Girl Meets World Recaps S2 E4 Girl Meets Pluto

Well, This place look familiar.
Well, This place look familiar.

At school, Cory teaches the class about Winston Churchill and how he made his own history, he asks the class when they should start making their own history, and tells them that / Riley reads a passage from the textbook, where someone said that no one can change history any sooner than you can change the “nine” planets. Maya and the guys understood what the book was saying, but Riley’s confused. Lucas was about to explain it to her, but Maya distracts her with an imaginary bird. Maya and Farkle explain to Lucas that she doesn’t know about Pluto (her favorite planet) being reclassified as a dwarf planet. Cory tells Maya that they have too break the news to Riley, but they fight over who gets to break the news to her, and Maya looses. Maya tells Riley that Pluto isn’t a planet anymore, but instead of flipping out like usual, Riley sadly asks Cory to continue with the lesson. Cory asks the class how people will look at them in a hundred years, Farkle suggests doing a time capsule, and Cory loves the idea and tells the class that he, Shawn, and Topanga made a time capsule and would open it in 15 years; Cory then remembers that it’s been 15 years, and wants to see how much he and the others have changed. Maya looks at a heartbroken Riley and hopes that she never changes.

Atfer the intro, we cut to the apartment, where Topnaga is ordering Cory not to force her (and Shawn) to go to Philadelphia, and he promises her that he won’t, he asks her where they keep their shovels, and she tells him they don’t have any, then he asks where one would go to buy shovels, and makes him promise he’s not coming back home with shovels, and he does so, before heading off to get shovels.

Later at Topanga’s, Riley talks about how horrible it is that Pluto isn’t a planet anymore, while they prepare their own time capsule. Lucas shows them his buffalo nickel his grandfather gave him, for participating in mutton busting (sheep riding), and everyone proceeds to laugh at him. After telling everyone that he gave up his dreams of being a rodeo star, Katy walks up to the kids, and tells Lucas not to give up on his sheep riding dreams. Maya asks Katy what she’s doing, and she tells them that she’s going to solicited advice to the kids like Cory and Topanga. She gives the kids some well thought out advice on never giving up on dreaming, which impresses them. The moment is ruined however, when she notices Farkle’s science fair trophy and tells him not to dream science, but dream dreams. Riley asks Maya what she’s putting into the time capsule, but Maya tells them she’s not putting in anything since she doesn’t believe in hope. Maya asks Riley what she’s putting in the capsule, she shows her a small orange ball, and tells her it’s pluto.

At home, Topanga walks in on Cory, who is wearing a headlamp and a sweater with the word SHOVEL written across it. She asked if she dragged Shawn into this, he says no, and then a knock on the door is heard. It’s Shawn, who seemed worried that Cory was dying, and promises him they’ll make the most out of his last moments, including taking the rolls at his favorite restaurant. Shawn sees the shovels and think Cory (or someone else) is digging his grave, until Topanga welcomes him to what’s going on, and tells him that he wants them to go to Philadelphia and dig out their old time capsule. Shawn grabs a shovel and prepare to attack Cory, because he was just in Phillie.

Moments later, the original trio, enter the bakery, and asks who wants to go with them, Farkle volunteers, but Cory shoots him down. The kids show Cory their time capsule, but he’s not impressed. While Cory and Topanga talk to the kids, Shawn and Katy chat for a moment about Katy’s new job at the bakery. Cory tries to encourage his wife and best friend to go back, and relive their old memories and accidentally brings up Angela. Katy asks who Angela is, and Shawn tells her she was someone who used to be in his life. Farkle puts more fuel in the fire by asking if he’s going to get his feelings all stirred up and he doesn’t answer. After that awkwardness, Riley and Maya decide to go with them, and they head off to Phillie.

After the break, the gang arrives at Philadelphia, and start digging in a familiar (and totally not recently rebuilt) backyard. Topanga and Maya are doing most of the digging, while the guys take a break. Maya winders how anyone can make this fun, and Riley (who’s wearing a crown of flowers) walks up to her and gives her a crown of flowers. Maya asks Riley why she isn’t digging, and Riley tells her she stopped after finding a big metal box. After everyone drops their shovels in annoyance, Shawn has a frightened look on his face, Cory asks him what’s wrong and a light hit Shawn’s face, they look and see their former teacher, George Feeny. George seems upset to see everyone, and (playfully) threatens to send the guys to big boy detention. This leads Riley and Maya to deliver their version of the famous Feeny Call. After that, George orders Topanga and the guys to put his plants back, while goes and sits with the girls. George asks Riley if Cory’s a good father, she tells him she’s very lucky, George asks Maya if Cory’s a good teacher, she tells him yes, but that Cory said that George was the best. After George takes notice at the time capsule, Cory asks George if he had any advice to give to the trio, and he tells him how amazing it is that they’re all still together after all these years, and asks them what else they needed to know.

Later at home, Cory decides that he would look inside first, but Riley and Maya tries to convince them not to open it, Cory ignores this and opens the time capsule, and everyone takes out what they put inside. Cory grabs the jean jacket he gave Topanga the night they said “I Love You” to each other. He gives it to Topanga, and it still fits her. Topanga grabs the letter Lauren wrote to Cory. Cory assumed that Topanga wrote the letter, but, once Shawn and Topanga tells him who really wrote the letter and freaks out. Topanga reveals that she she was afraid of the letter at first, but put inside the capsule so that, if she and Cory ended up together, she could rip in his face, and does so. Shawn grabs all of Angela’s belongings (book of Shakespear’s sonnets, a CD of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, a Van Damme movie ticket, and kiwi mango lip gloss) from her purse. As he wonders what Angela’s doing now, Maya sadly says to herself, Goodbye Shawn.

After the break, the girls sit at the window, Maya talks about how life works out when one doesn’t give their hopes up, and mentions Shawn possibly getting back with Angela, Pluto still not being a planet, and her and her mom being alone. Riley tells her that she still believes Pluto is still a planet, despite Maya saying otherwise. Riley tells her about Cory and Topanga’s trials and tribulations, but still pulled through in the end, and begs her to dream dreams.

In the kitchenette, Shawn talks to Cory and Topanga about his relationship with Angela. He tells them how he hoped they would be the next “Corpanga”, he also told them that sometimes he and Angela just sit together, not say a word, and look at one another. While lamenting over the fact that he might not find someone to love, Riley comes in and tells him not to be such a jerk and walks away.

Back in Riley’s room, Shawn comes in and, mirroring Mr. Feeny, he sits with the girls, and asks Riley what her outburst from earlier was about. Riley tells him about Pluto, and asks him if he’s upset about that at all, and he tells her no. Riley tells him just like Pluto being out there for her, there’s someone out there for him, Shawn thinks she’s talking about Angela, and she walks to Riley’s bed. While Cory and Topanga sit and listen in on the conversation. Shawn’s still confused, but Riley explains that Pluto is believing in something that’s out there. After Cory asks him how he’s not getting what she’s saying, and Riley pointing to Maya, Shawn walks up to her and tells her, he’s not sure what she want’s him to be for her, she asks him to just be there, and he accepts.

The next day, the kids are putting new things in Cory’s old time capsule, Lucas puts in his transfer slip, Farkle puts in his orange turtleneck, and Riley still puts in her orange ball in hopes that someday Pluto will be a planet again. Maya decides she’s going to put something inside the capsule, but asks everyone to leave since Cory and his friends didn’t tell each other what they were putting in, and she wants do the same. The guys leave, but Riley stays for a moment, and tells Maya that she hopes everything turns out the way she wants it to, and heads out. We see Maya put in the picture of her, Shawn, and Katy on her birthday. And says to herself, hope is for suckers before, closing the capsule, and heading off.

Later that night, Shawn walks into the bakery before closing, Katy asks Shawn what he’s doing here, and he asks her to sit with him, and she does so. The both just sit there quietly, while Riley and Maya watch from the back. Shawn and Katy decide to stop, as they were getting nervous, Shawn notices Katy putting on cinnamon spice lip gloss, he asks if that’s any good, Katy says that it’s different, and asks Shawn if he like different; while they talk, Maya asks Riley if she knows that Pluto might become a planet again, she tells her yes, as they keep watching Shawn.


While Secret Of Life, could’ve been the top contender for best episode, Pluto is definitely the best episode of the season. The references to BMW were great, especially when Cory said “They want you to take the rolls”. One of my favorite lines from the episode came from Riley after hearing about Lauren, and she asked Topanga if that’s why they never go skiing, and she nods. The scene with Mr. Feeny was great, though (and this is a minor gripe) I was surprised how little of an audience reaction William Daniels got when appeared. Shawn and Katy’s scene during the tag, was also great and sets up their future relationship very well. In closing, this was a great episode filled with great comedy, great moments, and some of the best fanservice moments from BMW so far.

Though there is one thing that confused me, when they went to Philadelphia, who was watching Auggie, I mean, I know August Maturo wasn’t in the episode, but you’d think they’d acknowledge his existence in the story.

Next, The Original Cloudcuckoolander returns to save Riley and Maya’s friendship.


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