Girl Meets World Recaps Special: Girl Meets Demolition (AKA Girl Meets What The What)


At the bay window, Riley and Maya just sit there bored out of their minds trying to figure out what to do, and how to get money. Topanga comes in and implores the girls to go out and do something. Riley asks Topanga for a Bat Mitzvah so she could get money, but Topanga reminds them that money needs to be earned, which gives Maya an idea…

The girls go to Demolition (the store mentioned in Girl Meets Brother), to sell their clothes, it’s here we meet, Aubrey MacAvoy (played by Debby Ryan), who, when she sees the pile of clothes the girls bring in, immediately plans her scam.

After the intro, Maya plans their strategy on how much money they would get. While they’re doing that, Aubrey tricks a girl into selling her dress to her, and gives her $12 in return. Aubrey calls the girls to the counter, and offers $38 for their clothes, but Maya asks for triple the offer, but Riley ruins it by asking for double. Aubrey stands her ground at $38, but Maya tells her to keep this battle between the two of them. Aubrey takes a liking to Riley as she reminded her of a friend she used to have. Aubrey decides to give them $42 and throws in the dress from earlier. Maya finds the dress hideous, so Aubrey decides to talk Riley into buying it. Maya hopes she doesn’t fall for it, but being a cloudcuckoolander, Riley asks Aubrey of the store takes credit, Maya begs her to stop, but Aubrey decides to give her the dress for $50, but raises the price higher and higher every second, until $300. Riley buys the dress along with a pair of shoes.

At the apartment, the girls lament their current situation, and decide that Riley’s parents can never find out about this. Cory eventually finds out about this, though begging from the girls, he goes to demolition to get their money and their clothes back.

The trio arrive at Demolition, and Cory goes over the their strategy, he does the talking, and the girls do nothing. Cory walks up to confront Aubrey, but she sweet talks him into thinking he looks like Justin Timberlake, and buying clothes for himself as we cut to a commercial.

After the break, the girls (with Riley wearing the dress) and Cory decked out in clothes that I’m pretty sure doesn’t fit him, lamenting over their failure, Riley knows Topanga’s going to find out, but Cory assures them that she’ll never know. Topanga eventually finds out and berates the trio for their spending, and her jaw drops when she found out how much all three of them spent (the $500 plus the $1,00 Cory spent, all together they spent $1,500).

Later on, Topanga goes to Demolition, to try and get the money back. The two briefly match wits with one another, until Topanga explains that she has to let give Riley and Cory a refund for their purchases by using the Consumer Protection Penal Code. It almost looks like Topanga beat her, but Aubrey shows her a small sign by the register stating that there are no refunds for used products, Topanga argues that the sign is too small and can be easily missed. Aubrey shows her another sign alerting customers to the smaller sign. Aubrey shows off her knowledge of the law, by explaining the Merchant Prevention Penal Code. Aubrey goes to fold some clothes, Topanga goes to join her and tells she could be a good lawyer if she wasn’t terrible. Aubrey tells her that she’s going to own the store someday and would train Maya to be like her. Topanga tells Aubrey, Maya will never be like her since she has a good influence in Riley, and asks to speak to her manager, but Aubrey decides to bring the owners, who also happens to be her parents; she explains Topanga reason for wanting her money back, but Aubrey’s father explains that when wide-eyed girls come in wanting a quick buck by selling clothes, they buy the girls’ clothes for cheap, and sell their clothes at ridiculous prices, which just dumbfounds Topanga.

After the break, the girls sit at the window to reflect on their mistake. Maya asks Riley if she let her down, but Riley assures her that she’d never let her down. Maya then laments on her being a terrible bad influence on Riley, but Riley once again assures her that she’s a great bad influence. While Riley comforts Maya, she comes up with an idea to get rid of the dress and shoes, and get their old clothes and money back.

Back at Demolition, Aubrey receive’s a phone call from a very familiar voice. The lady asks for the dress claiming that it’s an heirloom, and is willing to pay $2,500 for it; Aubrey asks for $4,000 dollars and some time to get. The Voice accepts the deal, and will come by to pick it up at 5:00. After she hangs up, Aubrey looks for the receipt and calls The Matthews’.

Later on, The Matthews’ and Maya come in, and are shocked that Aubrey changed her mind. Riley gives her the dress, the shoes, and all of Cory’s clothes (except the shirt, it’s stuck on him), also asks for her and Maya’s clothes. Aubrey protests against this, but while she argues, we find out that the mystery voice, was Evelyn Rand. Aubrey recognizes her and knows that she’s a billionaire. Evelyn asks for the dress, and Aubrey immediately cancels the charges, and orders the girls to grab their clothes and leave. While the girls get their clothes, Aubrey tries to pull a fast one and ask for $5,000, Evelyn laughs at the offer, and tells Riley that she was right about Aubrey. This shocks both Aubrey and Maya. Maya compliments Riley on her scam, but Riley tells her that it isn’t over yet. Evelyn demands to speak to the owners, they come out and they both recognize Evelyn. Eveyln asks how much they like for the entire store, Aubrey tells her that they aren’t interested, until they see how much money she’s willing to give them; they’re immediately ready to give up the store, which devastates Aubrey. This turned out to be a ruse to show Aubrey the error of her ways. Evelyn explains that no one’s going to buy things from the store if they’re scamming kids, and encourages her to be better than she is. And as she leaves, Evelyn tells the girls to keep being who they are. While the girls pat themselves on the back, Maya notices a toy astronaut on horse, and asks Aubrey how much it costs, to make up for ripping them and Cory off, she gives to them, for free.

Back at the apartment, while the girls and Topanga fold their clothes, Aubrey comes over, and asks Topanga if she really thinks she can be a good lawyer, Topanga tells her yes, but need good influences. Riley and Maya volunteer, and ladies head to the bay window. As the ladies walk off, Cory asks Auggie if he looked great in those clothes, and Auggie annoyingly answers yes, which makes him smile.


This was a good stand alone episode, Debby Ryan was very great as Aubrey, Jackee Harry was both funny as Evelyn, and it was nice to see her give the lesson for once, but I’m very glad that the girls actually remembered her this time. This is the first episode where Corey Fogglemanis doesn’t appear as Farkle, not even for a quick fourth wall bending cameo, Lucas doesn’t appear either, but he’s done that four times now. Another big change in this episode occurred behind the scenes, Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel are now co-producers on the show, and William Russ (Alan from Boy Meets World) joined the production staff, also he’ll be directing an upcoming episode this season. Speaking of Season 2, you may have noticed something different about the girls in the first airing, well this is actually a Season 2 episode, the episode was swapped with another episode from Season 1 called Girl Meets Fish, weather that episode will be given the same treatment as Demolition is unknown at this time. But I digress, overall, Demolition was both an enjoyable special and great sneak preview of Season 2.

And with that said, we conclude Season 1 (and Demolition), the Season 2 recaps are coming soon, next time, Dead Television.


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