Marvel Month III: Ultimate Avengers 2: Rise Of The Panther

Featuring one new character! And he isn't Hawkeye.
An adventure 6 months in the making!


In Wakanda, the inhabitants of the small city-nation welcome home T’Challa, the son of king T’Chaka. Members of the extraterrestrial Chitauri race attract the attention of T’Chaka’s alter-ego, the Black Panther. T’Chaka is murdered by Herr Kleiser, their commander who continues to adapt the form of a Nazi commandant. T’Challa inherits the throne and Black Panther technology, swearing vengeance agiainst Kleiser.

In the United States, Steve has become reckless in his missions due to the trauma of his 60-year deep freeze. Bruce remains locked up in his cell after his Hulk incident, tormented and frequently drugged by a disgruntled ex-employee of his who acts as his interrogator. Betty discovers that the wreckage of Chitauri ships has become mysteriously brittle.  Hank begins developing sickness for his overuse of his Giant-Man formula, leading to tension in his relationship with Janet. Thor sees a possible future where the Avengers are dead and seeks to consult Odin. Finding out that a Chitauri mothership is speeding towards Earth, Thor refuses to return to Asgard. When T’Challa meets Nick Fury and Steve and reveals that Cap’s wartime nemesis Kleiser still lives, he finds that Cap tried to kill him numerous times and failed. T’Challa turns down an offer of alliance and Fury assembles the Avengers once again.

The Avengers illegally enter Wakanda. Black Panther allows only Captain America into the city, where he reveals that the Chitauri are searching for the “Heart of Wakanda”. The Avengers and Wakandan warriors find themselves fighting each other, with the Wakandans emerging victorious. The Avengers are commanded to return to their ship and T’Challa is stripped of his kinghood for allowing foreigners into the country. Steve drags an injured Chitauri onto the Quinjet, followed by Herr Kleiser taking T’Challa’s form. He steals Steve’s shield and destroys the ship. Iron Man’s battered suit protects the Avengers in a force field and Thor teleports the team back to the Triskellion.

Janet is left in a coma from her injuries and is kept in the Triskellion. A mothership hovers above Wakanda and entraps the entire planet in a barrier. The Chitauri attack every major city on Earth and begin a massacre of the human population. Tony suits up in the War Machine armor and joins the Avengers as they teleport to Wakanda to battle the invaders. It is revealed they are seeking a gigantic meteorite of Vibranium deep under Wakanda, from which the Wakandans develop their advanced technology. Bruce works out that the gamma radiated from the Hulk is what caused the vibranium in the Chitauri ships to become brittle, and lets Betty use a gamma generator to attack the aliens close range. The Chitauri gas Banner’s cell and he promptly dies. Betty and Janet take a Quinjet to Wakanda and give Iron Man the gamma generator to attack the inside of the mothership. Hank, despite his condition getting worse from his use of his Pym Particles, shrinks down to aid Iron Man. Bruce’s lifeless body becomes the Hulk and wakes up to fight the aliens invaders.

Captain America and Black panther find themselves in a bloody fight with Kleiser, who appears to be immortal due to his rapid healing factor. The two trick Kleiser into falling into a pool of liquid vibranium and leave him trapped as it solidifies. Iron man and Giant-Man enter the mothership and destroy its core with the gamma generator. However, Hank’s injuries lead him to pass out and he has to be carried back to the ground. Hank makes up with Janet before dying. Tony travels alone to divert the crashing mothership away from the city, draining his life support. Thor returns and summons the power of the heavens to give life back to Tony, proving his claims to be the God of Thunder genuine.

With the Chitauri attack ended, the Avengers mourn Hank’s death and T’Challa’s kinghood is restored. The Hulk sees Betty one last time before leaping away. Steve and Natalia begin a romantic relationship and the world celebrates victory over the Chitauri. The film ends with Thor and Fury setting aside their differences and becoming friends.


This wasn’t as good as the first movie, but it was OK. While the inclusion of Black Panther was cool, and the fight scenes were well animated, the movie was too short, there was too much focus on the relationships between Hank and Janet, and the budding relationship between Steve and Natalia, Thor was underused, and then there’s Hulk who doesn’t even show up until the climax. Though I will say this, I do appreciate that they fixed Hank’s character, but you really didn’t need to kill him off. I like to think most of the problems of this movie stems from both movies being made at the same time, maybe at one point these were supposed to be one movie, but somewhere during production, they decided to make them two separate movies released six months apart. Overall, despite some lousy moments, it was an decent movie.

When we return next time, we take a break from the Earth heroes, to focus on just one of the Avengers, The Invincible Iron Man.

RANK: 3 out of 5


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