Girl Meets World Recaps S2 E1 Girl Meets Gravity

Gravity, You have to see it, In 3D with me. George Clooney Died
Gravity, You have to see it, In 3D with me. George Clooney Died

The episode starts with Riley introducing herself to the audience, while standing behind a greenscreen background showing New York, America, Earth, Solar System, etc. After that she talks about her and her friends’ first day of 8th grade, both in and out of school.

We cut to Riley’s room, where Topanga wakes Riley up for school, but she doesn’t want to go, fearing that Cory’s going to be her teacher again. Topanga tells her no, and tells her that her and her friends are the kings of middle school. Cory comes in, very excited for the new year, and Riley asks Cory if he’s going to be her new teacher, and he tells her no, and he and Topanga tell her that they went through the same thing with Mr. Feeny from 6th grade to College (even though it’s been said that he’s been their teacher since at least Kindergarten). Riley asks how that’s even possible, and they tell her it was in an unexpected, but completely believable way and don’t explain how. Maya comes in, and climbs in bed with Riley, Cory orders them out of the bed, and Maya asks who the teacher’s going to be, Cory promises them that he’s not going to be their teacher, but the girls are still pretty skeptical about the whole thing. Just as Maya was about to bring up the kiss from last season, Riley pushes Maya out of the bed, and gets out of bed, and the girls head off to school (without their shoes).

The girls arrive at school, and Farkle walks up to the girls, he asks if Cory’s going to be their teacher again, but they’re not sure. The three run into Lucas, and thing seem to be, awkward between them after the kiss. Maya tells them they need to talk about it, and Lucas was about to, but Riley stops him mid-sentence. As the guys head in, the girls head in and sees a new teacher, Mr. Martinez, and they are ecstatic to not see Cory. Martinez asks the girls to take their seats. After that, he begins his first lesson on Belgium, 1831, which got Farkle excited. The girls decide to walk up to Martinez, for a closer look, Riley was about to touch his face, until he orders the girls to sit down. Martinez tells the girls (and the class) that their period of special treatment is over; Farkle asks for his “Farkle Time”, but Martinez thinks that he’s asking to use the bathroom. Lucas explains to Martinez that Farkle’s asking to take over the classroom, which just baffles Martinez, over how wild this class is. Mr. Martinez, goes over his plans as a teacher, to be an influential person that demands respect. Riley gets up, and pokes Martinez in the nose, forcing him to quit. Riley wonders what happens now, and Cory comes in, who’s just as upset about teaching the class as the girls, as we cut to the new updated intro, now with more Farkle!

After the intro, Riley and Maya continue to complain about Cory teaching the class again. While the boys complain about Martinez not letting them talk in class, or letting Farkle take over the class, with Riley quiping that she wasn’t sure History was suppose to be about their lives. Cory starts his lesson on Galileo, and how he revealed that, the sun didn’t revolve around the earth. Riley tells Cory that he revolves around her to much, and her and Maya tell him that they’re old enough to explore in their own and decide to transfer out of the class, they ask the boys if they want to join them but they tell them know since they enjoy having him as a teacher and likes that he lets the class talk in the middle of a lesson. Lucas asks why he does that and Cory answers him… Two episodes later. Cory hands them their transfer slips, and shows them the door.

We return to Riley monologuing about people believing they’re the center of the universe, and that everything revolves around them. And how we depend on the sun, for light and warmth, and hope that it comes again tomorrow.

We cut to Svorski’s Bakery, we see Topanga dropping Auggie off to help Mrs. Svorski. As Topanga heads out, Mrs. Svorski tells Topanga that she needs to put in more time at the bakery, Topanga asks her how she can do that, and Svorski tells her, to quit her job at the law firm, and take over the bakery. While Topanga tells her she couldn’t do that, since the bakery’s been here for years, Svorski tells her that the bakery is “old” and “knows it’s time is up”. After that brief, foreshadow Auggie asks Mrs. Svorski to tells him his favorite joke; she complies, but Auggie notices that it wasn’t as funny as it usually is, and asks her to say it right, she promises she will, if he talks Topanga into taking over the bakery and she tells her she’ll think about it.

At school, the girls enter their new classroom (which is just the normal classroom but rearranged), and hand their transfer slips to their new teacher, Alterna-Cory (yes, that her name, and yes she’s a woman). She orders them to sit in seats separate from one another. The girls protest against this, but Alterna-Cory ignores their pleas. The girls head to their seats, but not before walking past a couple of doppelgangers of themselves and the guys. While Alterna-Cory teaches her lesson on The Gold Rush, Riley continues to disrupt the class. Alterna-Cory warns Riley (who she refers to as Side Person) to stop, while her daughter Alterna-Riley cheers her on. Which leads the the rest of the Alterna-Fab Four to reenact scenes from last season, which freaks out Maya. Finally, having enough of the girls’ (whom she reffers to as Students 6 and 7) antics, she orders them to leave, and they do so (dramatically) as we cut to a commercial.

After the break, Riley explains how when one stands on the moon, it looks like the Earth revolves around you, but it’s really all about perspective. She then explains that, it’s hard for someone not to feel like they’re the center of the universe, it just takes something or someone to show them they aren’t.

At school, Cory shows his class one of his favorite plays: Thornton Wilder’s “Our Town”. Farkle points out that he can’t teach that to them since he’s not an English teacher. Cory explains that it is about history, the history about people who learn not to take what they have for granted, and a girl who revisits the home she grew up in. As Cory reads a snippet from the play, the girls come in and take their seats. Cory welcomes them back, and the girls ask if they missed anything, he tells them he’s just starting his lesson, and he transitions to the next scene.

The girls enter the bakery, and continue to complain about Cory being everywhere. Riley turns around and sees Topanga and asks why she’s here and tells her, she’s running the bakery now. And the girls aren’t very happy about that. As the girls sit at the window, Mrs. Svorski gives Auggie a rust old flour shaker, and tells him to keep it safe. While Riley continues to complain about her parents circling her like planets, Cory comes in wanting to spend time with her and Auggie. While that’s happening, Topanga introduces Mrs. Svorski to her new manager, while Topanga’s too busy to take care of things, Maya’s mother, Katy. Katy comes in and once again shows off her “acting chops”, which Mrs. Svorski seems to enjoy as she plays along with her. Maya walks up to talk to Katy, but Katy asks how great it’s going to be having her at the bakery all the time, and Maya’s left speechless.

After the break, the girls can take no more, and asks their respective parents to back off, feeling like their crowding them too much. Surprisingly, they comply, and promises to leave them alone. Riley asks if there are no hard feelings, and Cory tells them, and were just going to watch and see what happens. After that, Svorski asks Katy, if she’s staying and she tells her yes. Mrs. Svorski pinches Auggie’s cheek, and proceeds to look around while Auggie looks at her for what be the last time.

Riley concludes her monologue on Life, The Universe, and Everything, but this time, she’s not facing the camera. We learn that she’s actually giving a eulogy for Mrs. Svorski’s funeral, with The Matthews’, The Hart’s, Lucas, and Farkle, and extras in attendance. Riley talks about how she didn’t know Mrs. Svorski as well as Auggie, and was sad that she never got to know such a great person. Riley bring Maya up to the screen, and tells everyone, that they should circle around the one they care about for as long as they’re around, before going to their respective families and giving them a hug. Riley goes on to explain they we need to hold them close, as they’re the ones who hold us in place. Riley walks back to the screen, and repeats her introduction from the begining of the episode, And quotes the passage from “Our Town” that Cory read to the class, and ends her eulogy by wish Mrs. Svorski a good night. Riley sits with Auggie who tells her she did a good job on her eulogy, and shows her the flour shaker Mrs. Svorski left her. Riley opens it, and sees a note for Auggie. Auggie reads it and sees that it’s a new version of his joke, which makes him laugh, and everyone smile, and Auggie tells his family that he loves them.

After the funeral, Cory enters the living room, looks around for a moment, and makes a call. The call is to his teacher George Feeny, who seemed annoyed by his call. Cory asks him, if he’s alright, and he tells him yes, and he’s still here, which made Cory happy.


This was a great start to the season, and it’s a shame that it’s now the lowest rated episode of the season and of the series (so far). The scenes with Riley “sort of” breaking the fourth wall with her cosmic lesson that would make Neil deGrasse Tyson prould, was very enjoyable. But I kind of saw the whole Mrs. Svorski dying thing coming when I read the synopsis weeks before the airing. Also the scene with Mr. Feeny was wonderful, and as we all know, this won’t be the last we’ll see of him. Overall, this was a great start and the best is yet to come.

Before we go, say hello to the Belgium Joke counter, welcome to Season 2! Next time, Riley and Lucas become a couple… Or do they?

Belgium Joke Counter: 3


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