Girl Meets World Recaps: S2 E20-22: Girl Meets Texas

They missed out on a great joke, having Cory come with them and hambone onstage with Maddie and Tae.
They missed out on a great joke, the kids standing behind a fence drinking soda and saying “Yep”.

NOTE: For the sake of time, I thought I’d just recap all three episodes in one post.


Part 1

Riley and Maya learn that Lucas failed a sheep-riding contest years ago and mistakenly enter him in a bull-riding contest in Texas. When it is revealed how dangerous the event is, Riley tries to convince Lucas to go through with it. However, Maya is completely opposed to the idea and begs him not to participate. This results in Riley realizing Maya’s true feelings for Lucas.

Part 2

The gang spends their first night out in Texas. Zay reunites with his old flame, Vanessa, thanks to Riley and Maya. Meanwhile, Riley begins to understand that Maya had stepped back for the sake of their friendship, and Riley tells Lucas about Maya’s feelings. Lucas pressures Maya to say whether she likes him or not, but she denies it. As Maya is saying she doesn’t like him and “hurhurring” him, Lucas surprises her and tries to kiss her, but backs down.

Part 3

Riley has convinced herself that she and Lucas are like brother and sister, in order to give Maya a chance to understand how she really feels about him. Now, Maya and Lucas cannot communicate, mirroring Riley and Lucas’ awkwardness earlier. Whilst Maya and Lucas are finding it difficult to take a step forward in their ‘relationship’ until Maya resumes her teasing behavior, which makes Lucas happy. Riley is pursued by Charlie Gardner and she agrees to date him. In the end, Farkle helps Riley realize she still likes Lucas, and they share a long conversation at Topanga’s which results in a hug and them exchanging I love you’s.

After their respective dates, Riley and Maya ask each other how it went, both answering “I Don’t Know”. Riley wonders if they know anything, Maya doesn’t answer the question, opting to do “ring power” instead, then revealing that she’s a little scared, and Riley stating the same thing, ending the episode.


I really didn’t want the show to go the love-triangle route, but, these were an outstanding set of episodes. Everyone did a great job showing how confusing and uncomfortable the situations were, it becomes more confusing and uncomfortable, as the season presses on. Seeing Auggie help with the lesson story arc was great, and the ending was very well filmed with the girls. Overall, while I’m not crazy about the love triangle, it was still a good string of episodes.

So, throughout this season, we’ve seen how skillful Peyton, Rowan, and Cory have gotten with their acting, next time, it’s Sabrina’s turn.


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