Marvel Month III Intro

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time once again to explore the majestic world of the Marvel Universe! So we’ve seen cartoons from the 90’s and cartoons from the 2000’s, so it only makes sense that we switch gears and look at the movies from Marvel. Now, I mentioned in the Last Post of 2014/Update, we’re not getting to the well known movies just yet, and that we’d be looking at the direct-to-video movies, but something I didn’t mention, I took a page from Kevin Feige, and planned every Marvel Month up to 2018.

And before anyone mentions it, yes I know I didn’t post the Top 10 Steven Universe Episodes list, but I’ve been held up at school, so for now, the list will be delayed till November.

Until then, stay tuned for our first Marvel Movie review, Ultimate Avengers.


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