Girl Meets World Recaps: S2 E17: Girl Meets Rileytown

If you or someone you know, hates the portrayal of Riley in the show, point her to this episode.
If you or someone you know, hates the portrayal of Riley in the show, point ’em to this episode.


Riley pretends to be sick to escape going to school, but she obviously isn’t sick, but upset. When trying to find out what has Riley so down, Maya mentions “Rileytown”, the made-up land where all of Riley’s goofiness and happiness comes from. Riley becomes mad, telling Maya she is being a bully and to stop. Riley complains she doesn’t want to be weird, but be the girl no one notices.

In Cory’s history class, the class learns about the duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton. In class, Riley and Maya continue their argument about whether or not Maya is being a bully. Riley decides she and Maya are also having a “conflict”, like Burr and Hamilton, and should settle it the same way.

The girls end up having a old-fashioned duel with ice-cream cones at Topanga’s, where Cory urges Maya to forfeit and help Riley. Maya tries to stop, but Riley throws her ice cream in Maya’s face and walks out. The gang tries to figure out what has made Riley so upset with Maya, to no avail, when Farkle suddenly has a realization. He makes Zay and Lucas leave, so he can speak to Maya alone. He tells her how he believes that someone is bullying Riley like someone was bullying him, by telling Riley her silliness and other things makes her weird, and different. Maya thinks Farkle is definitely right, and goes to seek out Riley.

Back in Riley’s bedroom, the two argue again, but Riley eventually tells Maya what happened. She vaguely describes how an unreasonable girl keeps texting her cruel things. Maya tries to convey to Riley how she should of come to her, because that’s what friends are for. Riley tells her she’s OK, but Maya isn’t buying it. She says “Rileytown”, and Riley starts to yell at Maya, and then this:

“You exist and you’re weird, and you get in the way of where I’m looking, so stop being weird and stop being happy. No one should be as happy as you. Stop being who you are. Or I’m gonna put my foot in your weird, stupid face.”

Maya starts to tear up, but was left speechless, only uttering a single “Okay.” Riley starts to break down, while telling Maya she’s fine, but Maya tells her she’s not fine, and asks how long this has been going on, Riley tells her she’s been being bullied for a few weeks as she starts crying. Maya tells that she’s going to keep being who she is, no matter what some kid says to her, but also points out that Lucas might not stay who he is. Speaking of….

Meanwhile, back at Topanga’s, Farkle ties Lucas up with towels, so that when he tells him what’s wrong with Riley he won’t become raging mad. Farkle explains the problem to Zay and Lucas, but Lucas becomes very angry anyway and breaks the towels holding him down. The three rush to the Matthew’s, where Maya and Riley are trying to make a barricade for Lucas. Lucas easily knocks it down.

Mad about Riley not confiding in her friends, Lucas also tries to explain that he’s there to help Riley. They end up coming back to Topanga’s, where Riley tells how a girl classmate took a video of Riley doing a secret activity, hosting an awards ceremony in the school, when no one is there. The unnamed girl threatened Riley, telling her she will share the video with the whole school. Her friends console her, telling her she is her own person and this girl isn’t worth it.

Later, Riley has a talk with the girl, who doesn’t speak, and isn’t shown on camera. Riley talks about the quirky things she does, and how she doesn’t care how other people react to it. She goes on to begin her award show, pretending the host is British Riley, who announces that Riley has won. The girl walks away, much to Riley’s confusion. Maya, who came in along with what appears to be the rest of the school, walks up to her and says that  the farther away she goes, the smaller she gets.

Later at the bakery,  Cory congratulates Riley for handling her bullying problem, Riley asks what’s next for her, he tells her he doesn’t know, but knows she can handle it. The kids celebrate by eating ice cream, but Riley realizes that Maya said she’d get her back for shoving ice cream in her face, she asks the others if that’s why they’re eating ice cream, no one answers, but Maya eating a cone with six scoops, may have given a hint.


Do you see what I mean, this show outstanding, and this episode is wonderful. Granted, this episode is practically a rehash of Girl Meets Flaws, but this is an example of a rehash done right. First of all, round of applause to Rowan Blanchard, she knocked it out of the park, her acting was outstanding. Sabrina also did a commendable job here, she’ll do the same thing again in a later episode, but we’ll get to that later. Another thing worth noting, Cory finally addresses the extras in the classroom, not just the Fab Five, or Sarah and Darby, everyone, but, they’re just referred to by their real names, this would be the kind of thing to nitpick over, but let’s remember, Eric has a best friend named Jason Marsden played by Jason Marsden. So, in the header, I mentioned how you should show this episode to people that don’t like Riley, well there’s a reason for that joke, and why you don’t see the bully, it’s been confirmed by the writers that this was aimed for people who criticized Rowan’s performance, and Riley portrayal on the show over the internet. So, like I said if you like the show, but someone hates the show or Rowan, point them to this episode. Overall, I stand by what I said, two years ago, this episode was great, and this show is still and will always be great.

Next, top 10, and no, it’s not the one, you’re expecting. But it’s coming.


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