Girl Meets World Recaps S2 E5 Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels

"Lose One Friend, Lose All Friends, Lose Yourself."
Believe In Eric.

The episode starts on a rather sour note, with Riley and Maya arguing about something at the window. Riley tells Maya she apologized, but Maya doesn’t care. Topanga, Cory, and Auggie are listening in from the hallway, Topanga’s concerned, but Cory and Auggie aren’t worried. Back in the room, Riley decides not to let their fight ruin the integrity of the window, and sits on her bed, while Maya orders her to sit back at the window. Back in the hall, Topanga’s still worried, but Cory and Auggie are still not worried, with AUggie saying that their gonna marry each other.

The next day, Riley and Maya continue fighting at school, and we learn why they’re fighting. Lucas said something to Maya, and instead of sticking up for her, she stuck up for Lucas. While Zay tries to make a quick buck out of this, Lucas reminds Maya of all the times she’s picked on him, but she doesn’t care, because she thinks that if being right is more important than being friends, then that’s the end of bring friends. The bell rings, the kids go inside, we see Cory prepping for his lesson on Belgium in 1831, and because Farkle’s been through this four times now, erases the lesson. Cory asks if the fight is still, Farkle tells yes. While Maya attempts to switch seats with Zay and Yogi, Cory asks Lucas about all this, and he tells him, he finally got sick of Maya calling him names and finally struck back at her. After Maya returns to her seat, Maya asks her why she didn’t stand up for her, Riley tells her it’s because Lucas was right, Maya tells Riley she’s not talking to her, and vice-versa, finally Cory tells the girls to calm down, so he can start the new lesson on War. Cory tells the class, about my fifth favorite episodes of BMW. Cory tells the class about how he and his friends got into a prank war that spiraled out of control. While the girls continue to argue, Cory realizes that he can’t do this, but knows someone else who can…

Later at home, a knock (and some scratching) is heard at the door, Riley opens it and sees her uncle, Eric, (and some continuous thunderous cheers and applause from the audience) in his “Plays With Squirrels” attire. Riley doesn’t recognize him and blows her emergency whistle. Eric blows his emergency whistle back at her, and then starts to sing a parade music, as she shuts the door on him.

After the intro, Cory and Topanga rush in, and asks her why she blew her whistle, Riley tells them she saw a caveman, but Topanga tells her, that he’s her uncle. Cory lets him in, and we see Eric holding balloons in place of his walking stick, then they hug. he says hi to Topanga and hugs her, then he and Riley properly welcome each other. Auggie comes in and automatically recognizes Eric, after getting  hug from him, Auggie asks why Eric is dressed like that, Cory tells him that he was elected mayor of his town, Riley asks what town that is, Topanga tells her Stupidtown, then Eric corrects her and tells her that it’s pronounced St. Upid Town. He goes on to explain that he won on a landslide (those who weren’t killed in the landslide voted for him), he also tells him that his town borders Quebec and New York (though he said it borders France). FInally he explains why he’s dressed like that, it’s because everyone in St. Upid Town looks like this, and wanted to show the citizens that he was one of them. Finally, we get down to brass tacks, Eric asks why he was called, Riley explains the sitch with her and Maya. And Eric yanks off his obvious wig and beard and gets to work.

After the break, Cory explains to the girls that Eric (now in regular clothes) is going to try and help the girls resolve their issue before their private battle becomes a full blown war, and how he’s really good at this sort of thing because he can talk to people. Eric sits with the girls, and ask Maya (whom he calls Moesha) what they’re fighting about, she tells him it’s because Riley didn’t take her side, Riley tells them that Maya’s making too big a deal about what was said. Eric tells Riley that right and wrong doesn’t matter, only the friendship. Riley tells him she can’t side with her this time, but Eric tells her that when a real friend comes into ones life right and wrong must go out the window, which Topanga and Riley disagree with (well, Topanga mostly). Cory tries to explain Eric madness, but Topanga isn’t having that. Topanga tells Eric that that best friends are supposed to tell each other everything. Eric tells her that when he finally hears what the argument was all about he can fix it. He asks Maya what the fight was about, and she tells him (and the audience) that Lucas called her short. Cory tells him to fix it, but Eric tells him he can’t. Cory reminds Eric that he asked him for help because he can do the impossible (but see the invisible, touch the untouchable, break the unbreakable (ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWER!)?). Desperate, Eric tries to make Maya grow to no avail, then tries to shrink Riley and realizes he can’t. Maya tells them that she doesn’t want to be short. Eric stands behind her and tells them that he might be done too, and wipes his eyes with Maya’s hair.

The next day, Cory brings Eric into the classroom to help him with his lesson on war. Cory asks the class if they know how wars start, when Cory starts to tell them what causes wars, Riley asks Maya if they can be friends again, Maya tells her they’re ate war, when Riley asks why, Maya tells her she felt at peace because she knew Riley would defend her, but now, she’s not at peace. Riley asks her what the difference is of what anybody says, and Maya tells her that even if she was short, she never felt like it, until that day. Cory (finally), explains that in any war, the immediate danger is escalation from other countries, Farkle asks how that’s possible and he and Maya demonstrates how that happens for the class. Cory explains that to prevent countries from battling each other, the United Nations would mediate the situation, this is where Eric comes in. Cory introduces Eric to the class, and tells them how he excels at mediation. Riley asks if he’s sure this is a good idea, he tells her yes and turns it to Eric. Eric gestures the class to the hall, Cory asks him if he knows what he’s doing, and also reminding him that this is a serious situation on their hands, instead of explaining his plan to Cory, he just thanks him for believing in him.

The brothers walk out to the hall, Eric asks who fired the first shot, Lucas tells him he did. Eric asks if Maya did anything to make him call her short, and Lucas tells him about all the names she called him and her sarcastic laugh. Eric asks Maya why she does that, she tells him, it cause Lucas lets her, then Eric (and Zay) asks Lucas why she lets him do that, then Zay asks Maya why she’s mad at Lucas, for calling her short, when she calls him Hucklebery, etc., Maya tells Zay she’s mad at Riley, not Lucas. Riley asks her how she can defend her from her height, Maya tells her she could do what she does when she’s defending Riley from her height. She tells her that someone could (or already did) call her Riley Superklutz, which shocked Riley. Maya explains how she isn’t entirely in control of her long arms and legs, and has a tendency to walk around funny, and fall over. Riley tells her she’s never heard anyone call her that, Maya tells her that cause she’s had her back. Riley asks everyone if that’s how they see her, and they all say yes. Riley wonders why this hurts, Farkle tells her it’s cause’s it’s true, not just about her but about all of them. Riley asks Maya if everything everyone says about her is true, Maya tells her it doesn’t matter. Eric asks Maya why it doesn’t matter, she tells him it’s because their best friends. Cory congratulates him for fixing the girls, but Eric thinks there’s more to this than that. The gilrs talk about weather or not they’re short or tall and they respectively tell each other yes. They forgive each other, but now they’re both upset because of this revelation and sits down on the floor. Farkle joins the girls and tells them how he only wants to take over the world because he felt like Squeeky The Mouse, then Lucas joins them and asks Farkle why he feels that way, Farkle tells him it’s because of him and his looks, and calls him a freak. Lucas was about to stand up for his self, but the girls and farkle tells him to can it. Zay tries to make light of the situation, until Lucas tells him he has a flat butt, which shocks him, then he joins his friends. Eric and Cory reminds the five that they’re enemy isn’t each other and that they’re all just growing up.

After the break, the girls sit at the window with Topanga, Maya tells Topanga how she’s gonna have to accept being short her entire life, and Riley deciding not to move around again. Topanga tells them they should recognize people for who they are not how they look. Maya tells her she thinks that because she’s bigger than her, until Topanga shows Maya that they’re about the same height, and that short people like them will do just fine.

The next day, the four are hanging out at the bakery, the quintet are sitting together, Riley promises Maya that she’ll defend her from here on in. Farkle asks Lucas if he can mess up his look he’ll be more relatable to people, Lucas agrees, but after tussling his hair, he looks better, While Zay wonders if it hurts anyone else to sit. Topanga apologizes to Eric for having doubts in him, and calls him responsible, which Eric (back in his Plays With Squirrels attire) disagrees with. Farkle asks Eric if he ever thought of taking over the world, Cory tells him that, the world is well protected from crazies like him taking over. While Eric contemplates the idea of world domination, we cut to…

A news report on a New York senator, named Jefferson Davis Graham, who did something so terrible that chances for being re-elected are slim to none. While the reporter goes on about the possibility of someone even dumber than Graham running against him, a mysterious man, and his aide look over some pictures (one of whom I swear is of Judge Judy Sheindlin) of people that could potentially run against him, they come across Eric’s picture, and decide that he will run against Senator Graham.

To be continued….


Of all five episodes of Girl Meets World’s premiere week, this was actually the weakest. The storyline felt kind of forced, the episode itself started rather harshly, with the girls arguing. But the redeeming factor of the episode, was Will Friedle, whom I should also mention made his first (live action) appearance on TV in 10 years. And as hinted at above, he will return in later on this season. Overall, while not the best episode, it was still funny in places, thanks to Will.

Belgium Joke Counter: 5

Next, Night Of The Living Spud!


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