Girl Meets World Recaps S2 E8 Girl Meets Hurricane

"There's A Storm Coming In." - Sarah Connor
“There’s A Storm Coming In.” – Sarah Connor

At the bakery, Maya, and Shawn are bonding over cake, while Cory and Riley sit across them, talking about how cute they are together, Cory tells her that they’re cute together too, and tries to imitate Shawn and Maya, but Riley’s not buying into it, Cory tries to end the playdate, and asks the girls if they did their homework, they both say yes, but one of them is lying, do you know who? Topanga and Katy watch from the counter, with Topanga telling Katy how great Shawn and Katy are together, and Katy agrees. Cory tells Maya that she could use a little discipline in her life, and she tells him she’ll think about that. Riley starts gesturing to Shawn about something, but Shawn doesn’t know what she’s trying to say. Riley tells him that he’s should give Maya some fatherly advice, but Shawn doesn’t want to do that. Maya tells him she can take it, but he still says no, she then proceeds to punch him repeatedly, she keeps going until Topanga tells her she’s going little too far. But she still keeps trying to get him to budge by making chicken sounds, Finally Shawn gives in and tells her she should dress better. Maya seems affected by this, but Shawn tries to tell her how he hates being pushed into doing something he doesn’t want to do. Maya starts to cry, and Shawn asks why, she tells him no one ever cared about her that much to tell her that. She starts hugs Shawn as she starts crying. Shawn’s wants her to stop crying, so he offers to buy her new clothes and she automatically stops. Riley tries to pull a fast one and sees if she can get Cory to buy her new clothes, but she tells her no.

After the intro, the four besties are at Demolition, while they wait for the girls to come out the dressing room, Cory talks to Shawn about how once she comes out, she’s going to have a look on her face that only a daughter would give her father, but Shawn says it won’t effect him. Riley comes out the dressing room first and introduces Maya, she comes out wearing a black dress, and the two have their silent exchange, which of course effects Shawn. Maya tells him he doesn’t have to do this for her, but he insists. Riley comes out with a dress on and tries again to coax Cory into buying her clothes, but again he tells her no, and he promises to teach that to Shawn.

Later, Shawn announces to the entire bakery how he had fun shopping for girl clothes. Maya asks Topanga, Auggie, and Katy what they think of her new outfit, Topanga likes it, Katy tells her she looks beautiful, and Auggie asks her if he can have her Rolling Stones t-shirt. Riley comes in with a couple of bags, which Topanga thought was Cory bought her clothes, but he tells Topanga that they’re all Maya’s. Katy’s a little concerned by all of this, but Shawn tries to tell her it’s no trouble, since he travels light and has lot of money to blow. Katy pulls Shawn aside and tells her how Maya likes having him around, but is worried that his leaving could hurt her, but Shawn tells her to relax, and to enjoy the smile on her daughter’s face. While Katy and Topanga talk, Shawn tells Maya that Katy works hard to care of her, and (while putting his arm around her) that her clothes were a gift from both him and her. Riley tells Maya she can borrow some of her clothes if she wants, but Maya tells her she can never borrow her new clothes.

After the break, While Maya’s modeling her clothes for Riley, she talks about Shawn. Maya tells Riley about her old philosophy of not believing in anything, and realizing she might’ve been living her life all wrong and had a great day, and that she’s gonna hope for another good day, but wants Riley not to jinx it for her.

The next day, in class, Cory’s teaching the class about the events of Hurricane Katrina. Cory asks Frakle if he knows about the geography of New Orleans, he tells him that the city’s below sea level, and that the flood water goes into the city. When Cory asks what would happen when the water goes into the city, Lucas answers with parishes being destroyed, and people loosing their homes. Riley tells Cory that Lucas went to New Orleans to help out with relief efforts when he was younger, but Lucas doesn’t remember telling her, and that’s cause he didn’t. Lucas tells him about how despite loosing everything the people of New Orleans continued to celebrate. Cory tells the class about the city being dangerous people would still stay there, he asks Maya why they stay, but she says she doesn’t know, until he tells her to stop hiding in the classroom and answer the question. Maya tells him it’s because they believed that things would get better and eventually they did. Cory tells the class how New Orleans is his favorite city, because despite the devastation, they still celebrate, he then complements Maya’s new look, the clothes and her new found hope.

At the bakery, Katy asks Shawn to come over so she can tell her to stop being nice to her. Which confuses him. Katy tells Shawn she appreciates him being nice to Maya, but he doesn’t have to be nice to her. It’s here that we learn the name of Maya’s absentee father, Kermit Hart, and as anyone would expect, Shawn laughs at this. While they start to have a moment together, Katy holds herself back, telling him that after Kermit left her, she shut love out of her life. Shawn’s confused at why she’s saying this, and Katy tells him he’s confusing his affection of Maya with affection for her. Shawn denies this, but Katy reminds him about how he put his arm around her. Shawn tells her it was just mutual, so Katy puts her arm around him and sees how he likes it, and he feels awkward. She heads back to work, while Riley and Maya sit outside, and chat about the odd names of their respective parents.

Back inside, Shawn and Katy continue to talk, she tells Shawn that his charity won’t make her want to ask him on a date. Shawn asks her if she’s asking her out, but she tells him no. Shawn tells her that she’s taking her anger out on the wrong person, and she tells him about how she was prepared for her marriage, and never thought of it as disposable. Shawn tells he felt the same way when he was with Angela, then she tries to get back at him by making fun of Angela’s name, only to stop when she remembers her mother’s (Maya’s grandmother from World Of Terror) name is Angela. Shawn tells Katy how he hoped for him and Angela to another version of Cory and Topanga, but tells her that relationships end, but you just need to pick yourself up and move on. As Shawn’s advice sinks into Katy’s head, Cory runs in, and tells him (in the form of a knock-knock joke) that someone is here that could change his life forever, and that someone is Angela. Shawn is shocked to see her, and the girls look out the window in dismay.

After the break, Shawn is still shocked to see Angela, and she tells him she needs to talk to him. They hug for a moment and Cory comments on how awkward this is, then tries to make light of the situation by reminding Angela about various situations Shawn was in during their relationship, then ran away and joined the girls outside. Katy walks up, and says hi to Angela, and tells her how Shawn speaks highly of her, she then heads outside and joins Cory and the girls. Angela tells Shawn how much she missed him, which Shawn is very skeptical of.

Outside, Riley and Maya talk about Angela. Riley apologizes to Maya and tells her she was right about not having hope, but Maya tells her that everything will be OK. Riley asks Maya how she can say that, she tells her she finally has something to hope for.

Riley goes inside, she snidely says hello to Angela before grabbing some food. Angela asks Shawn if he heard about her father passing away, he tells her no and apologizes for her loss. Angela asks Shawn if he still has that feeling when he feels his father standing next to him, and he tells her yes, then cuts to the chase, and asks her why she’s here.

Outside, Riley offers Cory, Katy, and Maya some food from the bakery. Cory asks her what that’s for, she tells him it’s a hurricane picnic.

Angela tells him she’s been married for four years to a military man, which Maya’s very happy about. Shawn asks her why she left him, and she tells him she wasn’t ready, and tells him that life puts people together to prepare them for what’s next in their lives. Shawn asks her why she wanted to see him, She tells him that her husband wants to have kids, but she’s afraid she’ll end up leaving him or her or them, and she came to Shawn because he’s the only one she can talk to about this. Shawn tells her to have kids, and watch them grow. Angela thanks Shawn, then she decides to give him some advice, she walks up to Maya and Katy, who’ve been watching the conversation unfold from outside. Angela asks Shawn if Katy’s “The One”, but Shawn tells her no, and doesn’t know her enough to know anything. Angela tells him to let what they had make him ready for something, she kisses him and heads out. Angela stands behind Maya and Katy, and looks at Cory and Riley before leaving. Riley hugs Cory and tells him that they’re cute together.

Later on, the Matthews’ , the Hart’s, and Shawn are at Demolition, Shawn and Cory are waiting for Topanga to try on some clothes. Cory asks Auggie how bad it is, and he tells her she’s up to a million dollars, which worries Cory. Topanga comes out the dressing room and tells Cory she doesn’t want to buy anything, which made him happy. Shawn offers to buy Katy some clothes but she tells him no, because he barely knows her. Shawn takes this as her asking him out, and she tells him yes, which surprises him. Riley tells Shawn that this is a really important moment in his life, and Maya asks him what he’s going to do next. The spirit of Shawn’s father, Chet appears and tells Shawn to look at Maya and notice that she’s letting her guard down to show that she cares about him, then he tells him to look at Katy and notice that she might be pretty great too. Lastly Chet tells Shawn to look at both of them, and notice that they have hope on their faces, and he could use some too. Before he answers Katy, Shawn asks Maya if she’d be OK if Shawn goes out with her mother, and she unleashes her Inner-Riley and lets out a big yay. Shawn accepts Katy’s invite, and Chet walks off looking at his son with pride.


This episode was very enjoyable. William Russ returns to GMW, but not as Alan, as the director of the episode. He does an great job, as usual, he directed a handful of BMW episodes (two of which I’ve mentioned in the Mr. Squirrels recap). Something of note in this episode was that they actually acknowledged the passing of Julius Carry (Sgt. Alvin Moore) which was very nice, sometimes shows would write off the character, but the writers didn’t, that really impressed me. The only downside of this entire episode was that Angela and Topanga didn’t have a scene together which really sucked, after all they were best friends in BMW. Overall great episode and impressive use of answering all the unanswered questions left from BMW.

Next time, part 2 of The Return Of Will Friedle

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