Girl Meets World Season 1 Review

Alright everyone, change of plans, since Demolition, isn’t part of season 1, we’re gonna look at that later this week, instead I’m gonna do the review Season 1 first.

So far, Girl Meets World, is an outstanding continuation to Boy Meets World, managing to appeal to both older fans of Boy, and both attracting new fans, and serving as an introduction to Boy Meets World for a younger audience. While not as serious as BMW, GMW does a good job capturing the spirit and passion of the original series. While Girl Meets World has some kinks to work out, the show has potential to stand out on it’s own. Not to mention, we get some nice fan-service moments for us long-time fans, with flashbacks and returning characters of the like.

Having said that, the show does have it’s problems here and there, one problem I’ve heard about was the lessons that Cory teaches the class, or at least the four main characters serve as the driving force of every episode, in BMW, when Mr. Feeny teaches something to the students (all of them not just the main characters), it was only seldomly connected to the episode. Now, I never really saw that as a problem for me, but, I suppose we could do without the lessons being thrown in the kids’ faces. Personally the problem I had with the show, was it’s scheduling, sometimes the show’s flowing narrative gets a little confusing at times, in fact I briefly touched upon this in the Farkle’s Choice Recap. This fault lies with the Disney Channel, not the writers, in fact, they poked fun at this on Twitter once. Lastly, Auggie and Topanga are terribly underused, while they both get their fair share of screentime, their b-plots are too repetitive. Speaking of Topanga, poorly utilized. I could count how many episodes, she had where she was (partially) the main focus of the story.

Overall, while the show’s still has some problems to iron out (something tells me scheduling won’t be one of them anytime soon), it’s still an excellent show. Back in my review of Girl Meets Father, I said that Girl Meets World is the best show on the Disney Channel, and I still stand by the statement, and after what I’ve seen in the Season 2, the best is definitely yet to come.

Next, the recap for Girl Meets Demolition. For real this time!


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