Ranger Spotlight: How Go-Buster could be adapted

The team that never was, or still could be.
The team that never was… Or still could be.

Welcome to a new segment on the blog called Ranger Spotlight, where I talk about Power Rangers. Now some of you who aren’t in the know (all 2 of you), who don’t know what Power Rangers is, allow me to explain. Power Rangers is a long running children’s action series aimed for kids (mainly boys). It combines American actors and situations with Japanese action stock footage from Super Sentai, the subject of today’s post. Unlike Power Rangers, which has been on the air for 20, Super Sentai has been on the air in Japan for 40 years (as of last April).

Since it’s conception, Power Rangers has been using the stock footage of a Sentai series that either recently ended or in the middle the middle of it’s halfway point, until 2009, when Disney (the owner of the franchise at the time) ended the series with Power Rangers RPM. Since 2011, Saban Brands has been producing the series again starting with Power Rangers Samurai. In Febuary 2014, Saban announced that the 36th series, Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters was being skipped over in favor of the 37th series Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, which upset fans of that series (myself included), at least till we found out Chip Lynn was brought on as showrunner. Which is a shame because this could’ve been a really great series, and is a pretty underrated installment in the Super Sentai franchise. These are some ideas of how Go-Busters could be adapted, before we go on, I’d just like to say these are all my ideas are just opinion, this is not what Saban has planned for the series, and I don’t work for them, so don’t read into this and share this to people as the official plans for Go-Busters’ adaptation.

And since were talking about a show that odds are, none of you have never seen before, Spoiler Alert.


In 2014, Power Rangers News website made up an April Fools story about Go-Busters being adapted alongside Kyoryuger as Power Rangers Energy Chasers. I think this is a pretty good name, so I think I’ll go with that.


First things first, this is NOT going to take place in the future, while Go-Busters did take place in an alternate reality, before it’s soft reboot mid-season, when it was retroactively placed in the normal reality or I could be looking too much into this. Anyway, after the discovery of a new energy source called Energex. A virtual empire called the Vector wants to steal the Energex for their own menacing ends.


Blue and Yellow Busters/Rangers- the reason I’m doing them first is because in Go-Buster, they were the first ones we see in action. Between the two of them, I’d say they’ve been active together for about five years.

Red Buster/Ranger- Since he was the newest member to the team in Go-Busters, it only makes sense to make him the new member here. It be great because it would bring back the “Red Rookie” concept. While Blue and Yellow are seasoned veterans, their enemies start to overwhelm them, so they recruit someone to operate the Red Ranger gear.

Beet and Stag Busters/Rangers- Let’s start with Stag, he’d be a human, and him and Masato Jin’s counterpart could be brothers, since in Go-Busters Jin and Stag have a sibling-like relationship, with Stag being the younger brother who always wants to be in the spotlight, while Jin’s always shoving him aside. The two would be two test pilots for the Chaser prototype suits who were thought to be dead before the series began.


GB Command Staff- In Go-Busters, the Busters got their orders from a general, and two control operators. Rather than having a general, the mentor would be a research scientist for Energex, and he would have a female assistant that would later be captured by Vector become the Escape counterpart.

Buddyroids- While they were extremely prominent in the sentai, here they would be downplayed. The only time they would be used is during the Megazord battles, where they would serve as autopilots, and when the rangers activate their “Powered Custom” modes. The only one of the three Buddyroids who would be seen outside the zords would be Cheeda Nick, but he would only be in his motorcycle mode.


Messiah- Messiah was a great villain, and it sucked when he was killed off in the midway point of the series. Here, it be same thing but with a bit of a twist for the grand finale, he’ll fake his destruction for a short while, but will return in the grand finale.

Enter and Escape- The biggest problem people have with the show if it were to be adapted was how Enter and Escape would work. They could hire doubles who greatly resemble their Japanese counterparts and when it’s necessary use stock footage from Go-Busters when situations demand it (Ex. far distance shots). It isn’t impossible they’ve done it before in shows like Lightspeed Rescue, Wild Force, Etc. Having said that, I wasn’t very keen on the idea of Enter falling in love with Escape, I always saw each other as brother and sister.


The terms “Megazord” and “It’s Morphin’ Time” were used throughout Go-Busters, so it’ll stay here. Something else I’d like to see is the return of the “Ranger Up” phrase, made famous by Mystic Force and the seasons preceding it.

So, these are some ideas of how Go-Busters could adapted into a Power Rangers Season, I hope you enjoy this first in Ranger Spotlight, lets hope this could be the first of many.

Next time, we get a little Radical in the next Dead Television


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