Girl Meets World Recaps S2 E2 Girl Meets The New World

I’m gonna see the New World With nothin’ but the love you gave me Only thing I can do is to trust the time we shared
I’m gonna see the New World, With nothin’ but the love you gave me, Only thing I can do is to trust the time we shared.

The episode opens at the window, Maya is trying to talk to Riley about the kiss, but Riley’s trying to do everything she can to avoid the inevitable conversation. Maya continues to coax Riley into talking about it, but Riley tells her to get over it, and that there are far more important things going on right now. Farkle pokes his head out the window, and tells the girls he has two tickets to a concert and can only take one of the girls; Riley’s happy because now, something is happeing, and no one knows what could happen next. Because Riley hugged Farkle when came in, he decided to take her. After that, Cory and Topanga come in and tell the girls they have to babysit Auggie, Riley’s once again excited since they can finally avoid the conversation, until Cory tells them that they’re babysitting tomorrow night. Bringing her back to start. Maya once again asks her about the kiss, until Auggie comes in and tells the girls about his new friend at school, and his fear that Topanga might not like him, as since the last friend she met was Ava. Riley’s excited now, but Maya’s not worried as this is more Topanga’s problem, and Riley lets him go. Riley’s upset since all the people they know (sans Lucas) has come to them for pretty much every problem imaginable, but they couldn’t help them. But Maya points out that Riley does have one more person to help, her. Maya begs Riley to talk about, and Riley finally tells Maya, she kissed Lucas, and asks Maya what happens now, as we cut to the intro.

At school, Cory teaches the class on The New World. He explains how people traveled to a new land for new feelings and new opportunities, which startles Riley and Lucas. Farkle takes notice to this, and realizing Cory doesn’t know about the kiss, he and Maya decide to do some indirect torture to their friends, by asking Cory what people did after entering (kissing) The New World, which Confused Cory. Farkle turns it over to Maya, and accidentally reveals her middle name: “Penelope”, which Sarah makes fun of. Lucas was going to say something, but decides not to, after Maya calls him Huckleberry, and reminds him of the kiss. Maya tries to explain what Farkle was saying, weather or not one should talk to their friend about how great The New World is. Cory finally asks what’s going on here, Riley insists that nothings wrong, read aloud a passage from her (Health) book, which freaked her out. Cory asks Riley what’s going on, and Maya mentions Farkle kissing her hand, and asked Riley what she was doing during that, tells him she was doing nothing. Cory then walks up to Lucas, who flees from the classroom. Riley then transition  to the B-Plot of the episode.

At home, While Topanga’s working at the table, Auggie’s having a play date with his new friend he mentioned in the opening. Topanga walks up and asks Auggie what his new friend’s his name, and tells him his name is “Doy”, which confuses Topanga. Auggie tells her to let it go, but she ignores him. Topanga asks “Doy” to spell his name for her, and he spells it D-E-W-E-Y, and tells her the “W” is silent. Topanga tells “Doy”, that he’s wrong and his name is Dewey, and makes him cry. Cory rushes in and asks Topanga what she did to Dewey, which shocks her. Cory comforts Dewey and offers to take him to Auggie’s room and tell him a story, and they head in, with Auggie tagging along.

After the break, Riley and Maya are standing by the lockers, and turn around to see all the girls in their class standing behind them, with Sarah and Darby wanting to know if Riley and Lucas kissed. Riley denies everything, while Maya gives her own interpretation on the matter. On the other side of the hallway, it’s basically the same same situation, but with the boys crowding Lucas and Farkle; with Farkle asking Lucas what he and Riley are supposed to do next, Lucas defensively asks if there are rules to what they did. Farkle tells him that he’s not sure how one would kiss someone and not be with them afterward, he also explains that after kissing Maya’s hand, he got her an engagement ring, which is actually his mother’s ring from Stuart. Back with the girls, Sarah asks Riley if her and Lucas are a couple now, but Riley doesn’t know. Maya tells the other girls that she’s just confused and doesn’t know what any of this means yet, but Darby tells them that Riley and Lucas are meant to be together, like her and her boyfriend, Yogi (the extra Cory pried away from Darby last season). As Darby carries Yogi away, Maya tells Riley that the girl might have a point, and maybe her and Lucas should become a couple, and Riley tells Maya that she refuses to act under peer pressure. While Lucas is pretty much having the same conversation with Farkle, saying that he won’t give into peer pressure. Farkle threatens to carry Lucas, but he doesn’t believe him. This leads Farkle to say Darby’s name on-screen for the first time, as they carry Lucas to Riley, who’s being shoved over to him by Sarah. With both crowds surrounding them, Riley and Lucas finally (and awkwardly) ask weather or not they’re a couple. While this is going on, Farkle shows Maya the ring, and leaves her speechless.

Moments later, Riley and Lucas sit together while everyone looks at them, Riley asks someone (it’s unclear who she was looking at or talking to) what they’re supposed to do next. Sarah and Darby tell them they’re supposed to go on a date and staring at each other. Lucas tells them to stop and let him and Riley figure this out by themselves… And they’re at the newly refurbished Topanga’s Bakery, staring at one another.

At home, Cory, Topanga, and Auggie have a family meeting, concerning Topanga’s constant need to be right all the time. Cory tells Topanga that Dewey wants to be called “Doy”, and to just let it go. While they’re talking, Dewey pokes his head out the hallway. Topanga asks Dewey if she could talk to him, but he’s terrified of her, and Cory and Auggie telling him they would come to her isn’t helping either. He does walk up to her, but is still pretty scared. She picks him up and sits him on her lap, and tells him what’s going to happen next.

Later at Topanga’s, a waitress hands Riley and Lucas a smoothie with two straws, while the two sit there silently. Until finally deciding to talk about how good a job Topanga did with the redesign of the bakery. While they wonder why they seem so scared to talk to one another, Maya and Farkle come, whith Maya showing off her new-ish ring, accepting his proposal. Maya tells them that she’s only in this for the ring, which seemed to have upset Farkle, but he stops worrying about it. As an experiment, Maya has farkle to ask her to marry him without the ring and she tells him to die, then asks her again with the ring, and she starts gushing over the ring. Riley and Lucas tells Maya that what she’s doing is wrong, until Maya shows Riley the ring, and she wonders how the get diamond becomes so shiny, Farkle explains about putting a lot of pressure on a piece of coal. Farkle asks Lucas if he wants to leave, and Lucas tells him he’s going to walk Riley home. As Maya and Farkle leave, Riley and Lucas head out; holding each other’s hand, with everyone in school cheering.

After the break, Topanga and Dewey are still talking about the pronunciation of his name. Topanga tells her about her name, and how she was always made fun of for it, and tells her that she was given that name as it was important to very important to them. She goes on to tell Dewey that his name is important to his parents because they named him after the water that keeps the grass and plant life grow, she asks if the water is called, and tells her it’s “Morning Doy”, which leaves her baffled, and tells him to go play. Riley and Lucas walk in the apartment hand-in-hand, looking stiff and nervous. Topanga asks what’s going on and wonders if it’s about the kiss, which Cory finally finds out about, and as expected, throws a hilarious fit about it. Topanga tells them to stop giving into peer pressure and figure out what they are on their own. The two break up, and head to the bakery, and Topanga calls Dewey in for one more battle of wits.

At the bakery, Riley and Lucas sit and talk, but Riley’s still a little nervous. She asks Lucas what he would usually talk about with his friends, and they talk about basketball. This leads Riley to go on an awesome rant about representing the Knicks, and jumping on bandwagons, which impresses Lucas.

The next day, Riley and Lucas walk down the hall and announce to the school, that she and Lucas are just friends, and everyone should move on with their lives. After that, Maya and Farkle walk to class, in full wedding attire much to everyone’s shock. Maya tosses the bouquet to Riley, who hands it to Darby.

Back at home, Topanga and Dewey continue to argue about the pronunciation of his name. Cory comes in to try and stop this, but Dewey insists on letting her game continue. Topanga tells him to say his name right, but he continues calling himself “Doy”.

We’re then treated to a unique cover of the Michael Jacobs Productions jingle from Dewey.


Finally some closure on the disappointment of the finale. We finally cut to the chase about the whole “Rucas” situation, and it was very well handled. the extra screen time for Sarah and Darby was great, along with giving Darby’s boyfriend a proper introduction, plus he has a very minor, but important role in the next episode, and Riley’s rant about supporting The Knicks was awesome. The Topanga and Auggie subplot, was unnecessary, but very enjoyable, most of the enjoyment coming from Dewey, he had me cracking up, especially when he was trying to hide from Topanga. Overall, it was a pretty enjoyable episode, weather or not this marks the end of “Rucas” is unclear now, but hey, they ended with a sports rant; the best way to end a relationship.

Next, DJ Jazzy Jeff’s descendant graces the world of GMW, and we learn about The Secret Of Life… and maybe Mana?


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