Girl Meets World Recaps S2 E6 Girl Meets The Tell-Tale Tot

And many fantasies were learned...
Uh-oh, We’re in trouble…

The episode opens with Maya alerting The Matthews’ of Josh’s visit to the apartment. Riley tells Maya she needs to get over her crush for Josh, but Maya tells her she’s been going about that all wrong, and acting crazy around him wouldn’t help with her chances. Riley reminds her that it has nothing to do with how she acts, but about their age. Maya argues that Cory’s 20 years older than Topanga, Cory chimes in and tells Maya that he and Topanga are the same age (Ben’s older than Danielle by 4 months), which shocks Riley. Josh comes in with an envelope in hand, while Maya pretends that she doesn’t care that he’s here. Maya decides to head off to school, with Riley following her. Josh shows the others his letter from New York University, which suddenly piques Maya’s interests, but she keeps playing it cool as they heads leave the apartment… Five seconds later, Maya jumps on Josh’s back and snatches the letter from him. Maya reads the letter, and gives her own interpretation of the letter, until reading what it actually says, Josh got into NYU. Everyone gives Josh a hug, and Cory tells him how proud he is of him. As the girls leave for real, Josh tells Cory about him going to a party with some friends at the school, and once again, Maya’s interest is piqued, and her and Riley head to her room. As they’re walking, Maya asks Josh where and when the party was, Josh tells her, Greenwich Hall, at 10 o’clock, and the girls head to Riley’s room.

In Riley’s room, Maya asks Riley if she can stay over, which excites Riley at first, but Maya tells her it’s just a cover-up so she can sneak off to the party. Riley tells her the party could go on til 10, but Maya corrects her that the party starts at 10, which shocks Riley. Maya explains why she wants to go to the party, she’s worried Josh is gong to meet someone there. Riley tells her she could be grounded for this and begs her not to do this, but Maya tells her she doesn’t want to think about things she should’ve done, and live for the moment now. Riley tells her her conscious will haunt her for it, but Maya tells her she doesn’t have one. Riley tells her she does, but decides to go with her, until her’s shows up.

After the intro, Riley and Maya are in school, and Riley wonders how they’re going to pull off, their caper, Maya tells her she isn’t ready to know what the plan is because she would tell her parents. After that, Cory talks to the class about Edgar Alan Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart for his lesson on effect of lying for the human soul. Cory asks Farkle for his thoughts on the story, but a Lucas-less Zay gives an overview of the story instead, which impressed the class, but upsets Farkle. Zay tells him he knows a few things too, he even knows something about him, he haunts him, until Farkle admits to faking his naps in Kindergarten. Cory resumes his lesson, and asks the class, how strong their conscious is. Riley starts to act guilty, until Maya reminds her that they didn’t do anything yet, which leads Riley to dance along to ice cream truck music in her head as we transition to the next scene.

Later that night, The Matthews’ and Maya are having dinner, Riley begs Maya for a trial run, Maya’s annoyed by this, but she agrees to do so. While they’re going over their plan, Cory’s counting his tatter tots and notices he one short, and asks Auggie for on of his. While Maya demonstrates the art of lying, Riley notices one of her tots are standing upright, then developed a set of eyes, until finally becoming a full blown puppet. Auggie takes notice of this, and Maya asks her if something’s wrong, and Riley tells her yes. The tot looks at Riley and says to her “boom-boom”. Riley’s horrified by this and suddenly looses her apatite, but Maya tells her to keep eating. Riley asks the tot, what would happen if she ate it, the tot tells her that she would become part of her soul. Maya asks Riley if she’s going to eat or not, she says yes, and Maya force feeds her.

Afetr the break, the girls are in Riley’s room, Riley asks if she’s in or not, Maya says yes. Maya sets up a pile of pillows so it would look like she’s still in the room, Riley asks how anyone could fall for that, and sees the finished product and immediately falls for it. After that they head out the window, with Riley hopeful that she’s going to get away with this, because she’s has no conscious, just like Maya.

Later, the girls arrive at NYU, Riley starts to panic, but Maya just tells her to act normal and not to say anything, but Riley really wants to talk and shouts beat Notre Dame, and a bunch of jocks carry her away. She comes back seconds later, only to get carried of by the Gamma Gamma Nu sorority just by shouting their name. Riley enjoyed being carried off that she wants to stay as long as she wants, but Maya sees Josh and his friend (Andrew) with two girls, and sadly tells Riley they have to leave. Riley tries to make her feel better, but one of the sorority girls (Harriet) come in, and tells Riley she was voted for best friend to have, and do the Sorority fight song in celebration, and closes said song, with Riley and Maya’s “Stop It” routine. After all of that, Maya wants to leave, but Riley won’t let her give up, but Maya asks her how she could compete with those girls. In the dorm, Andrew tells Josh he’s fit right in, and one of the girls (Jasmine) tells him he already has friends and a new life when he gets here. Maya begs Riley to take her home, but Riley tells her to make bold choices as she shoves her into the dorm.

Later that night, Auggie walks enters Riley’s room. He asks Riley if he can sleep with her for the night, but when she doesn’t answer her, he climbs into her bed, and sees the pile of pillows on the bed. While Auggie sees this as something to use against her in the future, Topanga comes in and sees Auggie in Riley’s bed. She asks him if Riley said it’s OK, and he covers for her and tells Topanga she’s gonna wake her up.

Back at the dorm, Josh asks Riley and Maya what they’re doing here and tells them they need to go home, and Maya agrees. But Jasmine and her friend, Charlotte wants to talk to her and Riley about why they came here, and they tell them why. The girls want to keep talking with the girls, but Riley’s dragged out by Harriet and the Gammas while Josh and Andrew goes after them. The girls ask Maya how long she liked Josh, she tells them, it’s not a crush, but hoped that if she came here he could take her seriously and have some sort of understanding, Josh, Andrew, and Riley come back and he tells her they do have an understanding, he stays in college, she goes home, the girls tell him to sit down, and he complies. Maya asks if she’s stupid for doing what she did, but The girls and Andrew assure her that she’s not. Riley asks the girls if she told them about her crush, but Maya again says it’s not a crush, Riley asks Maya if she knows anything about him that she loves, and she tells her he’s part of her family whom she loves, but Riley asks if there’s anything about Josh in particular that she loves. Maya tells her and Josh about how he drove from Philadelphia to New York just to open his acceptance letter with his brother, and how he gets along very well with Auggie, and that he has to take Riley and Maya home, even though he would rather stay with the girls. Andrew asks Josh what’s wrong with him, he tells them he’s 3 years older than her while standing up, and all three of his friends tell him to sit, he refuses at first, but Charlotte tells him if he doesn’t sit, she’s going to tell every girl in the school, that he belongs with the bravest girl she’s ever met, and he complies. Charlotte tells Maya that things may seem difficult now, but in a few years when she starts college, their age difference won’t matter anymore. After that humiliating party, Josh decides to walk them home.

While out in the hall, The Tot bursts through the wall. Riley tells her to back off since she had the best night of her life. The Tot reminds Riley that even though she had a great night, she won’t be able to tell her parents without telling them she snuck out.

The next day, at school, Riley asks Maya how she can get away with doing bad things and getting away with it. Maya asks her if something is bothering her, and The Tot appears, reminding Riley that her parents trusts her, and Auggie lied for her, and tells her that everything bad in the world is her fault, but she takes back that last one, as that one’s for later. Cory comes in, and Riley ask him what happened to the unnamed narrator is The Tell-Tale Heart, Zay and Farkle tell her how his conscious caused lost his mind and revealed his dark deed. Riley asks Cory how one could get their conscious to stop talking, and Cory tells her the best way is to not do anything wrong, but if you go ahead and do it anyway, it’s best to take responsibility for your actions. After that, The Tot appeared on Maya’s shoulder, making Maya realize what she has to do now.

Later that night, at the window, Riley tells Maya how much she wants to tell Cory and Topanga how much she enjoyed her visit to NYU, and how excited she’ll be when she goes to college. And speak of the devil, Cory and Topanga come in and ask her if she can’t wait to be like Charlotte and Jasmine, Riley says yes, but then realizes who she’s talking to. Riley’s happy about this because she knew somehow they would find out, but Topanga tells Riley that someone told them. Josh comes in to say his goodbyes, then joins everyone at the window. Riley thinks Josh told them about their visit, but Josh tells her he didn’t tell them, it turns out Maya’s the one that told them. Josh apologizes and asks Cory if he’s still his little brother, Cory tells him that given his decision to leave the party to make sure the girls got home safe, showed good judgement, and he won’t look at him as little anymore. Riley asks Maya why she told them about their adventure, and Maya tells her it was a grown up thing for her to do, which impresses Josh, and makes him realize he’s got to stop look at her as “little” too. Topanga asks Riley if she’s ever going to this again, and she tells her no since it’s not worth keeping it from her parents (yeah, right).

After Josh left, Cory and Topanga tell Riley that they’re happy that she learned her lesson and had fun at her first college experience, but are still grounding her for two weeks. Auggie comes in and they ground him for one week for not telling them Riley was gone. The Tot returns to tell Maya that she still has to tell Katy (about this and many other things), and she heads off to do that, telling everyone that she’ll be back in a year.


This was a decent episode, but it could’ve been better. The idea of the girls wanting to sneak out was interesting, but why was did they have to make the college party so kid friendly (and, yes I know, kids show), they could’ve at least added a few more people instead of just having four people. I was very impressed to see Riley get grounded, the writers did say that would happen eventually, but I didn’t think that would happen so soon. I really didn’t like The Tot puppet, there really wasn’t ant reason to make that the physical form of the girls (and later, Auggie’s) conscious. Lastly, the Gamma song scene, best moment of the episode, not the season, the previous five episode have great contenders for best moments of the season. Oh, and  the Josh/Maya subplot was good and shows some growth between the two, will things look up for the two, I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Overall, while there were a few good moments here and there, the episode was kind of overwhelming.

Next we get Beyond Thunderdome with Mad Maya and Rowdy Riley.


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