Girl Meets World Recaps S2 E7 Girl Meets Rules

You know you're one of the living...
You know you’re one of the living…

The episode starts in class at 8 AM, Cory’s not in class, which has Lucas wondering where he is, and Farkle worried that they’re getting a substitute. Riley tells Farkle to calm down, but Farkle starts to panic and faint. While Riley tries to help Farkle, Maya goes up to the front of the class and decides to take over. While at Cory’s desk, she goes in his desk, and returns everyone’s confiscated property, Riley tells her no one wants that, but everyone in the class (except Lucas and a still unconscious Farkle) cheer. Riley warns Maya that Cory could walk in any minute and catch her and she would’ve failed in trying to keep her out of trouble; but Maya ignores her pleas, and gets Riley in joining her, she says no at first but eventually caves in. Maya pulls out a Nerf gun and starts shooting up the class, she gets another one for Riley and coaxes her into shooting with her. Riley resists at first, but again she caves, leading the entire class (sans Lucas) to get wild, and faster than you can say cliche, Cory comes in and everyone instantly stops. Cory asks everyone how they can act crazy, when he allows them so much freedom in class, everyone apologizes for their misbehavior, but Lucas doesn’t apologize, and Cory asks him about it, Lucas tells him he didn’t do anything, but Cory tells him it’s because he respect the rules, and without rules, the world would fall into chaos. Cory decides that the entire class, except Lucas (who he dubbed “Lucas The Good”) will stay for detention and think about what he said about the rules. While Maya decides to make t-shirts with Lucas’ new nickname, Lucas tells Cory that he put him a bad position, only to turn and imagines everyone (except Farkle) wearing a Lucas The Good t-shirt. Lucas decides he has to do something so he can get detention, so he sends Cory a text message and once Cory reads it he instantly got detention. Maya asks Lucas if he feels better, he tells her he’s just like her now, which upsets Cory and tells everyone they have detention. Riley tries to make light of the situation, and tells Cory she’s going to be home late.

After the intro, everyone returns to Cory’s classroom, and Cory tells them how he always allowed them to bend the rules but that the best students know how far to push before they completely break the rules; he tells the students that they aren’t the best students right now. Maya asks why they need rules, Cory asks them if she can make it in a world without rules, and she tells him that she could make it in any world, he asks the class if they believe that themselves and they nod in agreement. So, Cory decides to let them test Maya’s theory and lets the class roam around the school and do whatever they want. Riley thinks that everyone will be well behaved, but Cory thinks they’re gonna be at each others throats within a minute. Cory heads out and locks the door behind him, and tells them he’ll be back in an hour. After he left, Farkle starts to panic, but Riley tells everyone to relax, as this is exactly what Cory wants them to do. Farkle’s panic attack isn’t faring any better, once Lucas starts looking at him menacingly, and telling him how hungry he is; things are made even worst once Maya starts playing along. Riley tells them to stop asking them how much time they could possibly be in here, and then looks to see it’s only been a minute since detention started, and then all three kids start to gang up on Farkle. Riley snaps out of it and tell the class, they need o prove Cory wrong by forming their own perfect society, which she dubs Rileytown, a land of goodness, rainbows and hand folding. But Maya finds that ridiculous and comes up with her own society Mayaville, a world with no laws, no rules and no one saying no, except when Farkle tries to ask out Maya. Riley points out that despite detention bringing out the worst in them, at least they’re making time past, only to find out it’s only been two minutes.

Back at home, while Topanga’s working on a case (or crunching numbers for the bakery), there’s a knock at the door, she opens it and sees Ava. At first she’s annoyed to see Ava, but Ava asks her to go easy on her today. She starts to mirror Auggie in Girl Meets Smackle, including spraying a ton of whipped cream on a cake and crying out for Auggie. Topanga even asks her if she’s planning to shove her face in the cake, but she says no, and asks if she wants to eat with her, and she does so. Ava tells her about a girl in school named, Emma Weathersbee, whom she’s worried about loosing Auggie to her. Topanga asks Ava what Emma does that made her so angry. Ava tells Topanga how Emma’s nice and polite, and basically the complete and total opposite of he, and she asks Topanga if she could help her win Auggie back, but she says no. Ava then starts to tearfully beg for help, which actually works, until Ava sarcastically asks her how was that.

Later at school, the entire classroom was divided in two with the front of the class representing Rileytown, and the back representing Mayaville. Riley asks the denizens of Mayaville why they can’t be a united front, Maya tells her it’s cause she wants everyone to be like her. Farkle asks her if she knows why she can’t ever choose between her and Maya, it’s because if it was just Riley it would be just be happy and gentle, while if it was just Maya it’d be 24 rage and grunge, then says “Descensus In Cuniculi Cavum” (Down the Rabbit Hole, We Go! in latin). Riley asks Farkle who’s side he’s going to be on, but before he can answer her, Maya reveals to the class that the backdoor was unlocked. Riley tells her not to leave, but of course, she does so anyway, with Darby and others in tow. Riley asks Farkle if e’s going with her and he tells her yes. Riley asks Lucas if he’ll stay, but he leaves since he never does anything. Riley looks up, and the clock strikes four after three, as we cut to commercial.

After the break, Riley talks to Sarah and the others that stayed behind. She asks them what they want to talk about, but no one says anything. Riley asks an unnamed student to introduce himself, he tells everyone his name is Dave, he likes corn chips, and is sorry he didn’t go with the other group, which upsets Riley. Sarah and another unnamed (girl) student tell Riley that they respect her, but Dave tells her that without the others, they’re bored. Harley comes in, and wonders why Riley and the others are in the class rather than out in the hall. Riley tells Harley they’re in detention, while Harley’s grabbing the garbage, Harley asks why her group is staying in the room, while Maya’s group is out i the hallway. Riley asks Harley what he thinks of this, he tells her they’ll find out. As Harley heads out the door, Riley tells him he forgot to lock the door, but he tells her he wants to see how Maya’s doing. Riley’s hopeful that Maya’s OK since Lucas and Farkle are with her. But Sarah, Dave, and other girl tell her that Maya’s stronger than those two. Riley’s still not worried since she’s been a good influence on her for 14 years. And the clock strikes five (after three)…

We cut to the hall, Maya, Lucas, Farkle, Darby, and others are charging out of the Art Room dressed Mad Max-like attire. They come into the main hall, and Lucas and Farkle realize this isn’t as fun without other people to chase. Maya tries to break the glass on a vending machine by kicking it, but instead hurts herself. Lucas asks Maya what the point of doing all of this is, if no one’s watching them.  Maya grabs Lucas by the shirt and asks him if he’s questioning her leadership. Farkle tells Maya the same thing, and Maya grabs Farkle by the shirt, and tells her he’s Batman. Suddenly they hear the squeaking wheels of Harley’s cart and hide. Harley rolls in, and tells Maya that the boys are right, and that they should have good kids with them to balance out the bad. Farkle reminds him about the time he told them about his checkered past, and Maya asks what happened, Harley tells her he met Cory. Lucas was still skeptical of this since he always saw Harley as a nice guy, and never saw him as intimidating. Harley then shows everyone that he still has a little bully left in him by tapping the glass on the vending machine, then after glaring at the machine for a second, everything inside falls out. Harley grabs an orange, and leaves Maya to realize that they need a good kid in their lives and decide to steal one.

Back in the classroom, the good kids are playing Duck, Duck, Goose or in this case Duck, Duck, Duck; as Riley (due to her being too nice) has yet to pick someone as goose. While that happens, Mad Maya and her posse charges in, captures Riley and return to the hallway, while Maya stays with the good kids, who beg her to make them like her.

After the break, the bad kids return to the hallway, and free Riley from her net. After staring at her like a pack of deer, Riley pulls out a pack of wipes and tells the kids to wipe the paint off their faces. Riley wipes Lucas’ face off herself.

Back at home, Auggie comes in, and sees Ava being respectful and having tea with Topanga. Auggie finds this new side of Ava boring, and wants her to be herself again, and she reverts back to her original personality much to Topanga’s dismay. Ava thanks Topanga for helping her, and Topanga tells her there may be some good in her after all, but it was just revenge for her sob story from earlier.

Later at school, the clock strikes 4, Maya leads the good kids back in the classroom, where Riley, Lucas, Farkle, and the other bad kids are sitting quietly. As they take their seats, Cory comes in, Riley and Maya asks him about his lesson on The Secret Of Life (“People Change People”), and asks him what would happen if people revert back to their original personalities. Cory calls Harley in and asks him what happened while he was away. Harley tells him about everyone except Riley going wild, and how Maya was the first one to leave the class and lead the charge out of the class. After that, Cory dismisses the class, except Maya, Riley was about to ask to stay with her, but Cory tells her no. While everyone leaves, Maya asks Harley how he went from bad to good, he tells her there were two doors, and Cory showed him the other door. Harley leaves Cory and Maya alone, telling Maya it’s good to have people like him around. Cory asks Maya how long it took for her to go completely bad, Maya tells him five minutes which impresses him. Cory asks her what she should do next, she tells him she’ll stay in the classroom for another hour, Cory tells her that there are consequences for our action, and that the rules are there to help us, Maya tells him she try harder next time. As Cory leaves, Maya tells him that she putting war paint on Riley face next time, he tells her he’s sure she’s counting on it. Maya sits in the classroom all alone, very bored and calls out to Riley, who peeks her head out of the window, and together the two wait it out for the next hour.

Back at home, Ava’s getting ready to go home and asks Topanga to throw her out, which she happily complies to. as she stands in the hall, Ava tells Topanga thank you and Topanga slams the door. Topanga tells Auggie that Ava’s starting to grow on her, but Auggie tells her that if she wanted him to break up with her he would do it, At first Topanga’s touched by this, but once again it was all an act.

This was an very excellent episode, the episode did a great job highlighting the clashing personalities of Riley and Maya, along with highlighting the fact that Lucas never does anything wrong.  Harley’s involvement with the story was impressive. The scene with Maya and the others charging out of the Art Room was one of the best scenes ever filmed in the show. The only downside of the episode was as usual the B plot with Topanga, Auggie, and Ava, it wasn’t a good sidestory, but it wasn’t too bad. Overall, the episode was very enjoyable and most exciting of the season.

Next, we brave the weather, when Shawn returns to New York, and someone from his past pays him a visit.


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