Dead Television: Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous

Ah, MTV aside from at least two or three shows, The Movie Awards, and the occasional music video I accidentally stumble upon early in the morning, you really don’t have alot of shows going for you in terms of good scripted shows. Don’t get me wrong, some of their scripted shows are great like Awkward, Finding Carter, and Faking It, and there are shows like Hard Times Of R.J. Berger, that while not as good as Awkward does have some merits (I’ll look in that when I review Hard Times in the future). And then there are shows like today’s subject, Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous.

The show follows Zach, a high school graduate who decides to skip college, and try to become famous by hiring an MTV camera crew, a having them film his daily exploits. Every episode has Zach doing various things to become famous, like being a celebrity chef, a ringtone musician, to even faking his own disappearance. His friends (or the only two people that are still around, and can actually put up with him), Greg and Amy, usually seems to go along with his schemes, but his family, (mainly his father and little brother) are easily irritated and annoyed by his exploits (usually due to his borderline shallow behavior), except Zach’s mother, Sydney, who seems to be enabling him, in fact in the final episode, Zach’s father, Drew, actually calls her on it, more on that later on. The first 8 episodes were terrible, but the last 4 episodes were actually better, and not to much of a chore to watch. As such, I’ll talk about those.

In the 9th episode, while trying to prank his brother, Andy, Zach and Amy kiss, and Zach assumes that he and Amy are going to start going out. In the 10th episode, Zach has a small opportunity to be famous by auditioning and staring in a student film, afterwards he and Amy’s temp love interest, Nick have a bad run-in, which not only puts Zach and Amy’s relationship in jeopardy, but also causes Zach to lose his acting gig, after an emotional outburst during filming.

In the penultimate, episode, Zach finds out that he can only keep the camera crew for four more days, so after deciding to become a local hero, he talks Greg into faking a drowning incident, which led to Greg saving Zach, and ending their friendship. After sending someone in the broadcasting studio the footage of his many adventures, and hearing said person insult him and seeing him throw away the footage, he decides to make up with Greg, stop trying to be famous, and go on with his life. Or he would’ve, if a news crew didn’t come over and asked to do a story on Zach.

The final episode was both pretty enjoyable and a missed opportunity, in the episode, Zach finally has an opportunity to finally become famous, by being interviewed on a morning talk show. Of course due to several incidents, from nearly cutting his father’s fingers off and “recasting” Andy. Andy and Drew decide not to take part, and Drew calls out Sydney for enabling him, but she denies this, until, Zach calls both of his parents selfish for holding up the report, and she and the rest of Zach’s family leave the house. After the report, Zach is kicked out of his home, and crashes with Greg for the night. The next morning, Zach has another interview, and after seeing videos of his family and Amy talking about how much of a great guy he is, Zach admits to the world, that HE’S the one that’s been selfish, and he’s been wrecking his relationships with his family and friends all in the purpose of becoming famous, and admits that he’s in love with Amy, and walks off the set to tell Amy how he feels about her, but she already left for college. After saying goodbye to the crew, Amy pops up, and saw everything, the two officially become a couple, and walk hand-in-hand out of the studio, ending the show… Or that’s where it SHOULD’VE ended, this is where the missed opportunity kicks in. Instead, as the couple walk out the studio, a crowd of people are cheering for Zach and Amy, and asks Zach for his autograph. As Zach is signing his autographs and singing his theme song, Amy looks into the camera with complete disappointment and uncertainty ending the show.


This was terrible, well at first at least, it wasn’t until the last episodes that the show started to shine. Zach was completely unlikable in his attempts of instant fame, while at the same time destroying his relationships with his family. It wasn’t until the very final 4 episodes that I started to care about Zach, when he actually owns up to his being such a blockhead in the finale, was a great moment, and it was that one point that I actually started to like him and hoped that he and Amy would get together. And it really sucks that the show wanted to pull a 180, and end the series by basically saying to the audience: “JUST KIDDING!!”. So yeah, Zach Stone was a bad show, but it could’ve redeemed itself, and it decided not to take it. I recommend just watching eps. 9-12 as they actually mix things up, the first 8 are just formulaic nonsense.

RANK: 3 out of 5

And now with this out of the way, we can finally start the recaps of Girl Meets World!


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