Girl Meets World Recaps S1 E19 Girl Meets Farkle’s Choice

Minkus, Farkle Minkus

At school, Riley and Maya get ready to deliver the morning announcements, because she tends to flub most of her words during the announcements, she tries to practice to make sure she gets it right. But of course, she gets everything wrong; including her own name (and Farkle’s), much to Maya’s entertainment. Farkle walks in and reveals that the Junior Etymology Soceity has nominated him for a buggy award for research of Orange Dancing Spider. Maya congratulates him and wishes him good luck, but Farkle tells her he never wins. Maya also tells him that she’d love to go with him, but makes up the excuse that tickets are probably impossible to get, cue Farkle whipping out two tickets for the ceremony much to Maya’s shock. Farkle asks the girls which one of them wants to go with him, and announces to the entire school that he’s going to choose between Riley and Maya. Riley continues to try and deliver the announcements but continues to flub everything, while Maya falls over laughing.

After the intro, Cory asks Farkle who the United States’ greatest ally is, but his mind is too preoccupied on who to choose for the Buggy Awards Ceremony, since once he goes with one of the girls he’ll lose the other one, this makes Maya (jokingly) eager to go with him. Cory asks the class again about the States’ greatest ally, and Sarah tells him to ask Farkle. Farkle finally answers with Canada and asks if he has to explain everything, but Cory points out that he loves explaining everything. Farkle tells the girls that one of them has go with him so they can cheer him up when he looses to Smackle, and Riley wonders who names their children Smackle, and then realizes she’s talking to a guy named Farkle (yeah, more on this in the review). Cory continues his lesson, pointing out that because Canada would always be there for the U.S. we would often take them for granted. Taking this to heart (no pun intended), Maya decides let Riley go with Farkle and Riley follows suit with Maya. But Farkle reminds the girls that this is his choice not theirs.

At home, Auggie, Ava, and several kids in the building or neighborhood are having a book club, with Cory, Topanga, and Ava’s mother, Judy Morgen-Stern. It’s here where we learn where Ava’s rude behavior, Judy acts completely snobby around Topanga, and speaks with a british accent, because she believes she’s better than everyone else. The ladies walk over to the children to discuss the book the kids are reading: Murray The Marvelous Moose. Ava goes first and gives an obviously well rehearsed review about the book, while Auggie tells everyone that he “ated” one of the pages. Judy has Ava read a passage from the book, then Topanga has Auggie read a passage from the book too, but he asks her to read it for her, which Judy chastises Auggie because adults reading to five-year old kids makes them weak. Topanga defends her reading to Auggie, but Judy ignores her, and continues being judgemental.

Later at the train station, Farkle’s sharing an (extra thick) smoothie with Riley, then chats with Maya, whose munching on a pretzel. During their speed-date, Farkle gives each girl a gift from their past. For Maya, Farkle gives her back a broken skateboard she had when she was 8 years old; Farkle’s kept it ever since, to remember the first time he ever saw Maya cry (remember that next season, it’s very important!). Then he gives Riley, a stuffed pink hippo that she lost in the hospital while getting her tonsils taken out; it turned out Farkle bought her two stuffed hippos in case she lost one. After that sentimental moment, the girls realizes that Farkle’s speed-dating with them, he tells them that The Buggy’s is a special moment for him and wants someone to be there for him when he wins or loses. Two random guys that we’ve never seen before (Cisco and Sheldon) walk up to the girls and try to hit on them both, but Farkle steps in, shows them the Spider he’s been researching and tells the to back off, and they comply, and by comply, I mean flee in terror. After that save, the girls begin to fight over Farkle.

The next day at school, the girls ask if they’ve been talking to Farkle since their speed-date, of course they lie about it, until Farkle walks up to the girls and rats them both out, and tells them he needs time for himself to figure things out. While Riley tells him they won’t do anything to influence his decision, but Maya decides to, you guessed it influence his decision, by showing him her pet tarantula. Farkle decides to have their spiders mate with each other, and Maya’s spider bites Farkle’s spider’s head off. Riley still calls foul, and claims to love spiders, and Maya decides to put it the test by putting her spider on Riley’s head. Farkle heads off, but tells them they’re still tied for the date.

Later at home, Auggie, Ava, and the kids are having their book club meeting, Topanga has Auggie reads the book to everyone and may have inserted a take-that to Judy. Auggie tells Topanga she still likes it when she reads to him; when Ava asks why, Topanga and Cory acts out the entire book for the kids, the kids enjoy this and so does Ava, much to Judy’s shock. She tells Ava that they’re leaving, but Ava asks Topanga to throw her out. She does so, and orders Judy to leave and she does so, and slams the door on the Morgen-Stern women. Topanga and Cory resumes acting out the book, and Auggie calls this the best book club ever.

Later that night, Farkle (wearing a tux, but not playing football) and Riley talk at the bay window. Riley tells him about the bay window being a special place for her and people she thinks is special to her. Farkle feels humble sitting there, feeling like he’s on sacred ground. As the two start to have a moment, Maya comes in, and her and Riley start to fight over Farkle, seeing this Farkle finally makes his decision, and decides to go alone. Leaving the girls alone.

Much later, Farkle at the Buggy Awards (oh, and Smackle’s there too, in her real first appearance),  and it’s hosted by Jane Lynch, she makes a couple of host jokes, and wishes most of the nominees good luck, before bring out the first presenter.

Back at the bay window, Riley and Maya talk about what they’ve done. They realize that Farkle ‘s great, and decides to never settle for anyone less than Farkle.

Meanwhile at the Buggy’s, Smackle talks to Farkle about the two of them possibly hooking up, but Farkle rejects her. As Jane starts to present the final award, Riley and Maya come in(wearing extravagant dresses), ready to support their friend. Jane announces the winner, as Smackle, Smackle gives a speech explaining how this should be the best moment of her life, if it wasn’t for Riley and Maya’s entering, but they say that they’re Canada and they’re never going to take advantage of Farkle.

The next day, the girls are giving the morning announcements, and once again, Riley is mispronouncing everything, much to Maya’s enjoyment. Cory says that they’re unbelievable, and Farkle says that they’re perfect.


This is probably the weakest episode of the season. This is because it, like most of the episodes this season have aired out of order, this is actually the season’s 10th episode, and Smackle’s first appearance. The Topanga/Auggie plot wasn’t that funny, While the episode had it’s moments, it’s best moments was with Jane Lynch, who after all will host anything! Overall, if it wasn’t aired out of order, this would have been a pretty good episode, but where it’s at now, it just falls flat.

And now, once again it’s time for another hint at our Countdown To 100, and here it is: It’s director disowned it.

Next recap is the Season Finale, then a review of Season 1 overall, but before that, a top 10, which is also a follow-up to past list.


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