Girl Meets World Recaps S1 E20 Girl Meets First Date

The day their lives changed forever....
“Hey, things change.” – Cory Matthews

Sorry for the delay! After the last 10 posts, I fell into a bit of burn-out. So I took a break, but hopefully I can have these last posts for Season 1 done before the week-long premier of Season 2 starts. If not, then the Season 1 overview maybe out by at least Wednesday.

And now with that said…

At school, Cory’s strolling down the hallway, giving an outer narration about his enjoyment for the end of the year, and the students starting to date one another, and is happy that he doesn’t have to worry about his daughter dating anyone in school. Until he remembers, Riley has a crush on Lucas, and both of whom are in his class. As the mellow music plays when the kids start to gaze at one another, Cory grabs Riley and carries her into the classroom and locks-out Lucas. Understandably, Riley asks what Cory’s problem is, and Cory tells her that it time for The Talk. As he starts to explain The Birds and The Bees, in front of everyone, Lucas tries to enter the classroom through the backdoor, but Cory beats him to the punch. As Cory taunts Lucas, Lucas enters the classroom, and reminds Cory that he’s gotten to know him for the entire school year, and asks him to admit that he likes him, which Cory refuses to do. Lucas also reminds him that he’s one of the good kids, and asks him what he’s so afraid of. Cory addresses the class and cancels today’s lesson on Belgium, much to Farkle’s horror (according to the writers, this will be a running joke in Season 2).  Cory explains that it’s Spring, and everyone has Spring Fever, and proceeds to describe the tropes of dating, and it’s leading to being a couple. During his rant, he separates Darby from her unnamed extra/boyfriend. While he carries the extra away, Cory begs Riley to stay 13. Farkle interjects, since he’s afraid Lucas dating Riley, he offers himself to Riley. Riley gets up and tells Cory that she’s going to decide who she will or will not date, at least until somebody ask her. Lucas raises his hand, much to Riley’s, Maya’s, and the audiences surprise, and Cory’s shock.

After the intro, the kids talk in the hall about the insanity from earlier. Riley wonders when everything in their lives get complicated, and then tells Maya that boys have it easy since they get to ask. Lucas and Farkle are talking about the same thing, but they think girls have it easy, since according to Farkle all they have to do is say “no”, but Lucas reminds him that they could say “yes”. Riley talks about how the boys wouldn’t last a day in their place, but Maya tells her that if she wants something, to just go for it. Back across the hall, Farkle confesses to Lucas that he used to think of him as a threat, but realizes that he could be great solution to his love triangle; if Lucas dated one of the girls, than Farkle can date the other and vice-versa. While the boys try to decide who would date who, Maya walks up to the boys and asks Lucas out, much to Riley’s shock.

At the window, Riley is still in shock. Maya enters the room, she tries to close Riley’s mouth, but she almost bites her, and orders her to get out and calls her a traitor. Maya’s (sarcastically) shocked by Riley’s hurtful allegation, and asks if it has anything to do with her asking Lucas out, and Riley says yes. Maya asks Riley if she thinks Lucas is cute, and Riley tells her he’s “a’ight”. Maya asks if she wants Lucas to ask her out, Riley tells her maybe, but her asking Lucas out ruined her 8 year plan. Maya reminds her that she’s liked Lucas since she landed on his lap, Riley reminds her, that she pushed her, but Maya told her, that she pushed him. Riley wants to know what she meant, but she tells her not to worry about it. Riley’s more worried about her and Maya’s friendship, and they get into a heated Q/A session. Finally Riley asks if she can be her maid of honor, and she says yes, when she marries anyone but Lucas. Confused, Riley asks what she’s talking about, and Maya tells her that Lucas isn’t going out with her. Riley asks Maya if she wants her to date Lucas. The girls sit close to each other, and Riley asks her if life is changing, and Maya tells her yes, but their friendship will stay the same. Suddenly the doorbell rings, and the girls run to the living room.

Cory answers the door, and is angry to see Lucas, he tells him that Auggie isn’t here, but Lucas tells him that he’s not here for Auggie. Cory tells him that Riley isn’t home either, unaware that she and Maya are standing behind him. To Cory’s shock, Lucas tells him that he’s not here to see her either, he’s here to talk to him. Cory tells him no, and slams the door in his face.

After the break, Lucas pushes the door open (with Cory still barricading it), and asks Cory if he can talk to him in private. Cory asks if it’s about homework or grades, Lucas tells him no, and Cory tells him to leave. Lucas continues to ask Cory if he can talk to him, but Cory continues to ignore him. Cory asks if it’s about a historical event, and Lucas lies to him and tells him it is, and Cory lets him talk. Lucas tells him he wants his permission to ask out Riley. Upset, Cory sicks Topanga on Lucas. Topanga commends Lucas for wanting to ask Cory for permission to date Riley, but asks if he thinks Riley is ready to date, Riley cuts-off Topanga mid-sentence and says she’s ready. Maya interject and tells Cory not to think of it as a date, but a fantasy world where he’s not in there. Topanga compliments her on her interjecting, but Josh comes in, making Maya weak. Josh announces that he’s going to be in New York all summer participating in the NYU pre-college program, which nearly brings Maya to her knees. Cory asks Josh to convince Riley that she’s too young to start dating. Instead of telling her not to date, Josh congratulates Riley and Lucas, much to Cory’s annoyance. Maya flirts with Josh, but he reminds her once again that he’s too old for her, but she still ignores him, driving Josh to run to the bakery for his meeting with his campus advisor. Lucas finally asks Cory for his blessing since he pretty much got  the blessings of all the principal characters. Auggie and Ava come in and announces their “engagement”, much to Topanga’s annoyance. As Topanga and the kids walk out the living room, Farkle comes in and asks Cory if he can ask Riley out on a date, but Cory has an idea, he allows Lucas to date Riley, on the condition that it’s a double date, with Maya and Farkle. Lucas agrees, and asks Riley out, and without hesitation, says yes. Cory forces Maya to ask out Farkle, and he faints.

At the bakery, Josh is having his interview with his campus advisor, Sophie Miller. Josh starts to flirts with Sophie, but she doesn’t seem interested. The girls come in and talk about their date, Riley’s ecstatic, but Maya’s still upset. Things don’t get any better when Riley sees Josh talking to Sophie (most likely believing that he’s on a date). She tells Maya not to turn around, but she does so anyway, and was devastated to Josh and Sophie together.

After the break, in kind-of an inverse from Girl Meets Brother, Topanga’s in Riley’s room helping her get ready for her date. Riley asks Topanga if she remembers her first date with Cory, and Topanga shares some references from Boy Meets World (including the day Cory met Shawn). Maya comes in, dress very well, for someone who didn’t even want to go on this date. Maya explains that because this was a special moment for Farkle she decided to give him at least 84%.

In the living room, Cory talks to Auggie and Ava about their odd pre-school relationship, but they ignore him, and argue about an incident at school. As tries to tell the kids that they might not be ready for a relationship, the two exchange vows, while Cory sits there in confusion. Topanga walks in, and talks to Cory about the girls, while Cory introduces her to her the newlyweds. And as usual Topanga throws her out, while Auggie protests against this.

At the train station, the boys are waiting for the girls. Farkle’s nervous about the whole thing, but Lucas assures he’s gonna be alright. The girls enter and Lucas is left breathless. When Lucas sees Riley he tells her that this will be a memory he’ll never forget. As Farkle tries to keep his cool the train arrives.

On the train, Josh is talking to Sophie. He asks her if she’s interested in dating him, but she gives him the same routine he would usually give to Maya. Speaking of, the kids get on the train, looking forward to whatever they’re going to do. Riley once again (first time was in Girl Meets Game Night) asks the age old question: “What could possibly go wrong?”, and Lucas points them to Josh and Sophie. As Sophie leaves Josh, Maya walks up, and the two have a (*ahem*) heart-to-heart (no pun intended). Riley wants to console Maya, and was about to ask Lucas, but immediately gives her the go ahead, mutually ending the date. The girls talk, and Maya makes it up to Riley, by recreating her and Lucas’ first meeting from the pilot. Riley asks Lucas about memories one would never forget, he says yes, and Riley kisses him. Farkle sees this and tries to kiss Maya and instead kisses her hand, which she enjoyed.

Back at home, Riley, Maya, Cory, and Topanga sit in their respective windows. They talk about life changing, Maya and Topanga ask Riley and Cory if they’re scared but tell them they’re not.


As a regular episode, it’s enjoyable, but as a season finale, I’m afraid it falls flat. While the episode was fun and had a couple of memorable lines here and there; my personal favorites being between Cory and Lucas, the Josh/Maya subplot was dull, the Auggie and Ava’s story was unnecessary, and the biggest offender to the story, we never even see the first date. Overall, it’s an underwhelming finale, but was still a decent watch. And hey, I was right, Farkle does kiss Maya… Sort of.

Next time, we look at Girl Meets Demolition, a very odd episode that’s doesn’t fall into either Season 1 or 2.


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