Intro to the Year of Star Trek

It’s a never-ending odyssey.

What can you say about Star Trek? Well, I’d say how while it has a massive fan base, it has it’s fair share of problems, but Nostalgia Critic lampshaded this when he tackled the odd-numbered Star Trek movies back in 2012, Linkara also does this sometimes when he reviews Star Trek comics from time to time. Me personally, I don’t really care about that, I just come for the story and stay for the awesome effects. And, before anyone in the comments tells me, “Hey, how can you talk about Star Wars and Star Trek, you have to like one of them not both.” Don’t bother. Look, both Star Trek and Star Wars tell very enjoyable and compelling stories, have likable characters, and they both have their fair share of problems. Plus, I was raised on both franchises, you solely like Star Wars or Star Trek, great, but I like both franchises, and I respect both of them equally.

With all that said, in honor of Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary, we’re gonna look at Star Trek, with Top 10 lists, and a review thrown in here and there.

So, here’s the schedule for the Year of Star Trek (no, there is no definitive date, just what month I’ll post something):

Jan: Top 10 Best TOS Episodes

Feb: Top 10 Best TNG Episodes

Mar: Top 10 Best DS9 Episodes

Apr: Top 10 Best Voyager Episodes

May: Top 5 Best and Worst Enterprise Episodes

Jun: Top 10 Star Trek Movies

Jul: Star Trek Beyond Review

Aug: Top 10 Ships In Star Trek

Sept: Top 10 Favorite Characters In Star Trek

Oct: Star Trek Renegades Review

Nov: Starship Farragut Review

Dec: The Cage Review (and a Bonus Post)

So, come back later this month to see some of my favorite episodes of The Original Series.

Happy New Year, and Live long and prosper.


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