The Future of Girl Meets World


As I mentioned in the Girl Meets Friendship recap, the writers at Girl Meets World took time out of their schedule to answer some questions from fans about GMW, BMW and the show in general (they also answered questions for aspiring writers). Of course everyone had questions about the future of the show, and the writers delivered with a couple of spoilers for both the remainder of this season, next season, and possibly future seasons. And here they are (oh, and I don’t think I have to say “spoiler alert”):


Josh is returning two more times this season and thrice in season 2

Shawn will have his own major storyline starting this season and continuing in next season

Maya will have her first kiss from someone in the season finale (my money’s on Farkle) and will be very impressed


Maya’s father and possibly his new family will appear

Maya will do something bad (cherry bomb bad)

Eric will return in Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels

Something belonging to Lauren’s will pop up

Mr. Feeny and his home will return

Minkus could be part of season 2

Lucas has some kind of secret that will be explored

Girl Meets The Tale Tell Tot could be about underage drinking


Riley and Maya will have a fight

We will find out what happened to Jack, Rachel, Angela, and Mr. Turner

Maya and Lucas’ relationship will change

A possible 9/11 episode


Shawn is NOT Maya’s Father

Lily Nicksay and Lindsay Ridgeway may return and could be utilized the same way as the Olson Twins

Josh will have an impact on the story

We will hear the Feeny Call again (but (possibly) not by Eric)

We learn who Farkle’s mother is

Josh and Maya will possibly date and their age difference will be a source of conflict

Jack and Geralyn might return

Cory is not, nor will he be the principal at J.Q.A. Middle School, but the principal and a new teacher will appear soon (thus debunking my theory)

Josh will be important in most of the changes in the show

The Riley and Lucas relationship will evolve, as will the other relationships

And there you have it, now the recap for Girl Meets Home For The Holidays will be up the week before Christmas. Next post is a hoilday themed top 10.


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