Girl Meets World Recaps S2 E11 (or S1 E21) Girl Meets Fish

Coming soon: Young Sherlock Holmes II: The Earlier Years
Coming soon: Young Sherlock Holmes II: The Earlier Years

The episode begins at school, with Auggie and Topanga in the classroom. Auggie’s waiting with the class (who look slightly younger than they were in the previous episode) impatiently for someone named Chelsea, but Topanga assures him that Farkle took good care of her. Maya, asks Cory why they’re doing a class pet project, but Riley tells Maya not to ruin this for her because it’s her day to take care of Chelsea. Cory tells her that if she takes great care of Chelsea, she’ll have survived the whole class, Riley assures Cory that she’ll take care of Chelsea since she’s good with pets, until Auggie reminds Riley about “Mr. Puffles”, which Riley replies with “that was sad”. Farkle walks in, looking suspicious carrying a fish bowl, and telling the class it’s Chelsea. Cory commends him for taking care of the fish, and gives him a sticker. While Farkle takes his seat, Auggie looks at Chelsea and asks her if she’s ready to go home with him and Riley, then Auggie asks Farkle if he went to Phil’s Fish Store, Farkle tells him no, then asks him why he would ask that, Auggie tells him there’s a different castle her bowl. Lucas was impressed by his detective skills, Topanga tells Lucas that Auggie watches a show called “Owl Detective” every day and always knows whodunit (or Hooo-Dunit in this case), which seems to annoy Topanga. Cory hands Riley the fish, and instructs her to feed her once a day, and give a compliment once in a while. Cory asks Auggie if she’s fed and ready to go, he tells him yes, and hands her to Riley, and reminds her how much Chelsea means to him. Riley tells him she’s in good hands, then takes a picture with her. But she tries to take another one because Chelsea’s upside down, which Topanga realizes what that means, Chelsea’s dead. This upsets Auggie at first, but then he realized that the fish was a victim of foul play and vows to find out “Hooo-Dunit”, much to Topanga’s annoyance.

After Season 1’s intro, we cut to the black and white Matthews’ apartment, where Auggie addresses the audience again. He talks about how great Ava is for a moment, and refers to her as “Lady A” (“because she writes her A’s good”). Ava suggest that they go over the suspect list, then Auggie reminds the audience what happened in the teaser and he and Ava (mostly Ava) ask the question “Hoo-Dunit”. Topanga comes in (and the color returns) wanting to know if they cracked the case. Auggie talks about Topanga and Ava’s rivalry for spell, then Topanga hands them their favorite snack graham crackers.

Later on, Riley and Maya go to the fish store where they meet the stores owner, Phil. He and Maya seems to know each other, Riley wonders how they now each other, he tells her that he knows everyone in her class. Riley asks if he has any kids that go to school with them, he points at all the fish in the store who look exactly like Chelsea, and tells her he has a whole school of fish. Riley questions Phil’s statement, which he’s offended by at first, but Maya tells him she’s very trusting and sensitive. Riley tells Phil the story about Chelsea, and asks him if he can wake her up; Phil asks Maya what he should do, she tells him to play along, he pretends to try and wake up Chelsea, and pretends it doesn’t work. Riley asks what will happen to Chelsea, Phil tells her he’s flushing her down the toilet, which shocks Riley, but Maya tries to distract her, while Phil comes up with a better excuse to flush Chelsea. Phil asks her if she wants to see Chelsea go to the fishbowl in the sky, she agrees, but Maya tells her to turn around and bow her head as Phil dumps her down a toilet that appears to be right next to him. Riley asks Phil if he has any other fishes that looks exactly like Chelsea, he just turns around quietly at all the fish in the store, then tells her to look and see for herself. She does so for moment and picks one out, and Phil mutters under his breath “It’s a miracle”.

Later that night, Riley and Maya hold a small memorial service for the “original” Chelsea in the bay window, with everyone in class in attendance. Auggie comes and we return to our noir parody already in progress. Auggie doing a bad french accent tells everyone not to move, which confuses Lucas, but just sits him on his lap as Riley tells the class that Chelsea I is dead and one of them is the murderer which shocks everyone in the room, except Yogi, he seems excited. Auggie announces that Farkle will be the first to be interrogated, which shocks and worries him, but tells Auggie it’ll take a lot more than him to make him crack.

Seconds later in the kitchenette, Auggie and Ava start munching on graham crackers in Farkle’s face, he asks them to stop, and thy comply for a moment, but they keep going, until he admits that he killed Chelsea.

After the break, Riley’s in shock that Farkle killed her fish, but Farkle tells her he killed his Chelsea in the middle of his week, he tells her that everything was OK when she was in his care, until he decided to give her a bath. Farkle tells Riley that he put Chelsea in a birdbath, and that she was eaten by birds, he shows them the incident on his phone. He also reveals that he put the second Chelsea in his cat Fluffy’s water dish, which he also has video proof of. He explains that he grabbed the then current Chelsea on his way to school. Riley realizes that the new Chelsea isn’t Chelsea 2, but Chelsea 4, but Farkle reveals that she’s Chelsea 5. Riley asks how, and he tells her that during the class trip to the Empire State Building, he took Chelsea 4 all the way to the top of the building and sat her on a ledge, he told her lean back and she fell to her death.

Seconds later, Lucas comes in, and he gets his moment of interrogation. Ava briefly flirts with him, which surprises Auggie. Auggie, Lucas, and Riley do a Abbot and Costello routine before getting to the task at hand. Riley’s hopeful that Lucas has nothing to hide, but he’s starts to hesitate. Auggie jogs his memory to the day he took Chelsea, he was on his way home, but remembered the school had a baseball game against Einstein Academy. He was playing against Einstein’s best player, someone named “Curveball” Tickleman (apologies for possible misspelling!), and he was the only one who had a chance against him. Before he played, he put Chelsea in the bleachers and asks Tickleman not to hit the curve as that would hit the bleachers, but he does so anyway. Chelsea was hit in the head by the ball with her bowl shattering in the process, Farkle comes in and show them the video footage on his phone. The video also shows that Lucas ran the bases, he tells them he did it so Chelsea’s death wasn’t in vein; he promises Riley he had nothing to do with the death of her Chelsea, which she dubbed Chelsea 6, but Lucas tells her it was actually Chelsea 7, the game was a double header.

Next was Maya, she tells him he’ll never break him, but he tells her he will. Not in the mood to hear for this get up, she admits that she went through at least seven fish, much to Riley’s shock. Maya justifies this by telling her that kids and fish don’t mix, and that they’re kind of helping Phil stay in business. Riley wonders how Phil can make a fortune out of fishes that only cost $1, she tells her that he sells those $1 fishes to every student in every school in the tri-state area (insert Phineas and Ferb joke here). Maya tells Riley that Chelsea never survived with anyone in their class, Farkle tells her that everyone in their class killed and replaced their Chelsea, but Riley refuses to believe that.

After the interrogation, the girls come in and asks everyone in the class, how many of them killed a Chelsea, they all raise their hands, Maya asks how many they killed by themselves, each students shows that they killed at least 10 (or less) fishes, except Yogi, who killed 3, the least amount of anyone in class. After that, Maya kicks everyone out the window.

Back in Noir land, Riley looks at Chelsea 105, and apologizes on behalf of humanity. She laments on how there isn’t away for him and other fishes to take care of themselves. Auggie decides to close the case; but as the color is restored, Riley wants to know what hapend to her Chelsea, the original Chelsea. Auggie tells her that Chelsea’s killer is in the apartment but he doesn’t know who it is. As the kids leave the kitchenette, Auggie talks to Chelsea as he get ready to feed her a graham cracker. Ava stops him and tells him no one feeds fish graham crackers, which leads the kids to turn around in shock.

We cut to a flashback to the teaser, where we see Auggie sprinkling something in Chelsea 104’s bowl, that something turning out to be graham crackers. Back in the apartment, Auggie looks at the camera and tells us that he’s the killer.

After the break, Auggie’s sitting on Topanga’s lap realizing he’s no Owl Detective. Topanga tells Auggie to cheer up since he solved the case, but reminds her that he fed Chelsea 104 graham cracker. Topanga that that probably didn’t kill her, but everyone (except Riley) disagrees with her. Auggie asks Topanga if he’ll ever feel better for killing Chelsea, she just hugs him. Riley brings Chelsea 105 into the living room, Auggie tells her it’s a bad idea to let her near him, but Riley tells her that it’s his fish now, he’ll keep the current Chelsea, while she pays for another Chelsea for the school. Auggie reminds her that he killed Chelsea 104, but she tells him that he made a mistake, and she’s positive that he won’t make that mistake again. After getting a hug from Riley, we’re back to Noir land where he talks about how nice Riley is. Ava sits next to Auggie and he tells the audience the “The Case of the Fish Who Ate The Graham Cracker” has officially been solved, but should have known who the killer was after hearing the title.

The next day, the entire class comes in the pet store, which pleases Phil. Riley asks for one fish for the entire class. He asks Farkle if he’s going to put this one in a birdbath, which Lucas laughs at this until Phil reminds him of his game. Riley grabs a fish and asks how long fishes are supposed to live, he tells her that if well taken care of, they can live for at least 15 or 20 years. Riley tells her that they’ll see him then, Phil tells her that he’ll miss them and tries to charge them $17,000, but after being told to stop by Maya, he decides to give them the fish for free.

Later at school, After Riley feeds the fish, she asks Cory what the big lesson was, Cory tells her there was no lesson, only whatever they came up with. Riley tells him that Chelsea 106 will live for 15 years, he asks her how she knows that, Maya tells him there’s supposed to be that much life in her, then Lucas and Farkle add that everything alive deserves to be cared for. Cory’s impressed by their realization and hands them permission slips for the class trip to Berkshire Mountains. He tells the kids to try and take care of each other, he asks if they can do that, The four and the rest of the class group hug one another, thus assuring him that thy can.

Later at the pet store, after Phil’s done reading the newspaper, he leaves the counter and feed every fish one-by-one, all of whom are named Chelsea.


This wasn’t a very good episode, the episode seems to be aimed for a younger kids rather than kids and adults. Despite that, it did have a couple of good moments here and there, but it’s not saying much. Aside from being a throw away Season 1 episode, the problem with the episode was that it was basically an Auggie B-plot spread out to half an hour, which is odd, because this could have been the next “As Time Goes By”, an episode I foolishly left off my Top 10 Boy Meets World list. While it wasn’t very good, the episode did have a very nice moment with Riley consoling Auggie when he realized he (unintentionally) killed Chelsea, I really liked that, and the scene with Phil offering the kids a free Chelsea was very nice too. Speaking of, the guy who played Phil was on Boy Meets World, playing Cory’s basketball coach, and the coach didn’t have a name, sooo, maybe it was the same character? Hmmm? Overall, the episode did not live up to it’s potential. It had it’s moments, but it’s completely forgettable.

I have a bit of an announcement to make, later this month, I going back to school, so posts are most likely going to slower (than usual). Also, I’m going to take a break from recapping Girl Meets World, I’ve been doing this all summer, and I have other posts I want to put out. But don’t worry, I’ll be back to recapping GMW before Marvel Month.

So, next time, we’re going to try something different, as we start the first installment of Ranger Spotlight.


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