Last Post of 2014

What can we say about 2014, we’ve had some amazing movies, we lost a lot of celebrities, a major film studio was hacked over a movie that really wasn’t that bad. And not to make this about myself, but I ruined my webseries. But it’s time to look forward to the new year, as we enter the second year of the Cutting Room. Having said that there are some things regarding most of the plans I made for 2014, I said I do a DC Month, for this month but I couldn’t find a the time due to the holidays. Next is Dare To Compare, I’ve decided to cancel the idea, as I thought it would be to similar to “Old VS New” on Nostalgia Critic. Lastly, I didn’t do anything to celebrate the blog’s one year anniversary, I’m hoping to rectify that next year.

Now on to my plans for 2015, I will definitely do something for The Cutting Room’s  second anniversary, and since the first post I ever did was a review of the Sonic The Hedgehog fan film, expect it to be something Sonic-related.

Back in “Year Zero”, I talked about the fan film MMPR, and I encouraged to support the film. As Jan. 15, I am going to rescind my support of the film. It’s uncertain at this time weather or not they’ve canceled the film willingly or if Saban Brands requested that they stop filming, they haven’t posted anything on their Facebook page since September. If you want a Power Rangers fan film that actually informs their donors on the goings on of their project, check out Zordon of Eltar. a project that is currently making great progress, though (at the time of this posting) there isn’t an official release date. It’s director keeps it’s followers and donors in the loop on the film, and he already filmed and released a companion film called Teenagers With Attitude, which I’ll review alongside Zordon of Eltar when it’s released.

Now on to the plans for 2015, let’s start with the highlight of the site, Marvel Month, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve planned both next years and 2016’s Marvel Month. First, we’re going to look at the direct-to-video Marvel Animated Movies, then in 2016, we’re looking at the early theatrical Marvel movies (sadly, that includes Howard The Duck), trust me we’re going to get to the M.C.U. movies eventually, just not anytime soon. Speaking of posts, were about to reach a big milestone this year, the 100th post, I already know what I’m reviewing, I won’t tell you what it is, but starting on my 90th post, I’ll start dropping hints about the post. Another thing I’m really excited for, is coming after the 100th post is Ranger Spotlight, a series of posts dedicated to the Power Rangers franchise. Next, Transformers Revisited, it’s coming along, but, I took an (extended) break between watching and note taking for seasons 2 and 3. I’m hoping to have Generation 1 covered by at least late spring/early summer.

And with that said, Happy New Year everyone, I’ll see you in January, with a very interesting Dead Television. Later.

James Bond Will Return…



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