Girl Meets World Recaps S2 E3 Girl Meets The Secret Of Life

Instead of fighting, Lucas and Joey should play a Children's Card Game instead.
Instead of fighting, Lucas and Joey (the guy at the lockers) should play a Children’s Card Game instead.

At school, Riley tells Maya how much she loves life, so long as it doesn’t change. She then suggests that she and Maya sing their happy song, but Maya reminds her that they don’t have a happy song. The bell rings and the girls head to class, and Cory asks if everyone’s ready to finally learn what happened in Belgium back in 1831, but Farkle shouts no, because everytime they start to learn about Belgium, something silly or crazy comes up that crushes him. As Cory cheers him up by finally starting the lesson, and Farkle asking the girls and Lucas if anything new is happening in their lives, an unknown student comes in asking if they started class yet, which of course upsets Farkle. This is Isaiah Babineaux (Zay for short), a transfer student From Austin, TX. Lucas grimly wonders why Zay is here, and Zay asks why he’s not happier to see him. Zay asks Cory weather or not he’ll be sitting in the back of the class, after getting a look at Brenda, he takes a seat behind Lucas. Riley asks Lucas if he knows Zay, but he doesn’t say anything about it. Cory tells him that they’ll be happy to have him, as long as he turns out as well Lucas, which shocks Zay, as he implies that Lucas was a very different person back in Texas, but Farkle could care less about all of this, and orders Cory to get back to Belgium, just as he was about to start, Yogi asks him what The Secret Of Life is. Cory erases the lesson, and talks to the class about the how everyone’s always wondered what the answer to the greatest of all questions is, and how he was lucky to have Mr. Feeny around to help teach him about it. He asks Lucas if he had any thoughts on the matter, Maya calls Lucas Moral Compass, which Zay continues to be shocked about, and reveals more about Lucas’ past, including that he’s a year older than everyone, until Cory tells Zay to stop. Zaya asks Cory if he knows about Lucas, and he tells him yes, which shocks Riley. Fed up with Zay running his mouth, Lucas reveals that he did something bad, and moved to New York for a fresh start, since no one would no him, but Riley wonders if she knows him now.

After the intro, we see the girls in the cafeteria talking about the shocking revelation about Lucas. While Maya tries to get Riley to cheer up, Lucas sits down, and tries to talk to Riley about the whole thing, but Riley cares more about weather or not this changes anything between them, this was such a big deal, that Maya actually calls Lucas by his actual name. Riley asks if everything Lucas said was true, and he tells her yes, she then asks him why he didn’t tell her about this, and then remembers, her Father never told her about this…

Later at home, Cory comes in and warns Topanga of the incoming storm. While Cory and Topanga talk about what they’re going to do until Riley walks through the door, Auggie offers to throw a fake tantrum, which they allow him to do. But once Riley storms through the door, Auggie stops since he can’t top that. Riley confronts Cory about Lucas, Riley asks why he would let her like him since he used to be a troublemaker, but Topanga tells her that it was all part of some lesson.

The next day, Cory teaches the class a very familiar lesson, about one person washing a car for 6 minutes, another person washing a car for 8 minutes, how long would it for them to wash the car together. While Riley wonders what this has to do with anything, Farkle chimes in with the same answer Stuart gave Mr. Feeny, 3 minutes, 25.7 seconds. Cory tells him he’s wrong, and just like Stuart, Farkle takes it well, and wonder why he’s teaching Math in a History class. Lucas tells Farkle (and Riley) that he’s just open minded. Cory tells the class that he teaches the he does because of how strict Mr. Feeny was. Farkle asks why he doesn’t teach the same way Mr. Feeny that Mr. Feeny taught his class, he told him he would just be imitating him, and wants to get his teaching across as well as George did. After that Cory assigns the four (plus Zay) to wash a car together, and that if they do it together they will find The Secret Of Life.

After the break, we get our first outdoor shot of the series, with Maya washing a Mini Coup (with Zay in the driver seat), and Farkle timing her. Maya washed her car in 19 minutes, far beyond what Farkle was hoping for. Farkle reveals that Riley and Lucas are the only ones who managed to at least wash the car as quickly as possible. Farkle orders Riley to wash the car with Lucas, but they do it separately. Lucas asks for water to rinse the car, and she proceeds to soak him until he tells her what he did, Lucas finally agrees to tell her if she gives him the hose, she does so, and he soaks her. While that’s happening Zay sits with Maya and they talk about their respective best friends. Maya asks him what Lucas did back in Texas, but he decides not to tell her, feeling that he said enough and that he’ll tell them eventually. After Riley and Lucas continue their water war, Farkle shouts at them for not getting the car dry, they grab Farkle and dry the car with him. Maya order Riley and Lucas to put Farkle down, then soaks the trio, while Zay looks back at the four.

The next day, Cory goes over the four’s car washing adventure, Farkle tells him what happened, and admits he was wrong. Cory reveals that there is no right answer to the equation, except on paper in a Math class. Finally, Cory reveals The Secret Of Life, Lucas tells Riley that he was a different person in Texas, but changed his ways once he moved to New York. And that’s the secret, “people change people”, and that no matter what they learn from Cory, it’s learning from the people they care about more important than anything they learn from a book, this is also the reason he lets his students talk out in class. Cory asks Lucas if he knows where Zay is, but he tells him he doesn’t know, and reveals a little about what happened in Texas, he tells him that Zay’s mouth gets him in trouble, and he has to look out for him even fighting anyone that would hurt him.

We cut to the hallway, where Zay is talking to a student leaning against the lockers, trying to make friends with him, but after a few too many slaps on the shoulder, the student, Joey, slams him against the lockers. Fearing for his life, Zay calls out for Lucas, Lucas goes to the hallway despite Cory protests, Riley, Maya, Farkle, and Cory follow after him. Zay apologizes for getting himself in trouble, and Lucas tells him to get out of here. After Joey lets Zay go Lucas slams him against the lockers, and threatens to beat him up (which impresses Maya), but decides not because he won’t ruin his reputation fight him, and Joey walks away. Lucas and Zay sit together and Lucas asks him why he came to New York, at first he gives a fake story about missing Lucas, but Lucas realizes that Zay’s dad got transferred, just like Lucas’ dad. Lucas tells him that he can’t be the guy Zay knew back in Texas, and Zay accepts that as they head to class, with Cory, Farkle and the girls following suit.

Later, While Maya and The Matthews’ are having dinner together. Riley and Auggie go over how easily they can individually annoy their parents, and decides to see how they can annoy them together. This prompts Cory and Topanga to leave the kids alone, and go see a movie. Riley tells them they can’t do that, but Cory tells them, there’s more than one Secret Of Life, as they head out.


Next to Gravity, this could be the top contender for best episode of the season (so far). The real credit goes to Peyton Meyer, he was really on top of his game in this episode. Amir Mitchell-Townes was hilarious as Zay, and he obviously has his Dad’s penchant for getting himself in trouble. The callbacks to Boy Meets World were great, and the message about people changing people was excellant. Oh, and the scene where Farkle tells Cory that Topanga was supposed to be his mother was just priceless.


Belgium Joke Counter: 4


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