Girl Meets World Recaps S1 E18 Girl Meets Master Plan


It’s Maya’s 14th birthday, and Riley’s putting the finishing touches on Maya’s birthday gift. She heads to the bay window, and holds the gift out for her, as she enters the room. Maya opens the box, only to find another box, she opens the other box, and finds another box, and so on, until she finds a smaller box containing friendship rings for her and Riley. Riley wishes Maya a happy birthday, and Maya informs her that her mother, Katy forgot her birthday and was gone since she woke up, Riley tries to go to the diner to go talk to Katy, but Maya stops her (thrice), and tells her it wouldn’t do much good.

After the intro (boy, I’ve been saying that a lot lately haven’t I?), the girls enter the apartment, with Shawn sitting on the couch. Riley notices him, and asks if he’s really there, he assures her that it’s not an illusion, and the two hug. Shawn and Maya hug as well, Riley tells him it’s her birthday, and wishes her a happy birthday. Cory and Topanga come in carrying a birthday cake for Maya, Cory suggests that they should give the cake to Katy in case she didn’t buy one herself, Topanga asks him if something like that could happen, and Cory mentions how Shawn’s (step) mother (Virna) would sometimes forget where she lived, and that forgetting buying a birthday cake is one step close to forgetting where you live, but Topanga points out that that’s the least of his problems, as he realizes Maya and Shawn were behind him the whole time. Shawn and Cory hugs it out, and Cory asks Shawn what he’s doing in New York, Shawn explains it’s part of a photo essay he’s working on “New York On Less Than $100”, knowing it’s kind of impossible, he asks if he can crash with them. Topanga asks Shawn who let him in, and Shawn reveals that Cory gave him a key, and Cory (sarcastically) tells Topanga that he’ll give her a key. Topanga asks Cory if he loves her, and he tells her, she has the key to his heart. As Cory and Topanga go to the kitchenette, Riley and Maya sits with Shawn and asks if he’s ever been in love with anyone, and he tells them about Angela. Cory and Topanga tell the girls about how he fell in love with her after looking in her purse. The girls thought was a little strange, but Topanga assures them that it was very romantic. It’s here where we learn that their relationship ended after she left for Europe with her father, (Sgt. Moore). They tried to make it work, but well you know how long distance relationships are. As Shawn and Maya grow closer since they’re always getting abandoned, Riley calls Cory and Topanga to the bay window.

Seconds later, Cory, Topanga, and Riley sit down, and Riley asks if the stories about Cory scheming were true, Topanga assures her that he was indeed the very best, like no one ever was; and that when he believes in something his will gets stronger. Cory tells them both that he’s retired, but gives Riley one minute to wow him back in action. She tells them both that she wants Shawn to be Maya’s dad.

After the break, Topanga tells her that she can’t make Shawn want to be Maya’s father, but Cory tells her that, they could possibly pull it off. With 70’s heist movie-style effects introducing Cory as The Fixer, and Riley as The Apprentice, they start to set up the plan. Before they go any further, Cory points out that they need a tech guy, Farkle (The Wonk) comes in and shows of his new smart watch, which he upgraded to have both Riley and Maya’s voice. Riley thinks their team’s officially assembled until, Cory points out they need one more person: an distraction (with a pretty face), Topanga (The Inspiration) thinks he’s talking about her, but Lucas (The Face) comes in, and after an inspection by Topanga, he joins the group, and now the scheme begins (Step 1: “Set The Trap”).

Back in the living room, while Shawn and Maya spend an hour talking about weather or not something’s wrong with them, since everyone they care about, always leaves them, or lets them down. Riley, Cory, and the others come out of her room, and Maya asks what they were doing all that time, and when Farkle and Lucas came in. Shawn pulls Cory and Topanga to the side and asks if they knew about Katy forgetting Maya’s birthday, they tell him yes, and Shawn asks why Cory isn’t meddling like usual but he and Topanga do the “I’m retired” routine. Shawn wonders why Cory isn’t taking Riley under his wing and teaching her how to scheme. Again, Cory tells him he’s retired, but he and Topanga talk him into going to the diner and to talk to her. Maya asks if they were going to do something for her birthday, Riley tells her they are and they head to her room (Step 2: “Lucas’ Rope Trip”).

Lucas playing with a rope, asks Maya if she wants to see him do a trick, but she turns down the offer. Riley tries to calm her down as she breaks the news. Lucas (or rather a double), ties her up with said rope, and uses Riley’s bed an anchor. Maya asks why they’re doing this, and Riley tells her about Shawn going to talk to Katy. She tries to tell Riley that she’s going to make Shawn run, but she ignores her as she and the boys escape her wrath.

Later that night, Shawn enters the diner with Cory and Riley watching from a nearby booth (Step 3: “Happily Ever After”). Katy asks Shawn what he would like, and he (sarcastically) asks for birthday cake and asks her what kind of a mother she is. Naturally, she’s offended by this and tells him to leave if he’s not going to order anything. Cory and Riley look at each, realizing that their plan’s starting to backfire (Step 4: “We’re gonna need a new plan”).

After the break, Katy ask Shawn who he is, he tells her and she realizes that he’s the guy Maya’s been talking about, and that he took her and the Matthews’ kids on his trip Upstate during Christmas Vacation. She thanks him for taking her along, and threatens to hurt him if he ever questioned her motherhood again. Shawn reminds her it’s Maya’s birthday, and asks her why she’s working instead of celebrating with her daughter. As they continue arguing, Cory and Riley walk away in the most conspicuous way possible.

Back in Riley’s room, Riley comes in and sees Maya trashed her room, Riley tells her it didn’t work, and apologizes. Maya tells her (again) that something’s  can’t be fixed, and that Shawn probably bailed. Riley offers to untie Maya, and assures her she’ll understand if she wants to give the friendship ring back, Maya tells Riley that she’s still going to keep the ring. When Riley asks Maya if she’s still mad, she tells her yes slams on her bed, with Riley jokingly asking if she wants to sleep over.

Back at the diner, Shawn and Katy are still going at it, while they fight they learn that they’re both terrible at relationships. Katy reveals the truth about her and Maya’s father, that he left her on his own, and has only told this to Maya so she doesn’t hate her father. Katy’s friend, Camille comes in and shows her a locket she had custom made for Maya. Katy tells Camille that she $50 short, and will need to work an extra shift to pay for it. Shawn compliments the locket and asks if a family photo was going inside it, when Katy says yes, he decides to pay the $50 for both Maya and Katy. Katy thanks him and offers to pay him back, Shawn offers to take the picture for the locket as collateral.

Back in the apartment, Topanga apologizes for not giving Maya a great birthday, Maya tells them it’s all right, since something’s aren’t possible. Shawn comes in and tells Maya about her father, despite Katy’s plea’s not to. Shawn tells Maya that Katy had nothing to do with Maya’s father leaving, and the two hug. Katy gives Maya the locket, and Shawn takes the photo. Afterwards, Cory congratulates Shawn on getting Maya and Katy back together. Shawn offers to include Cory in his next scheme, but Cory tells him that he has a new partner, Riley. Shawn asks Maya if he wants to be his new partner, and she accepts. Katy comes out with the candle-lit cake, and tells Maya to make a wish. Maya looks at both Shawn and Katy, and as she’s about to blow out the candles, we cut to the end tag…

We see Riley tied up with Maya not saying a word. Riley talks to her about understanding why she was upset when she tied her up earlier, and asks her to say something to her, and she tells her good night, and she leaves. Riley asks Maya if she could scratch her nose for her, and she complies. As she walks to her apartment. Riley wishes Maya a happy birthday on more time as we end the show.


This was an amazing episode. This was one of several episodes I was looking forward to since the show premiered (the other’s being, Maya’s Mother, 1961, and Home For The Holidays). The development with Maya, Katy, and Shawn, was very on point. I should also point out that, I did not like Katy at first, but after this episode I’m starting to appreciate her a lot more, I also liked the writers teasing the potential romance between Shawn and Katy. The one major gripe I’m sure everyone has with the episode was learning about Shangela breaking up, and the heist while kind of funny at times, didn’t really gel well with the episode, not to mention Lucas and Farkle didn’t make much of an impact on the episode. Overall this was a superb episode, and is now one of my favorites. The next episode will air sometime next month, but until then, the next Dead Television’s gonna kick some Giga-butt!

As usual, let’s end the post with another hint for the 100th post: It was never given an official release (at least in the U.S.)


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