Sonic Prologue (2nd Anniversary review)


Happy Anniversary everyone! So, for old times sake, This review contains major spoilers, if you have yet to see the fan film click here.

Two years ago, I reviewed a decent fan film featuring a beloved video game icon in a live action environment, which featured the return of his first American voice actor, is this fully CG fan film any better? Let’s find out.


The film opens on South Island, with Miles “Tails” Prower sitting on a hill across the Emerald Hill Zone. Sonic pops in, and wonders what Tails’ up to, he sits next to him and the two start to reminisce about the treacherous terrain. Tails points out that the day they went through the Zone was also the same day they met, and asks if Sonic remembers that day, Sonic tells him that he does, and that it was also the same day his speed was matched.

One night in the classic (16 bit) era, Sonic is running from some Buzz Bombers, he gives them quite the run for their money until finally taking them out, and giving a finger wag to the audience. Everything seemed to be going fine, until Sonic bumps into Dr. Eggman (who was going by Robotnik at the time). At first Sonic just writes Eggman off, then he shows off his rebuilt badnik: Metal Sonic. Sonic point out how he took out Metal in Sonic CD, but Eggman assures him that the new Metal is much better than the original. This leads to a fight between the two Sonics in hyperspeed. While the fighting continues, a young Tails oversees the battle. It started look like Metal was going to win, until Sonic builds up enough speed and strength to take out Metal, and destroy him again. as he Celebrates his victory, Eggman tells him it was all part of his master plan, Sonic ignores his monologue and runs off with Tails following him.

Meanwhile in the Death Egg, he watches and studies all of Sonic’s moves using recordings from his battle with Metal. Afterwards, Eggman goes into a room where he checks on all seven Chaos Emeralds, and flashes an evil grin as he laughs manically.

The next day, while roaming around the Emerald Hill Zone, Sonic realizes he’s being watched, tries to trick his stalker into showing himself, when he sees Tails (who tries hiding from Sonic after he sees him) he runs off, with Tails following him. The two engage in a race around the Zone, and of course Sonic outfoxes him (no pun intended). Tails looks around for Sonic, but instead find his plane, “The Tornado”, he looks at it in awe, until he finds Sonic sleeping under the wing. Tails is about to hop in The Tornado for a joy ride, until Eggman attacks the island, and waking Sonic up. Sonic gets up and notices Tails before speeding off…

Back in the present, Tails was starting to doze off, until Amy Rose and Knuckles show up. They tell Sonic and Tails that Eggman stole the Master Emerald from Knuckles (for the fourth time), they spot Eggman trying to make a clean getaway, Sonic and Tails take off in The Tornado, and orders Knuckles and Amy to meet up with them in half an hour. As the two fly off, Tails looks back on their first meeting, at first Sonic’s very rudely asks Tails what he wants, since he’s keeping him from saving the island, but he apologizes, and allows him to tag along, as long as he can keep up. Back in the present, Sonic and Tails reach Eggman, and the film ends with a freeze frame of the duo getting ready to stop Eggman.

After the credits, there’s another flashback, of Sonic and Tails sitting across Emerald Hill Zone. They fist bump in celebration of their first victory together, with Sonic, officially taking Tails on as his sidekick.


This was an impressive fan film, I liked how the film’s writer/director wanted to explore how Sonic and Tails met, I’m sure they’ve done Sonic and Tails’ origin story in the Archie Comics Series, but (at the time of this posting at least) I haven’t read any of the comics, in fact I only own two issues. But I digress, while the animation is a skew at times, and the voice acting is little off (namely Classic Sonic), but it did have some great moments, like the fight between Sonic and Metal, and the race between Sonic and Tails, the remixed game themes were amazing, especially the song “Back In Time” (theme from Sonic R), hats off to Lady Wildfire and Tuberz McGee for the remix, ironically up to that point I’ve never heard that song before, since I was into the PlayStation and Crash Bandicoot at the time. But, despite the minor flaws, I still liked the film. So, check it out and make your own opinions, and while your on YouTube, check out Sonic Shorts, both the films writer/director (Doryan Nelson (who also voices Classic Sonic)) and animator (Chris Wilcots) worked on the series, and they’re pretty funny.

And now, here’s the second hint, for the upcoming 100th post, and hopefully this will help narrow things down a little: It’s got an interesting history behind it. Next post is the Girl Meets World Recap.


RANK: 4 out of 5


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