Another Top 10 Favorite Frasier Episodes

So why aren't you watching it?
So why aren’t you watching it?

You’ve read right folks! Once again we’re revisiting the life of TV’s favorite radio shrink: Frasier Crane!  Coinicidentally, this posted on the 60th birthday of Dr. Crane himself, Kelsey Grammer! So go and wish a happy birthday! With that said…

10. Roz And The Schnoz (Season 5)- In this episode (which is a favorite of Roz herself: Peri Gilpin), Roz is five months due, and while staying at Frasier’s, the parents of baby’s father, Rick Garrett wants to meet Roz. Frasier invites them to  his home for dinner. Unfortunately, the parents have big noses, and everyone is spending the evening trying to contain their laughter. The joke may be cheap, but it works fabulously here, especially when Frasier starts to break down.

9. Caught In The Act (Season 11)- Roz is upset that she couldn’t get tickets to a concert starring Nanette Guzman (better known to kids, and Cheers fans as Nanny G), Frasier helps her, but along the way passions ignite between him and Nanette, and I’m not going to give it away, but let’s just say the kids never forgot Nanny G’s (or Frasier’s) performance. They were originally going to get Nanette’s original actress, Emma Thompson to play her, but she couldn’t, due to her working on film involving another Nanny, so she was played by Luarie Metcalf. The episode also contains one of the best in-jokes you will ever hear anywhere.

8. The Love You Fake (Season 9)- In the final part of a storyline, involving Frasier and his nemesis, Cam Winston (played by Brian Stokes Mitchell), Their feud (which was on stalemate at the time), began anew, after a leak in Frasier’s apartment was traced back to Cam’s washer machine, leading Frasier has Cam’s water supply cut off. Cam comes down to complain and sees a sickly Eddie, he offers to have his mother, Cora (who’s a vet) to check on him. Frasier doesn’t like that everyone’s getting along with her of course and neither does Cam, which leads Martin and Cora to pretend they’re dating to get them to stop fighting. The idea of Martin and Cora dating was an interesting idea, it”s just a shame it never went anywhere after this episode.

7. Taking Liberties (Season 8)- Frasier hires a butler to replace Daphne, since she started dating Niles, however Niles’ second “wife”, Melanie Karnofsky forbids him to see her in public. Mel takes it too far, when she shows up at Frasier’s party, and ruin Niles and Daphne’s planed date. This leads to Niles publicly telling Mel, her parents, and everyone at the party that he loves her. Despite, the Seventh Season finale being the culimination of the Niles/Daphne story, I like to think this was it’s true culmination, as they not only are they officially together, no one is standing in their way (save for Daphne’s ex-fiance Donny), and they finally told each other that they loved each other. Victor Garber was great as the butler: Ferguson, he was nominated for an Emmy, but lost to another Frasier guest star whose episode may or may not be on the list.

6. Look Before You Leap (Season 3)- On Leap Year Day, Frasier tells his friends and family to change up their traditional routines and do something different, he’s even following suit by performing a challenging aria for the annual PBS Pledge Drive. Unfortunately, not only is the aria too difficult for him, but everyone’s leaps turn into falls, and understandably blames Frasier. What happens at the Pledge Drive is to funny, that words can’t even describe it. Sooo, here you go!

5. The Show Must Go Off (Season 8)-While visiting a sci-fi convention, Frasier sees one of his favorite Shakespearean actor growing up, Jackson Headley, who has since given up Shakespeare and went to work on the show Space Patrol. Frasier and Niles decide to help Jackson get back on the stage by performing a one man show, but once they see his acting first hand they start to have second thoughts about the whole thing. Jackson’s played by stage and screen actor Sir Derek Jacobi, this was his first appearance in a major American TV show, and won a well deserved Emmy for his performance. Patrick Macnee, also appeared in the episode as Jackson’s father, Cecil.

4. They’re Playing Our Song (Season 7)- When Frasier’s manager, Kenny informs Frasier that he, and the other KACL on-air talent needs a theme jingle for their show. Frasier comes up something (with Niles’ help) and creates his magnum opus of epic proportions. Sadly, (indirectly) due to Martin’s  this was rejected, so Frasier tries to come up with a new simpler jingle. I loved Frasier’s epic theme song, I would’ve loved to have seen how the station would condense it.

3. A Man, A Plan, And a Gal: Julia (Season 11)- In the second part of the Final Season premiere, Frasier’s feeling low after breaking up with this Julia Wilcox. Niles reminds him that he has a fear of commitment that leads him to sabotage all his relationships with women. Frasier typically overdoes things, committing to commitment with Julia, even during an evening with his family when she rubs everyone the wrong way, and steps on Niles and Daphne’s surprise announcement that she is pregnant. This, and part 1 (No Sex Please, We’re Skittish) were a great way to start the 11th season, the episode also contains one of the best break-ups you will ever see on TV!

2. Sliding Frasiers (Season 8)- This is an interesting episode, Frasier having trouble deciding on what to wear for speed dating: a suit or a sweater, and that is where the story gets interesting. The episode is told in two parallel storylines, showing how things would occur if he chose either the sweater or suit. And the ultimate outcome is interesting depending on how you look at things. Also, the plot of the episode was both inspired and parodying the movie Sliding Doors (which I’ve heard of, but have never seen).

1. You Can Go Home Again (Season 3)- My other number one favorite episode of Frasier, is the third season finale of the series. Basic premise, Frasier and Roz are celebrating the third anniversary of his talk show, they exchange gifts, with Frasier giving Roz a pair of earrings, and Roz giving him a cassette featuring the first episode of their show. The episode serves as prequel to the series, recalling Frasier’s early days in Seattle, while also showing how he met Roz, how Niles met and fell for Daphne, and we also get a look at how Frasier and Martin’s relationship became strained.

Honorable Mentions

Freudian Sleep (Season 11)
Crock Tales (Season 11)
And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon (Season 8)
Don Juan In Hell (Season 9)
Dinner At Eight (Season 1)
Star Mitzvah (Season 10)
Give Him The Chair! (Season 1)

Were almost at the home stretch with the Countdown To 100, here’s another hint: It’s an animated movie, technically anime.

Next time, were gonna look at the worst thing MTV put out since Teen Mom and Jersey Shore combined. And no it’s not Skins, but it’s very close….


One thought on “Another Top 10 Favorite Frasier Episodes

  1. SUSAN February 8, 2017 / 7:04 am

    Oh, if you didn’t include Mrs. Moskowitz and the free trip to the ski lodge. shame on you! I’ve seen them at least 20 times and always wind up with pains in my sides.

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