Top 10 James Bond Theme Songs

Nobody does it better (I'd say
Nobody does it better.

That’s right! We’re returning to the world of 007, Bond, James Bond. But here we’re throwing our hats at the wall, with one of the most hotly debated topic of the James Bond Franchise, it’s theme songs. Before we go any further, I’d also like to point out, I’m not a music critic, so some of my descriptions might be short and brief… And with that said…

10. Moonraker– Dame Shirley Bassey- Moonraker well, what else can you say about it, other than it being a “Star Wars” knock-off, but the theme is still very enjoyable, and the film itself is a guilty pleasure for me.  Dame Shirley may have regarded the song as “not her own”, but I still love this song.

9. Everything Or Nothing– Mya- I kind of cheating here, since this is from a video game, but it’s a pretty good song, and it wouldn’t feel right to not mention this. There are three versions of the song, the original and jazz variant were very enjoyable, however, the remix isn’t something I’d like to recommend.

8. License To Kill– Gladys Knight- While not as “poppy” than the past Bond films, and fitted the more serious tone of the film. Gladys’ vocals are softer than usual, and the lyrics go well with the music. Gladys Knight gives a fine vocal performance, and gives the brief Dalton era a decent swan song. No pun intended.

7. A View To A Kill– Duran Duran- If Goldfinger (which may or may not be on the list) is the most popular, then A View to a Kill is one of the most successful Bond themes of all, as it was Number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 3 weeks. Aside from being the final theme of the Moore era, this was also the final song recorded by the original members of Duran Duran, until getting back together again in the early 2000s.

6. You Know My Name (Casino Royale)- Chris Cornell – After a string of mostly lousy theme songs in the Brosnan era (save for GoldenEye), Chris Cornell of Soundgarden fame brought the respectable this song to the table. It was the first Bond song not to feature on the film’s soundtrack, because the Producers thought it had enough merit to be released separately as a single. It was however included in the 50th anniversary Bond album. Strong vocals, and a solid song.

5. Thunderball– Sir Tom Jones- Tom Jones is without doubt the strongest male singer of the series, with his intense, bold rendition of . Prior to his version, (the aforementioned) Dame Shirley Bassey, Dionne Warwick and even Johnny Cash had all recorded versions, but Jones’ stood out as the best. Jones actually fainted after singing the last note of the song, after holding it as long as he could. He even sang it live at Sir Sean Connery’s AFI life achievement ceremony. Also, check out, Weird Al Yankovic’s song, Spy Hard, which parodies Thunderball, right down to the last note.

4. Nobody Does It Better (The Spy Who Loved Me)- Carly Simon- Oh, you knew it was going to be on the list, the header practically told you. What can you say about this song that everyone has already said, it’s one the most popular James Bond themes ever written, and one of the few themes to not use, or be named after the movie (though, the title is briefly used in the song).

3. GoldenEye– Tina Turner-  The theme that launched the Brosnan Era, with Bono and The Edge writing lyrics, and Tina Turner singing (and attempting to channel Dame Shirley Bassey), along with the nice techno-pop beat, this was a pretty enjoyable, and also underrated theme. Also, check out the remake by Nicole Sherzinger, for the HD GoldenEye game, it’s a good cover, might even come close to being better than the original. Oh, and speaking of Gold…

2. Goldfinger– Dame Shirley Bassey- Come on, you didn’t think I’d talk about James Bond themes without talking about, the Definative popular James Bond theme song. this is Dame Shirley Bassey’s masterpiece, and it remains her biggest hit to this day. “Goldfinger” is an iconic James Bond song and many female singers who were chosen to record a Bond theme try to emulate her performance, and none of them came close, except for…

1. Skyfall– Adele- I’m not gonna lie, I was not a fan of Adele, and I’m still not, but I really enjoyed this song. The song aims to capture the dark nature of the film’s plot and it worked. The song was such a big hit, that now Adele is welcomed to come back to perform more theme songs in the future. Let’s hope we hear her again later this year in “Spectre”.

Honorable Mentions

The Living Daylights– A-Ha

I’ll Take It All (theme from Blood Stone)- Joss Stone

The Man With The Golden Gun (alt. theme)- Alice Cooper

Never Say Never Again– Lani Hall

We Have All The Time In The World (theme from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service)- Louis Armstrong

And of course, The James Bond Theme– Monty Norman and John Barry

And now, at long last the final Countdown To 100 hint: Despite being a kids movie, this film has some pretty dark moments, EX. blood, gun violence, death, and even a rape scene. If you already figured out what the movie is, leave the answer in the comments. I really want see who figured it out!

Until then, farewell for now.


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