Girl Meets World Recaps: S2 E16: Girl Meets Cory and Topanga

And now, through the magic of a green screen, the computer-enhanced stories of Cory and Topanga Matthews!
And now, through the magic of a green screen, the computer-enhanced stories of Boy Meets World! (Bonus points if you got the reference!)


When she gets out of bed at midnight, Riley finds both of her parents still awake. She asks them what they’re doing up, and Topanga answers that she’s working on an important case, while Cory has work to do for school. Riley struggles with the realization that while she sleeps soundly in her bed each night, her parents are up, working to make the world a better place. This makes her feel like her parents are much better than she is, and that she could never possibly live up to them.

When Riley discusses her thoughts with Maya, Maya tells her that she’s aware that Riley’s parents are amazing, and she thinks Riley is really lucky to have them. In class, Cory makes each student write down the one thing they think is impossible, and then crumble up that piece of paper and throw it away. Next, he gives the class an assignment to try to achieve these impossible things. Farkle wrote down “athlete”, and thus has to try to become one. Lucas is instructed to help him. Riley tells Cory that she wrote down “Cory and Topanga”, but the bell rings, and she storms out, saying that it’s time for her to make her own path because she can’t compete with her parents.

Riley goes to a convent and tells a nun her trouble, and says that she wants to join. The nun tells Riley that human perfection in unattainable, and that she herself has ever only met one person who came close. This person turns out to be Topanga, who just saved the convent’s orphanage.

Disappointed in her experience at the convent, Riley decides to join the circus. She meets a very nice clown, who tells her that being a clown got in the way of his education, but that things are looking up now, because there’s an amazing teacher who dedicates his free time to educating the circus clowns. This teacher, of course, turns out to be Cory.

Back in her room, Riley is freaking out about the fact that she will never be as good as her parents. Maya tries to calm her down by saying that Cory and Topanga were probably not always as perfect as they seem now, they were probably as messed up and confused as her when they were Riley’s age. To this, Riley responds that they should see for themselves. She knows all of her parents’ stories, and if they concentrate hard while she’s retelling them, maybe they can see what her parents were actually like as kids.

Riley and Maya concentrate hard, and in their minds see Cory and Topanga playing basketball with rolled up socks at age 11. They laugh at how goofy Cory was, and realize that Riley is just like him. Topanga, however, seemed perfect even then. Riley tells another story, and in this one, they see Topanga performing some kind of dance to a poem Cory reads out loud. They realize that she was a goof as well, and that Riley has a lot of both her mother and her father in her.


The episode was alright, the plot felt like a retread of most of the Riley’s storylines from last season, and while I’m always up for seeing flashbacks from the parent series, I thought having Riley and Maya superimposed in the flashbacks, were kinda silly. As silly as that was, the girls seeing Cory and Topanga as teenagers, was pretty funny, but still they could’ve gotten that same reaction from looking at old family photos. Also, the Lucas/Farkle sub-plot was okay, but not as bad as, Auggie’s usual sub-plots, seriously, when are we gonna get another “Girl Meets Brother” episode. Overall, despite the complaints about the story, it was still very enjoyable.

Next time, the show officially cements my boast from 2014, about how GMW is the best show Disney Channel has had in a looong time.


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