Marvel Month III: Next Avengers: Heroes Of Tomorrow

“Age of Ultron” before “Age of Ultron,” and “Age of Ultron.”


A battle with Ultron leaves The Avengers defeated, with six of the heroes killed during the fight, and the world at the mercy of Ultron’s machine army. Tony is told by Steve to take the Avengers’ children to an underground fortified refuge hidden above the Arctic Circle. The children are James Rogers (son of Black Widow and Captain America), Henry Pym Jr. (son of Giant-Man and Wasp (I gave him the superhero name “Firefly”, to go along with his parent’s insect themed motif)), Azari (son of Black Panther and Storm), and Torunn Thorsdottir (daughter of the absent Thor and Sif).

Stark secretly raises and trains the children for 12 years. One day The Vision arrives at the refuge after hiding for over a decade from Ultron. He has come to inform Stark that Francis Barton,(son of Hawkeye and Mockingbird), is also alive.

While the curious children are eavesdropping on Stark and the Vision, James accidentally activates a series of robots, called the Iron Avengers, that mimic the looks and abilities of Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Panther, Thor, Black Widow and Giant Man (who has mini-Wasp robots inside it). Because they are programmed to defeat Ultron upon activation, they take off to do so, whereupon they are detected by Ultron’s worldwide sensors, revealing the location of the refuge. Ultron proceeds to the refuge and invades it. Stark, now dressed as Iron Man, is able to stall Ultron long enough for the children to escape, but he is eventually subdued and captured. Ultron is also able to reprogram the Iron Avenger robots to follow his commands.

Sneaking into Ultra City to rescue Stark, the four young Avengers run into Francis Barton, Hawkeye’s son. They decide to team up with him, and his group of resistance fighters, to rescue their guardian.

The five manage to escape with Stark from Ultron’s trap in his citadel, and they head to the desert, along with an older Betty Ross, where Bruce Banner (The Hulk) has decided to hide out and keep away from other people for their own safety. After he refuses to help them, James comes up a plan to lure Ultron there so he can cause the Hulk to appear and destroy the robot.

The young Avengers fight a losing battle with the mechanical doubles of their parents, but they manage to awaken the Hulk, who defeats the Iron Avengers and ultimately destroys Ultron, ripping him in two. Ultron begins to rebuild himself, so Torunn decides to carry his body into space, throwing the two pieces in opposite directions, ensuring that he cannot rebuild himself. She nearly suffocates and freezes in the process, resulting in her father, Thor, rescuing her and explaining why he left her on Earth. Thor invites Torunn to join him in Asgard, but Torunn chooses instead to return to her family on Earth. As a parting gift, Thor sends her back to Earth in full Asgardian armor.

With Ultron finally defeated, the five young Avengers prepare to return to Ultra City, to deal with Ultron’s remaining forces and rescue the populace.


Once again, we have an amazing movie on our hands, but unfortunately it’s pretty underrated, while it seems kid-friendly, it turned out to be a dark and edgy adventure. The story’s very engaging, with plenty of mystery and intrigue in the first act, and outstanding pacing and action in the second half, during the kid’s battle with Ultron. The voice acting was good, and the child actors did an decent job, oh, speaking of which Francis’ voice actor is Adrian Petriw who went on to play Tony Stark on Iron Man Armored Adventures, and Tom Kane who plays both Tony and Ultron, later reprised the role as Ultron in Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The animation gets a little choppy here and there, making it a little cheap but not A.K.O.M. cheap, thank God. Overall, an excellent, but easily overlooked movie, if you find it or watch it TV check it out.

Also, there’s something I just realized, this is Power Rangers RPM. Really think about it, and advanced AI wipes out most of the world (Ultron/Venjix), there are very few survivors, and the only ones who can stop him are people with advanced powers and weapons (Next Avengers/RPM Rangers) given to them (or passed on in the movie’s case) by a scientist, who created the AI in the first place (Tony/Dr. K). Oh, and the heroes live in a fortified self-contained environment (Arctic Circle/Corinth) Why do I have the feeling Eddie Guzelian (showrunner for the first half of RPM) saw this movie to relax himself after watching the Go-Onger footage, and just said, “Now THIS is what the final season of Power Rangers should be!”, or maybe I’m just being a conspiracy nut.

RANK: 4 out of 5

Next week, it’s the Incredible Avenger’s turn to shine, with three movies staring him and others, Hulk VS and Planet Hulk.


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