Girl Meets World Recaps S2 E18: Girl Meets World of Terror 2 (and Cyd and Shelby’s Haunted Escape)

And I thought DreamMix TV World Fighters was a massive crossover.
And I thought DreamMix TV World Fighters was a massive crossover.

So, before we begin, I need to explain this episode. As much as I didn’t want this to happen, Girl Meets World partook in a massive crossover with other Disney Channel shows as part of the Halloween event, “Spooktacular” officially tying it in with the Disney Channel Live-Action Universe, and linking it with TGIF. Basically, there’s a massive Halloween party in New York,  and at a few characters from Disney Channel’s original shows visit New York to attend the event. And at least two characters meet each other, interact, and that’s it. Oh, and there’s this interactive thing where viewers need to keep an eye out for a person in a monster mask, if they go to the Disney Channel’s website and post where they saw the masked character at they would win something. So, anyway I’m just gonna look at two of these episodes in particular, Girl Meets World and Best Friends Whenever. Because if I looked at all the crossover episodes, we’d be here all day. Now on with the recap.

PLOT (Girl Meets World)

The episode begins with Auggie (dressed as Scarecrow) welcoming the viewer to Scary Time Theater, though Dewey/Doy (dressed as Cowardly Lion) isn’t crazy about the title, and Ava (dressed as Glinda, at first but came back as the Wicked Witch), prepare for trick or treating as it’s Halloween night.

Meanwhile at the window Maya and Riley are dressed as flappers for Halloween, as the voice in Riley’s head told her to do it. The flapper ghost appears, too cute for either of them to consider her scary until she removes her own head. Flapper Ghost, who used to live there, has been watching them since they were little and really likes them. Just for fun, she forces them to do the Charleston and perform “Hot Feet.”

Later at, Central Park Spooktacular, Maya and Riley claim they don’t need adult supervision and request that the people dressed as bacon and a tomato, who just happen to be Austin Moon and Ally Dawson (stars of the eponymous show that’s now over) back them up. After the parents take their leave, Flapper Ghost appears and asks to be taken home. They’re at her friend Tessie’s house, which Tessie has occupied alone since it was abandoned. When Austin and Ally doubt her otherworldly being-ness, she puts Ally in a flapper dress and Austin into a dapper tux, forcing them into another round of “Hot Feet.” while going inside the house. Somewhere during their quest for Tessie, the group break up, and Riley runs into Lucas, who dressed up as a copyright-friendly Seventh Doctor.

PLOT (Best Friends Whenever)

Shelby and Cyd arrive at Spooktacular and enter the haunted house. The lights go out and Shelby hugs Riley because she thought Cyd was going to fear-punch her. Cyd actually fear-punches Lucas and after that, they introduce themselves to one another. The scary man, tells them they need to find all five keys to get out of this house or they will be trapped in the haunted house. Everyone starts searching for the keys. They finally find the first key which is in a clock.

Next, another clue pops up and it’s the bear. The bear chases everyone and Cyd and Shelby escape the haunted house with the new power. Cyd and Shelby then wonder what happened so they go back and try to communicate with Riley & Lucas. None of them seem to hear as they are ghosts so they do signals by forcing Riley and Lucas to know. They think it’s all apart of the haunted house and Cyd and Shelby need to step up their game before they find all the keys.

Then, Shelby and Cyd must find a way to communicate with Lucas and Riley. So, they possess them and Riley (possessed by Cyd) is trying to tell Lucas but Lucas doesn’t care. Shelby then possesses Lucas and then Shelby tries to open a pickle jar. The two then hug and un-possess out of Riley & Lucas’ body. Then, Riley and Lucas feel weird and then they still think it’s apart of the Haunted House. Then, the man says they will stay here but he lets them go.

Shelby and Cyd time travel to the time where Barry said he is going to win a Nobel prize and they wreck the teleportation machine. Shelby and Cyd then tell them they are from the future and that a lot of things happened.

PLOT (Girl Meets World, cont.)

Riley meets back up with Maya, Austin, and Ally and all four of them comes running out of the house, so Maya assesses that Tessie must have changed in the past few decades.

Later at the apartment Matthews Ava makes Auggie and Dewey dump out their candy and collects it as her own. Riley and Maya return, horrified that Cory and Topanga left them alone. When Dewey asks Trick or Treat and Riley doesn’t have a treat for them, he levels them with a trick.

Later in at the window Maya and Riley are turned into claymation figures and learn what it’s like to be in one another’s minds. Of course, this isn’t Dewey’s trick–it’s Flapper Ghost’s. She turns them back, then explains that she promised herself she wouldn’t abandon the window seat until she found someone who appreciated it. Now that she’s satisfied that Riley and Maya are the window’s magic, she’s going to leave and keep her friend Tessie company.

Living Room with the kids all sleeping, Cory and Topanga steal their candy. Topanga takes all the candy, while she has Cory put the kids to bed. Unsure of how to do that since they’re already asleep, Cory calls out for one more rendition of “Hot Feet”, while sending the girls to Riley’s room, Auggie to his room, and stopping Dewey/Doy from leaving the apartment.


This was a strange little episode, but wasn’t as enjoyable as the first installment. The first installment (while it had its flaws) was very enjoyable mainly because it was an anthology episode, and the shorts pretty much stood on their own, this was a normal episode with a Halloween theme to it. Another problem with the episode was the crossover aspect, something I was really hoping they would not do this, but alas, Disney Channel felt they had to, it’s made even worst when you realize that now, all of the Disney Channel original series’, and ABC’s TGIF are now one connected universe. The scenes with Austin and Ally felt a bit shoehorned, but then again if you saw the other crossovers in Spooktacular, it seemed they were all kind a shoehorned. The Best Friends Whenever crossover was actually more enjoyable because Riley and Lucas had more screentime than the others, and I like the time travel concept of the show. Sorry, don’t expect recaps of that show anytime soon. Overall, the Best Friends Whenever episode was decent, but Terror 2 wasn’t very good.

Next time, remember that one-off joke about Riley and Maya trying out for cheerleading?

In Memory of Ray Colcord (1949-2016)


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