The 100th Post: Robotech (The Movie): The Untold Story Part 2

Mark and Andrews face- off for the final time (ignore the watermark below).
Mark and Andrews face-off for the final time (ignore the watermark below).


The film opens with a narrated Star Wars-esque crawl expositing the backstory of The Macross Saga, without mentioning anything from Macross. Explaining the crashing of SDF-1, the ensuing battle the resulted from it’s crashing, subsequent repair, and most of the resulting damage done to the Earth. 16 years after the First Robotech War, and two years before the Second Robotech War, the Robotech Masters of Tirol begin their plan to retrieve the destroyed SDF-1’s (still operational) “mother computer”. The masters send out a fleet of Bioroids to combat the humans. A squad of soldiers from the Army of The Southern Cross, lead by Todd Harris fought against the Masters. Todd notices that the Masters are capturing civilians instead of killing them. Col. B.D. Andrews joins the battle and fights alongside Todd, but gets captured. The Masters leave much to the confusion of the Earth Defense Force.

On their flagship, the Robotech Masters notice that one of the captured humans, Andrews, is a high ranking officer at the Robotech Research Center which is where the Memory Matrix is being held. The Masters create a clone of Andrews, who will follow their orders to a “T”. The Masters send out the clone and destroys the real Andrews, and the other humans they captured earlier. Upon his arrival, the clone gains complete control of the Robotech Research Center, and goes on TV to deny rumors of another alien war on Earth.

Elsewhere, teen mechanic Mark Landry gets a call from Todd asking him to meet him in an underground parking lot. There, Todd shows him the M.O.D.A.T.-5 (MObile DAta Terminal), an advanced data terminal to a massive military computer as well as being able to transform from futuristic Akira-esque motorcycle to robot. Todd tells Mark that he stole the bike from the military to expose a cover-up about the invasion by Supreme Command and Col. Andrews. He tells Mark that they have to contact someone named “Eve”, but in conversation is cut short when Andrews’ men come to retrieve the bike. During the scuffle, Mark escapes with the M.O.D.A.T.-5 and unknown to Mark, Todd is killed by Andrews’ men. An attempt to find Mark and the bike, but Mark already got away. Mark returns to the garage, and gets the bike repainted from brown to red (thus giving my Akira reference more meaning). Mark tells the story to his co-workers, but they don’t believe him.

The next day, Mark picks up his girlfriend, Becky Michaels, on his (regular) bike to take her to an audition, but they fight due to his being late to pick her up. However, she forgives him, and lets him take her to her audition since he can get through the heavy traffic. He also convinces Becky to give him the number of her aspiring directer friend, Kelley Stevens, so she can cast him in her movie. Meanwhile, Rolf Emerson launches an assault on one of the Masters’ flagships. The battle ends in disaster, with most of the squadron being wiped out. The Masters were warned by Andrews of the attack. After the attack, Andrews’ proposal to get the SDF-1’s computer, dubbed the E.V.E., to provide counterattack solutions, was approved by Supreme Command. He is now in complete control of the Memory Matrix and gives the order to transmit the entire computer’s data to an old abandoned satellite. He explains that it’s just to warm up the computer, but they have their doubts. The signal is actually being intercepted by The Masters, who store the information in their own databanks.

Kelley convinces Mark to use the M.O.D.A.T.-5 in her movie, but Mark is feeling uneasy about it. As Mark and Becky film a scene together, pop star Eve appears on a giant screen bellowing her newest hit single, “The Future Is Now”, and as a result ruins the take. Mark wonders if she’s the “Eve” Todd was referring to. Becky is worried about Mark’s attitude and wonders if he’s in some kind of trouble. After filming, Mark calls Eve on her TV talk show to see if she knows anything about Todd and the M.O.D.A.T.-5. But the all is cut short on TV, even though Mark continues talking to Eve for several minutes assuming his call is still being broadcast. Eve suggests that he brings the M.O.D.A.T.-5 to the studio, but on his way, Andrews’ men (who are disguised as civilians) try to capture him. Mark evades capture again, after a fight on a highway which destroys most of the goons’ equipment and sends Mark and the M.O.D.A.T.-5  crashing into a local playground, much to the amazement of a couple of kids.

Mark’s not sure if Eve’s stringing him along, so he puts on a “disguise” (he just puts on a hat, and doesn’t change his clothes, and everyone buys it. But I digress), and searches the TV station for her. What he finds shocks him, Eve is not a real person, but a hologram programmed by a computer. Mark ponders what to do next, but Eve contacts him via the M.O.D.A.T.-5.Eve tells Mark that she’s a supercomputer called E.V.E. and that The Masters have come for her. Supreme Command is trying to cover up the invasion, but Todd found out, stole the M.O.D.A.T.-5, and attempted to go public with it and the attack. Someone is sending her data to The Masters, but she doesn’t know who’s doing it. But, she does know that once The Masters have the data, they’ll destroy the Earth. Eve begs Mark to help her, and guides him to the underground base where her massive physical form is.

The moment Mark arrives, Eve’s transmissions are being jammed. Andrews’ men discover him and attack him in their Hargun mechs. Mark takes them out, but Andrews’ challenges him and both end up in a “space simulator” (in MegaZone 23, they’re actually in space, long story if you haven’t seen it). But Mark manages to damage Andrews’ mech. Mark makes a deal with Andrews, if he saves him from the gravity core of the “simulator”, Andrews tells him everything, and he agrees. Andrews tells Mark that Todd snapped in battle and wasn’t telling the truth, and that he was undergoing psychiatric care. Mark doesn’t believe him, and told him he’s been talking to E.V.E. Andrews claims  that he created the message so he could return the M.O.D.A.T.-5. Mark doesn’t know what to believe anymore and takes off with the M.O.D.A.T.-5, despite Adrews’ pleas for him to surrender.

Mark calls Becky and tells her that she and her friends could be in danger. Becky tries to get more information out of him, but he just tells her that he doesn’t want to get her in any trouble. Later, Mark shows up at a taping where Becky is performing as a dancer (where the song “In My Heart” by Three Dog Night plays in the background). But Mark is annoyed when Roger Burke, the sleazy director of the show, starts to hit on Becky. Mark spies on Becky in a hotel room (where the other dancers are staying at), using surveillance equipment in the M.O.D.A.T.-5. Roger enters the room, and tries to force Becky to have sex with him (you know, for kids!), Enraged by this, Mark switches the M.O.D.A.T.-5 to robot mode and smashes into the room, and grabs Becky out of the room. Becky’s shocked, but pleased about the whole thing, and even tries to make light of the situation, and then Mark slaps her back to reality. This prompts Becky to tell Mark to piss off and walks home.

Meanwhile, the Earth Defense Forces try another attack on The Masters. Unfortunately since they used the E.V.E. to formulate their battle plan, their enemy already knows the moves they’re going to make. It is soon evident that the battle is a failure, and the Earth Forces retreat. But the only way out is for the Earth battleships to jump into hyperspace as the E.V.E. is in complete control of the main battleship and it’s system can’t be overridden. The decision to shut down E.V.E. is taken by the staff, but an angry Andrews forces them to turn the computer back on again. But the staff are very nervous that the enemy could be infiltrating E.V.E.’s signal and call the head of the Ministry of Computer Science, Prof. Daryl Embrey. Prof. Embrey immediately orders them to stop transmissions and attempts to have Andrews kicked off the project. Andrews responds by making his officers create a coup against the government. Once he’s in control, he starts up the transmissions of the E.V.E. to the abondoned satellite again.

Mark decides try to make up with Becky. Unfortunately, while they’re out having fun, back at the apartment, Kelley is shot and killed by Andrews’ men as she finishes her movie. They take the film of the M.O.D.A.T.-5 and leave Kelley to die. Later, Mark, Becky, and Stacy Embrey (Becky’s other roommate) are horrified when they discover Kelley’s body. Mark vows to find and kill Andrews, and takes off in the M.O.D.A.T.-5 to find him. Becky comforts Stacy, but Stacy’s father, Prof. Embrey, calls and tells her that they have to leave the country for a while. In one last attempt to stop Andrews, Professor Embrey plans to fly to the Robotech Alaska Base, to override the E.V.E. computer. He sends a car for Stacy, leaving Becky all alone. Little do they know, Andrews’ men are tailing the car.

Mark travels to the Robotech Research Center where the E.V.E. computer is. He fights off Andrews’ men, despite being low on ammo, but is beaten and left for dead by Andrews himself. Andrews then turns his attention to Prof. Embrey, and heads to the airport ti ambush him and his daughter. Eve wakes Mark and tells him of Andrews’ plans. The M.O.D.A.T.-5 is heavily damaged, but Eve tells him that there is a fighter ship close by which he an use. Despite being badly injured, Mark heads to the fighter, and takes out the soldiers guarding the fighter. Eve helps Mark start the fighter and regretfully tells him, that Todd is dead. Mark is angry, but Eve explains that she was afraid he wouldn’t help her if he knew the truth. On the way to the airport, Becky sees Mark’s fighter fly past. Not knowing what it is, and concerned about Stacy’s safety, she heads to the airport.

The Robotech Masters are getting impatent with the clone, and decide to take matters into their own hands. They descend in their flagship to defeat the humans and destroy the planet. But by now E.V.E. has regained full consciousness and forms a battle plan for the Earth troops, who eventually takes down the flagship and thwart the Robotech Master’s plans. The remaining ships in The Master’s fleet leaves Earth’s orbit, and return to Tirol. Where they’ll neeever bother anyone again.

Back at the airport, Andrews begins his attack, destroying both the tanks guarding the professor and his daughter, and the control tower. Mark arrives in his fighter and attacks Andrews’ army, but is eventually shot down by Andrews in his Hargun, causing the fighter to burst into flames. Mark ejects inside the M.O.D.A.T.-6 which was hidden within the fighter. The mech emerges from the flames, and Mark and Andrews have one last fight. Mark finally defeats Andrews, he fires a single shot at the Hargun’s cockpit, destroying both Andrews and the mech. The fighting damages Embrey’s jet and it explodes. Stacy tries to remove some debris that fell on her father, but Mark comes to rescue them both. As Andrews’ men retreat, Becky runs through the rubble looking for Stacy but sees Mark. She runs towards him and calls out his name. They hug, while Stacy and the Professor watch from a distance, as “The Future Is Now” plays us out.


Recently, Linkara released his latest installment of History Of Power Rangers, and mentioned that Power Rangers RPM had a lot of pre and post production problems, and said that it was a miracle that the show ever came out, well it’s a miracle this movie was even made, or given any form of a release. Now, the film is OK, but it’s execution was terrible. The Southern Cross scenes really ruined the film, while Macek tried to mesh the stories together, it still felt like two different stories. Another problem, lies within the story of MegaZone 23, Stacy and Kelley (A.K.A. Mai and Tomomi) were actually very important there, but here, they’re nothing more but extras, and when Kelley died I and anyone who saw the movie didn’t really feel anything for her. Plus there was an entire subplot removed from the film, where Mark (A.K.A. Shogo) learns that the world he lived in was fake, and he and his friends have been living in a spaceship for five centuries. But I will say this, the bonus ending was great, it blended well with the MegaZone animation, and tied in perfectly with the story. And it’s soundtrack was awesome, it had some of the best 80’s pop music you’ll ever hear in animated movie, well, aside from Transformers The Animated Movie. So, while the film itself is OK, it’s history is far more interesting, and that should be made into a movie on it’s own And speaking of history…

So, after getting screwed over by Golan/Globus, Macek disowned the movie, and no longer considered it part of the Robotech lore. After that, he left Harmony Gold and started Streamline Pictures, which not only dubbed anime classics like Akira and My Neighbor Totoro, but also, dubbed Megazone 23, but it’s not part of Robotech cannon. Before he left Harmony Gold, he did an english dub, of the Megazone 23 sequel, which was actually pretty good, if you have the time check it out it’s on YouTube. That’s actually where I first saw Robotech The Movie, but sadly it’s been taken down due to copyrights, so the only way to see it is to find the VHS. If you have the money, you could attempt to grab the VHS on eBay, and come up with your own opinions on the film. Also, if you’d like to know more about Cannon Films, and Golan/Globus, check out the documentary, “Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films”, it goes in depth on Cannon’s rich history in bad decisions and cheesy 80’s movies. I’m not sure if they mention Robotech in here, but I hear it’s an interesting watch.

I’d like to thank each and every one of you, for joining me on this crazy adventure, and helping me reach 100. I’d also like to thank the website, Memory Matrix, a website dedicated to both the Robotech Movie and the MegaZone 23 Franchise. The website was very influential in the making of this post, and I’d be hard pressed to tell you not to visit the site.

And believe me, I have no plans to stop, I have countless plans, many of them are coming, and there are some that’ll really surprise you.

I hope you’ll still be here ready to ride along with me, because together… WE WILL WIN! Until next time.

For Carl Macek


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