Robotech The Untold Story To Get An Official Release (April Fools)


Before we begin, I just like to say, yes I do know about Sony obtaining the rights to Robotech from Warner Bros., and announced their plans to make a franchise out of it. I meant to mention it earlier, but I really didn’t have a lot to say about it, since the film’s been in development since 2007. I may talk about it in the future, but for now, I’m just gonna wait and see what happens. Another thing I forgot to mention, was what became of Harmony Gold. Yes they’re still around but they’ve been keeping quiet lately. Oh, and I if I don’t mention it, someone else will, H.G. attempted to try and release Dragon Ball to a US audience. After dubbing only five episodes, and the first and third movies, they lost the licence. Last year, they attempted a Kickstarter campaign, to launch a new Robotech series: Robotech Academy. The funding fell through, they do have plans to release the show though new media networks, I assume they’re referring to either Netflix or Hulu, but it’s really unclear as of now. But now on to the matter at hand…

Yes, I guess hell finally froze over, and someone at Harmony Gold read and watched everyone’s thoughts and opinions on Robotech The Untold Story, and has decided give the movie a new chance of life. Earlier today, Frank and Ahmed Agrama, have announced that they have re-obtained the rights to all three parts of MegaZone 23. With plans to re-dub and release them all as straight-to-DVD/Blu-Ray features. Each film will be released and re-titled as Robotech The Lost Generation Trilogy, and no they are not connected to the series of novels by Jack McKinney. All three films will be headed by Shadow Chronicles’ co-director, Tommy Yune.

The first film, will be released as Robotech: The Untold Story, It’ll follow Carl Macek’s original plan with the story tying in with the first season. With Mark Landry trying to uncover a mystery involving the Earth Government hiding the secret of the SDF-1’s disappearance. This time, H.G., got permission from Tatsunoko Productions, to use references to the Macross Saga. The film will be a complete dub, and the bonus ending won’t be used either, though they may add this to the bonus feature.

The next film, Robotech: Tell Me The Secret, takes place six months after, The Masters season, and follows a new protagonist, Johnny Winters. Johnny is wanted for the murder of Kelley Stevens and is being hunted down by military and police under the control of Andrews. Johnny fights back by joining a biker gang named The Thrashers, who regularly have skirmishes against the police. Meanwhile a war between, a sub-faction of the Zentradi, called the Delzag has also continued, but despite their best efforts and new more powerful weapons, the war seems to be going badly for the military. To add to their woes, the EVE program wasn’t wiped completely from the M.O.D.A.T.-5 and has regained some of its power back. It continues to interrupt radio and TV broadcasts asking for Mark to make contact with her. The Thrasher gang discover a modified M.O.D.A.T.-5 is sitting in a warehouse, and Johnny decides to steal it. However it is in fact a trap set by Andrews to capture Johnny.

And the final installment, Robotech: Birth of The Shadows, will tie-in to both Shadow Chronicles and Shadow Rising, with Mark returning as the main character. Back on Earth, the underground city has been rebuilt and evolved into New Eden City. Although this city is perceived as a paradise, its citizens are forbidden to leave by the city’s central computer, because of some incidents of the past. But a group of Hackers want to free humanity earlier against the will of the system. Mark changes professions from mechanic to game engineer, who got a job at a software corporation which also controls the System, but he has also become an illegal hacker. In truth, he took the job at the Corporation to get closer to their systems. Some people actually believe that there is a real Eve hidden somewhere in the city, but Mark Dismisses these stories. During some gaming sessions, Mark encounters some strange malfunctions and voices. Later, the corporation discovers his illegal hacking activities and uses their knowledge to force Mark to help them finding the boss of the hacker group, a famous cyberterrorist, but later, he learns that this “Cyberterrorist” isn’t as evil as thought and there is a real enemy.

All three of films will be released, between late 2015 and early 2016. This is a very exciting moment for all Robotech fans. Let’s hope this was all worth the wait.


One thought on “Robotech The Untold Story To Get An Official Release (April Fools)

  1. Clustm4n November 11, 2015 / 3:49 am

    the new series will call Delta

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