’t actually give him a chance to explain. He then asks Riley why Auggie bit the face off her bear, and she says she doesn’t know. Cory tells the class that if you’re going to forgive someone, it helps to understand why they did what they did in the first place.

Back at Topanga’s Kermit shows up again. He takes Maya outside and explains to her that his leaving had nothing to do with her. He was not a good father, not a good provider, and he just wasn’t ready for the responsibility of a child back then. He tells her that he has changed now. Maya tells him that even though she appreciates him telling her that it wasn’t her fault, she still doesn’t feel like she can forgive him. He was supposed to stay, but instead he left, and she can’t forgive him for that. As she gets up to leave, she realizes that she isn’t angry anymore, and she tells Kermit goodbye.

Maya walks back into Topanga’s crying, and tells Cory that she failed the project, because she didn’t forgive Kermit. Cory tells her that he never expected her to. Maya asks him what exactly he wanted to come out of this, and Cory asks Maya if she has now forgiven herself. Maya hugs Cory, still crying.

Later at the apartment, Riley hands Cory a note saying she forgives him for everything. Topanga hands Cory another three forgiveness notes. The joke’s on him.


I’d mention the boast about GMW being the best show on the Disney Channel, but I did that already in Rileytown. First, Sabrina Carpenter gave an outstanding performance in the episode, as did Cheryl Texiera, and David Thomas Jenkins as Kermit. The scenes with those two were exceptional and very well filmed. Another thing I liked about this is how we learn that he left for no reason whatsoever, usually shows give some kind of explanation, like “he/she wasn’t ready”, or “he/she fell in love with someone else”, but here he just left, that was a really nice change of pace. However, the other storylines with Riley and the boys wasn’t that memorable Overall, this was an outstanding episode, and an excellent story for both Maya and Katy. In fact, the episode was so good, that I actually didn’t write a caption in the header, that’s how great this was, check it out.

Next, the show tackles religion. Oh, and we go back in time. Thanks Disney Channel!


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