Top 10 Steven Universe Episodes

"The odds are against us, it won't be easy but we're not gonna go it alone!"
“The odds are against us, it won’t be easy but we’re not gonna go it alone!”

Finally, I posted this thing!

I’d like to talk about a lovely woman by the name of Rebecca Sugar, she worked on the show Adventure Time, as a writer and storyboard artist she’s also a dynamite songwriter, writing most of my favorite songs on the show (most of those songs being performed by the equally lovely Olivia Olson). Sometime in 2012 or 2013, the execs at Cartoon Network offered Rebecca a chance to create her own series, so she left Adventure Time during it’s fifth season, and went on to create one of the coolest shows on Cartoon Network, this is Steven Universe, your REAL favorite show! And today we look at 10 of my favorite episodes. Also if none of you have ever seen the show, SPOILERS!!

10. Joy Ride – The conclusion of The Return saga. After a rough day of cleaning up the Gem Warship, The teens (Jenny, Buck Dewy, and Sour Cream), decide o take Steve out for a night on the town, and then they come across Peridot’s escape pod. It’s here where we learn that Steve feels like the Gems resent him for Rose Quartz’s giving up her life to conceive Steven, and the teens’ reaction to hearing that, coupled with his telling them of everything that occurred prior, was priceless, but what really sold me on the episode was Buck praising him for everything he has to put up with. Also, Steven’s un-grounded from watching TV. Yay!

9. Chille Tid – After an exhausting night of trying to find Malachite, Steven suggests they have a slumber party after looking all over the ocean for the fused giant. Amethyst and Pearl go along with Steve, but Garnet decides to keep looking for Malachite. It was a very funny episode, we learn that Gems (with the exception of Amethyst) don’t require sleep, and it’s hilarious watching Pearl attempt to sleep was funny. My favorite scene from the episode was Steve dreaming he was in a 50’s style sitcom. Of course the episode is not without it’s serious moments, we learn that Steve can telepathically communicate with Lapis Lazuli through his dreams, weather or not this is going to be a plot point for future episodes is anyone’s guess.

8. So Many Birthdays – This was a very chilling episode, but this is usually expected in Steven Universe. Anyway, Steve learns that The Gems never celebrated their birthdays (since they’re over a million years old, maybe even older than that), so Steve tries to cram about a million birthdays into one day, playing games, pretending to be a clown, and getting The Gems to wear a silly outfit that he wears/wore when he was younger. Unfortunately, Amethyst tells Steve that the things he likes are too childish for him, leaving him to have an existential crisis, that causes his gem to make him rapidly age. Seeing Steve nearly die was very shocking to watch, but of course they make everything better by episode’s end, until Steven and the Stevens happened…

7. On The Run – Taking inspiration from a book he read, Steve and Amethyst decide to run away from home, it’s here that we get to learn Amethyst’s backstory, she was created in a breeding ground on Earth called “The Kindergarten”, an area so desolate, that Garnet and Pearl didn’t want Steve to know about it. The episode was very intense, as not only do we learn more about Amethyst, but we learn that she’s mortified of her origin, and feels that Garnet and Pearl are ashamed to have her around. Also, Amethyst’s voice actress, Michaela Dietz was outstanding in the episode, and the song was very enjoyable, I’d go on about the music in the show, but that’s a list for another day.

6. Future Vision and Garnet’s Universe – I’m putting these two together because they’re both kind of similar, focusing on the relationship between Steve and Garnet, we see them bond and see how well Steven and Garnet respect one another. While Garnet’s Universe is just filler, Future Vision was slightly more darker, as we learn more about Garnet, and her ability to see the future, and Steven starts to have a minor existential crisis about how he could die.

5. Cry For Help – In the first installment of the “Week of Sardonyx” arc, The Gems need to stop Peridot from sending a message to her leader Yellow Diamond. The episode marks the first appearance of Sardonyx, the fusion of Garnet and Pearl. Unfortunately, once Garnet finds out Pearl was stringing her along, she gives her the silent treatment for the entire event. This was an effective start to the arc, and sets the perfect tone for the story arc.

4. Keeping It Together – An episode that goes from action to horror to drama in one sitting. While exploring The Kindergarten, the Gems find Peridot and try to capture her. While Amethyst and Pearl run after Peri, Garnet and Steve head to command center, to see what Peri was up to, and come across something horrifying, Cluster Gems, creepy forced fusions, that made even the brave, stoic Garnet nearly (spoiler) unfuse, and that scene after the fight, with Garnet, or rather her better halves discussing what they just saw.

3. We Need To Talk – In the fourth installment of StevenBomb 2, we learn more about Greg and Rose’s relationship. Seeing Rose and Greg sing together was very enjoyable, and their song (“What Can I Do For You”) is one of my favorite songs in the show. We also get (unintentional) confirmation that Pearl was in love with Rose, and we see them fuse into the Jem-inspired Rainbow Quartz. Oh and Stevonnie shows up again.

2. Rose’s Scabbard – I don’t know if you know, but this show is well know for it’s downer endings for most of it’s episodes, but this is basically a whole downer episode. While looking for souvenir weapons from the Gem War, Steven’s Lion finds the eponymous scabbard, which stirs up some old memories from Pearl who explains to Steven that it’s part of Rose’s weapon, her sword, she tries to tell her about it, but Steven knows what it is since he used it in Lion 2 The Movie. This is where we start to learn a little more about Rose, and that she kept secrets even from people she trusted with her life, which makes sense when you remember the episode was originally going to be called “Rose’s Secrets”. While this was an excellent episode, it’s nothing compared to…

1. Jailbreak – I’m being a little biased since this was the first episode of the show I’ve ever seen, but I’m sorry, until Yellow Diamond’s official debut episode (maybe), I don’t think anything’s going to top this. In the second part of the Season 1 finale, Steve and the Gems find themselves in a Gem Warship, while looking for Garnet (who was “poofed” during her first fight with Jasper) and Lapis Lazuli. He finds Lapis, but instead of finding Garnet he meets two new Gems, Ruby and Sapphire, who turn out to be the Gems who form Garnet. The rest of the episode contains my favorite animated fight scene/musical number in the show, and it’s something so amazing that just talking about it, just doesn’t do it any justice.

Honorable Mentions

Alone Together

Lars and The Cool Kids

Love Letters

Steven and the Stevens

Fusion Cuisine

The Message

Steven The Sword Fighter

Historical Friction

So, there you have it, next time after a three month break Girl Meets World Recaps return!


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