Marvel Month III: Iron Man and Captain America: Heroes United

Ready for a trip to the Uncanny Valley?
Fancy another trip to the Uncanny Valley?


While Tony Star and Steve Rogers playfully challenge each other on the merits of their own ways of problem solving, things take their own hand into the contest. That comes in the form of the Taskmaster who is sent by the Red Skull to capture Stark’s technology and abduct Rogers himself. With Taskmaster successful in both objectives, The Red Skull puts his scheme of world domination into operation with Rogers being the key to that. Now, Stark must find his friend and together, they must stop the Skull in their own ways and also each others’.


Do I even need to say it’s the same as Iron Man and Hulk? I’ve pretty much gave all my hang-ups on the problems with this series in the previous post, so here it is. Alright, alright, I will admit that the opening did have some form of promise, but then it fell into the same issues Iron Man and Hulk had. Overall… I again refer you to the Iron Man and Hulk review for my opinion on the Heroes United series.

RANK: 2 out of 5

And that was Marvel Month, true believers, I hope you enjoyed these reviews, next year we transition to live-action, its going to be great! And yes, I know I didn’t review the Back Widow and Punisher and Rise of Technovore movies, I didn’t review them because they aren’t part of the Marvel Animated Features or Heroes United series, they’re part of the Marvel Anime series, and I’m not gonna lie, I don’t really have any plans to look at Marvel Anime anytime soon.


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